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Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect in West Virginia

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Cps flow chart final


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Cps flow chart final

  1. 1. Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect in West Virginia Thorough Interview Report intake findings received by assessment conveyed to CPS DHHR occurs Supervisor Does information Assign to Case indicate abuse or Worker for Yes neglect or assessment likelihood of abuse or neglect? Refer family Is the child unsafe to Community or does child need Resources if No indicated and No protected? close the case for CPS Yes Implement an out of home safety plan by petitioning the courts to place the child in a Open Case for safe environment ongoing CPS No Conduct a Family Can the child be Assessment in order to Implement an safely kept in their determine what must in-home home with formal/ change for the child to safety plan informal supports? be safe and not need protected. Safety is continually Yes assessed to Ensure Develop and in-home safety plan implement controls the threat. treatment plan. If it doesn't, Then Ongoing Safety Out-of-Home Safety Management. Plan is requested. Case review to determine if parental conduct and behaviors Service provision have changed causing based upon the child to no longer treatment plan. need protection. Modify treatment Yes No plan if necessary. Transition the family to case Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline closure. 1-800-352-6513