Open Office Calc online for creating and editing XLS spreadsheets

Create	and	edit	excel	xls	documents	and	spreadsheets	with	our	app	
OpenOffice	Calc	Online
¡  Open	Office	Calc	Online	uses	the	OffiDocs	platform.	
¡  OffiDocs	is	a	flexible	and	powerful	platform	that	
allows	you	to	work	online	with	desktop	apps	from	
everywhere	at	any	time	using	only	your	web	browser.		
¡  OffiDocs	provides	you	online	desktop	apps	like	
LibreOffice,	GIMP,	Dia,	...	through	your	web	browser.		
¡  No	more	local	desktop	installations	are	required.	
OffiDocs	gives	you	all	these	apps	online,	without	
needing	local	disk	space	or	computing	requirements.
¡  It	allows	to	edit	and	create	excel	xls	
documents.	In	concrete,	XOfficeXls	is	the	app	
OpenOffice	Calc	that	is	run	remotely	in	our	
¡  This	is	the	OpenOffice	Calc	Linux	app.
OpenOffice	Calc	main	features:	
-	Flexible	cell	formatting	options:	rotating	
contents,	templates,	backgrounds,	borders,	
and	many	more.	
-	Possibility	to	cross-tabulate	and	summarise.	
-	Creating	formulas	using	words.
-	The	Intelligent	Sum	Button	inserts	a	sum	function	or	a	
subtotal	automatically,	depending	on	context.	
-	Range	of	templates	from	Extensions	repository	for	
ready-made	spreadsheet	solutions.	
-	Save	your	spreadsheets	in	OpenDocument	format,	the	
new	international	standard	for	office	documents.	But	
you	are	free	to	use	your	old	Microsoft	Excel	
spreadsheets,	or	save	your	work	in	Excel	format	or	use	
Portable	Document	Format	(.pdf).
Open Office Calc online for creating and editing XLS spreadsheets
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Open Office Calc online for creating and editing XLS spreadsheets