Epic battle of science


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Epic battle of science

  1. 1. Epic Battles of Science: A r i s t o t l e v s N e w t o n S t u d e n t X v s S t u d e n t Y S t u d e n t Z v s S t u d e n t W Thursday, September 9, 2010
  2. 2. Who said what? A hurled body acquires a motive power or an inclination for forced movement from the agent producing the initial motion and that this power or condition and not the ambient medium secures the continuation of such motion. Every body preservers in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed thereon. Thursday, September 9, 2010
  3. 3. Aristotle Greatest thinker of ancient world. Founder of western philosophy. First scientist to study optics. First to conceive of city as organism Father of formal logic (scientists study nature. Aristotle studies nature. Therefore, Aristotle is a scientist). Thursday, September 9, 2010
  4. 4. Newton Deeply interested in alchemy (transforming lead into gold). Almost became a farmer. Wrote more about religion and bible than he did about physics and astronomy. Used a bodkin (very long hatpin) to poke his eyeball to study optics. Thursday, September 9, 2010
  5. 5. Round 2, Friday When you give it a force, other forces are biting down on it and cutting it down. The push kept the dry ice puck going at constant velocity, since friction was gone. Constant Push = Constant Velocity If you’re in space, and there are no other forces acting on the object, and you keep pushing, it’s going to accelerate. Thursday, September 9, 2010
  6. 6. Round 3, Friday We concluded that when the net force acting on an object is constant, the velocity is constant. If you have one of these cool buggy cars, the force of friction is constant, and it comes to a stop. Thursday, September 9, 2010
  7. 7. How do you settle an EPIC BATTLE OF SCIENCE? Thursday, September 9, 2010
  8. 8. you want to settle this epic battle with your 8th grade science book? GET REAL. Thursday, September 9, 2010
  9. 9. Whiteboard H o w d o f o r c e s e x p l a i n C V P M ? A n s w e r t h i s o n w h i t e b o a r d , u s e e v i d e n c e f r o m P R a c t i c e 1 Thursday, September 9, 2010