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NPSIG 2012 Conference Redux


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NPSIG Christmas Special: 2012 Conference Redux
recording of the webinar available at
for more info check

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NPSIG 2012 Conference Redux

  1. 1. NPSIG Christmas Special: 2012 Conference ReduxJanuary JulyALA Midwinter Meeting, Dallas, USA, 20-24 Jan: Loida Cycling for Libraries in the Baltic states, 28 July-7 August:Garcia-Febo Dierk EichelBOBCATSSS 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 23-25 SLA 2012 Annual Conference, Chicago, USA, 15-18 July: MaríaJanuary: Sebastian Wilke, Dierk Eichel Violeta BertoliniNew Librarians Global Connection: Loida Garcia-Febo AugustMay IFLAcamp, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 9-10 August: Sebastian WilkeInformare!, Berlin, Germany, 8-10 May: Dierk Eichel WLIC2012, Helsinki, Finland, 11-17 August: María VioletaELAG, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 15-18 May: Dierk BertoliniEichel SeptemberBibliothekartag 2012, Hamburg, Germany, 22-25 May:Dierk Eichel The Humanities and Technology Camp, 27-28 September, Philadelphia, USA: Molly SchwartzJune October4CanGurus, Riga, Latvia, 11 June: Dace Ūdre Beyond Access: Local Alternative for Global Development, 1-3ALA Annual Conference, Anaheim, USA, 27 June-2 July: October: Bridgette HendrixLoida Garcia-Febo November TEDx Berlin "crossing borders", 23 November: Dierk Eichel