Big Events Cause Network Mayhem


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Minimize business impact and avoid down time during big events and ensure employee productivity and critical business systems are not jeopardized.

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  • Talk to points – the benefits of proactively monitoring the entire network. Show product?
  • Big Events Cause Network Mayhem

    1. 1. The Power to Do Morewith Dell Networking SolutionsPreparing Your Network for Big Event Surges
    2. 2. Introduction
    3. 3. Big Events Cause Network MayhemThe convergence of personal and business devices has alsocaused a shift in activities that occur while at work duringbig events.Video conferencing Music Downloads Skype calls Video Streaming YouTube Streaming Online Shopping Web Surfing Data Sharing
    4. 4. Why is the Network Slow?From the user’s perspective performance issues aretypically tied to the network … “Argh, the network is so slow today!” “Why is the network so slow? This is taking forever to load!” “OMG! The Network is down AGAIN.”
    5. 5. Control the Mayhem 1 2 3 Proactively Prepare Perform Monitor and get clear your network with quick problem visibility into network baseline and detection, diagnosis, health simulation testing and repair Minimize Business Impact Avoid down time during big events and ensure employee productivity and critical business systems are not jeopardized.5
    6. 6. 1Proactivelymonitor and get clearvisibility into networkhealth
    7. 7. Network Performance Monitoring• Automatically discover devices and get relevant data• Easily create network maps for all of your locations• Effectively setup proper conditions and thresholds• Enable timely responses with Notifications and Alerts• Proactively analyze traffic and identify bandwidth hogs• Track response time, availability and uptime
    8. 8. Network Discovery
    9. 9. Network Mapping
    10. 10. Network Traffic Flow
    11. 11. Network Traffic Flow Analysis
    12. 12. Dashboards – Health Check
    13. 13. 2Prepareyour network withbaseline andsimulation testing
    14. 14. Testing 1 – 2 - 3• Importance of baseline measurements• Traffic simulation testing with free Traffic Jam Utility• Identify excessive bandwidth utilization• Determine bottlenecks
    15. 15. 3Performquick problemdetection, diagnosisand repair
    16. 16. Slash Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)• Simplify detection, diagnosis and resolution of network issues• Track response time, availability, and uptime of routers, switches, and other devices
    17. 17. Diagnosing the Problem • Collection points • Network architecture • Collection methods • Looking at the data
    18. 18. What to Collect? What do I need to collect? • Obvious – Network traffic • Not so obvious – Applications (source of network traffic) – Server performance data – Wireless – VoIP – Virtual Servers/Guest OS • Even less obvious – Device configuration
    19. 19. Architecture Impact How Architecture affects Ability • Simple, single site network – easy • Complex, multi-site network – not so fast • Monitoring Architecture must adapt – Agent-based – Agentless
    20. 20. Collection Methods Collection Methods • SNMP – Gets – Traps • WMI – Services, Processes, SQL, Exchange • Flow technologies – NetFlow, sFlow, Jflow • Log Files – Syslogs – Event Logs
    21. 21. Looking at the Data Looking at the Data • Real-time • Snapshot • Dashboards • Device details
    22. 22. Alerted to a Problem Alerted to the Problem • Careful – Alerts can be a problem! – False Positives – Baseline – Correlate Events • Alerts need to be visible – Dashboard • Alerts need to be timely – Email • Alerts need to be tracked – Helpdesk
    23. 23. Slash Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) • Auto-Remediation (who wants to work anyway?) › Trigger scripts when encountering specific conditions › Schedule maintenance actions • Tools to do the job • GoLive Monitoring
    24. 24. Dell Delivers Integrated Management
    25. 25. Performance Traffic Remote Site Desktop Configuration IP SLA - VoIP Monitoring Analysis Monitoring Management Management Monitoring•Reduce •Identify •Scale with •Create asset •Back up and •Identifywasted time traffic minimal effort Inventories track config latency issuesand chaos problems •Ensure files •Troubleshoot •Ensure call instantly secure •Detect policy•Manage risk user issues qualityof downtime connectivity violations
    26. 26. The Power to Do Morewith Dell Networking SolutionsContact us at a 30 day free trial, go to: