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Mystartup story made in Greece


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This is a story about the beginning of my startup that i created in Greece.

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Mystartup story made in Greece

  1. #MyStartupStory made in Greece A story within a story
  2. The main story takes place in
  3. Greece
  4. But not in this side of Greece
  5. But rather in this one
  6. or this one…
  7. And to start your start up business is harder. Nowadays, working in Greece is hard.
  8. But there is a smaller story too.
  9. It’s about me
  10. 40 years old. Employee. Father of 2. Living in Greece.
  11. An important day in my life
  12. December 23rd 2011 Not another day @work
  13. Two things happened that day
  14. First, I dressed like Santa to go to a special place called “ergastiri”
  15. Then I drove through Athens
  16. Finally, I attended my daughter’s first Christmas play
  17. And then I …snapped!
  18. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”. I remember this
  19. And my small story began…
  20. To do what I really want
  21. And start my own business
  22. I created Pharmametrics Greece
  23. A company with logo an olive tree
  24. Pharmametrics Greece is A company that collaborates with many independent pharmacies to provide consumers best solutions and services
  25. I started building a team Dionissios Sylvia Vicky Odysseas
  26. And we started to collaborate with pharmacists We collaborate with 90 pharmacies so far.
  27. First, we created
  28. A website that finds the best prices at the pharmacy near you We have 10000+ subscribers and over 1000 offers so far
  29. Also, we start to mine data from the Greek pharmacy channel
  30. Our motto “Όχι σκόντο στα όνειρα” (No discount on Dreaming)
  31. We know that: We are good from far but Far from good (yet)
  32. But life is to be lived! And we have to try! Odysseas takes his role very seriously
  33. This is not a success story (yet) … But rather a survival story
  34. It does not have a happy end (yet) But it does have a happy song my story
  35. Listen to it
  36. It’s not Destination, but Journey that matters Most. To be continued… PHARMAMETRICS ELITI 5 GERAKAS | ATHENS |15344 01130-2103410219