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Milestone 2_LT

  1. 1. PROMOTING PEACEBetween Muslims and Christians Building for Awareness The important aspects of solving the conflicts that arise between apposing religions is by discovering similarities between them. Over centuries, religions have been independent through the people who give name to them. In this, uniting them together is the greatest achievement for understanding faith and further creating peace among religious people.
  2. 2. MUSLIM LAST SUPPER What is the significance between both the Prophets messages?This piece symbolizes howMuhammad, the profit for Muslims, and Jesus the profit for Christians, are here for man to send amessage and create unity under their God.Jesus and his disciples had a feast on Passover tohonor the Sabbath day; but through himself as a messenger of God. Muhammad brought himself forth as the same prophet and a person under God as a bringer of peace for man. “Therefore they gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, whichremained over and aboveunto them that had eaten. Photo of a short video of Muslims on Passover day Recreating Da Vinci’s Last Supper.Then those men, when they (SmArt Museum, Chicago IL) had seen the miracle thatJesus did, said, This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.” (John 6: 13-14)
  3. 3. The Conference Room A place for discussionMajor room #1… For my building’s design, there will be a conference room to hold meetings and discussions along a multicultural feast. Between Muslim and Christians/Jews alike, there can take place similar discussions of morals in life and connections between man and their religion’s meaning. The importance of this is to connect philosophical thinking and personal morals into their religion as their guide to understanding and having compassion for human wellness.
  4. 4. FOODHow is food conveyed as an important symbol in Muslim and Christian religion? This piece conveys an important message of the secular importance andbeauty that food is to man. In Muslim religion and Christian religion, food is often used to connectphilosophy and man to theawareness of life in its pure forms.This is done on Muslim holy days and Christian/Jew holy days when givingthanks to the maker’s food (Allah and God)"It is He Who sends downwater from the sky. From ityou drink and from it come the shrubs among whichyou graze your herds. Andby it He makes crops grow for you and olives anddates and grapes and fruit of every kind. There is Still Life with Fruit and Flowers on a Draped Ledgecertainly a Sign in that for Maker: Michiel Simons ,Dutchpeople who reflect. (Quran 16: 10-11)” 1620-1673 (SmArt Museum, Chicago IL)
  5. 5. The Food Court An area for multicultural exchange through the engagement of food.Major room #2… In this area feature for my building, this will host various restaurants and food preparation techniques per restaurant to serve as a connection between Christian and Muslim visitors. This area compliments the conference rooms where these connections are made humble through conversational exchange. This food can be hosted as an internal and external feature for visitors who with to put themselves in another culture through food differences/preparation of. One can gain incite on how these differences span over the ways food impact their regions and lifestyles.
  6. 6. Man and Prophets What makes a man a prophet of extraordinary influence? This piece was made in light of an event taken place in the New Testament, where Christwipes his face as a human of flesh before leaving to Calvary. The angels are symbolic for his spirit,while his impression in the cloth (his face) is that of his body.Both Christ and Muhammadwere prophets of flesh and blood. Christ did notpropose himself as a being above man or God, but a gift from God for man. Muhammad and Christ proposed to not be worshipped as a God, but taken as enlightenment from their messages/teachings for man.“Say: I do not say to you, I have with me the treasures of Allah, Sudarium Displayed by Two Angelsnor do I know the unseen, nor do Maker: Albrecht Dürer, GermanI say to you that I am an angel; I do not follow aught save that 1471-1528 (SmArt Museum, Chicago IL)which is revealed to me. Say: Are the blind and the seeing one alike? Do you not then reflect?" (Qur’an 6: 50)
  7. 7. The Trading Exchange An area for people to trade items with merchants for other goods.Major room #3… This is a floor dedicated to merchants in shops selling goods by trading with the public for other goods. This can either be through currency or item exchange between Christians and Muslims. This has significance for representing the earthly requirements of human beings, and its connection to each other through goods and services. This teaches the practice of self awareness as a human being in trading for goods to profit from or to resell for uses by it’s buyers.
  8. 8. Life in its Cycle of Birth and Rebirth How is the life of man in birth conveyed in the Qur’an and the Bible?In the Christian and Muslim faith, the birth of a humanbeing was blessed through their gods. The dogma of these religions connects itself to the creation of human life. This is equally important in both faiths as a connector to earthly/heavenly things. Both Muslims and Christians alike share thesame outlook on their lives and the world through dogma faith/teachings. The Birth Bowl to the right was used by European Christians to use forfood/goods unto the child’s mother for respect.“[He] then formed the drop into a clot and formed theclot into a lump and formed the lump into bones and Birth Bowl (Ciottola puerperile) clothed the bones in flesh; Workshop: Orazio Fontana and then brought him into Italian (Urbino), c. 1510-1571 (SmArt Museum, Chicago IL) being as another creature. Blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators!” (Quran, 23:14)
  9. 9. The Children’s Recreational Area An area for Christian and Muslim children/mothers to commune.Major room #4… This is an internal and external place for mothers and their children to exchange company. Here the methods of mothering can be shared equally among Christians and Muslims harmoniously as a gender empowerment and recognition of faith. Fathers are welcome as well to show respect to the mothers and children by presenting themselves equally for the child.
  10. 10. The Christian Muslim Multicultural CenterThe final building design for Muslim and Christian collaboration This building will render itself as an educational center as well as a religious affairs organization for Christian and Muslim communities. I designed this building using the key elements I used to discuss the similarities between Christian and Muslim faith. The goal of this will be to initiate a more understanding welfare for these two opposing religious communities and synchronize their ideals with each other as individuals. Presentation by LT 3D Render by LT