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I am from poem


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I am from poem

  1. 1. Nyla Dwiggins<br />November 22, 2010<br />9 IH<br />Where I’m From Poetry Assignment <br />From A World between Two<br />I am from between the Romans and the Greeks <br />And from the in between the two<br />I am from the Slavic Language<br />I am from Macedonia<br />I am from the in between the Of Greeks, and the Slavs<br />I am from fertile plains <br />Rich in cattle, sheep, and horses<br />I am From Iron and gold mining <br />I am from the Minoan civilization <br />From a Greek speaking country<br />I am from the Trojan War<br />I am from Homer and<br />The Odyssey and the Iliad<br />I am from around the area of <br />Sparta and Athens <br />I am from the great Mt. Olympus<br />I’m From Festivals called the Olympic Games<br />I am from the center of Literature and Arts<br />From Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle <br />My Great Mentors<br />I am from pottery, building, and sculptures<br />I am from stories with great lessons left behind <br />I am from wars lost and won<br />From Alexander the Great <br />I am from old world monarchy<br />I am a Macedonian<br />From Macedonia <br />I am from a proud and once strong civilization <br />