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  1. By Grandes Mentes Technologies (P) ltd
  2. Concerns & Needs Concern Statement:-“Healthcare spends billions on capital equipment such as medical devices, facilities, and IT hardware. Yet much of that value trickles away when administrators lack a total understanding of what they own and where they lying, leading to lost inventory, under capacity utilization and delay in emergency responses.” Problems:- Risk of life, Revenue loss, value loss in service & response, audit mis-matches, under utilization of asset, Brand dilution of the enterprise, maintenance of Assets Need:- Enterprise Asset Management integrates techniques for holistic control and optimization throughout those assets' varying lifecycles. It brings together planning, acquisition, commissioning, tracking, assignment, movement, operations and eventual replacement. Enterprise Asset Management In Healthcare Market Segmentation by Application: o Hospital Asset Management o Pharmaceuticals Asset Management
  3. EAM:Hospital Asset Management Automatic Tracking & Movement Monitoring With RFID technology, hospitals can effectively track medical carts, crash carts and other assets that can be hoarded or misplaced. Instead of 3-5 personnel scurrying around their floor looking for vital assets they are able to locate the cart and get back to caring for patients. Security and Access control RFID technology takes the guess work out of locating important and not so important assets. Tracking tags can be added to inventory that inform personnel of items being taken off of hospital property and track assets as they move throughout the facility; providing real-time solutions to stagnant and moving inventory. Audits, Inventory accounting and maintenance Furthermore, tagging and tracking informs hospitals of what they have—don’t have—and what they need to replace. Inventory is accounted for and frivolous spending on assets that are already there, but are just misplaced, stops. RFID: Ends the cycle off Hoarding, Misplacement and Theft of Assets
  4. iThing UHF Reader Router Real Time Alert Via iThing Platform Active RFID Asset Tag Range Up To 50m RF Waves iThing Hospital Asset Tracking Via Active RFID
  5. Range Up To 12 m
  6. UHF Reader iThing Hospital Asset Tracking Via Handheld Passive UHF RFID Real time Alert Via iThing Platform Range Up To 18 meters • RFID Standards Supported EPC Class 1 Gen2; EPC Gen2 V2; ISO-18000-63 • RFID Engine with Fastest Read Rate 900+ tags/sec • Nominal Read Range ~60+ ft./~18.2+ m. • Specific regional and country settings supported upon country selection • Price Range- $ 3000 up to $ 4000.
  7. Support Models L0 for Active/Long Range UHF – India based team and control dashboards • Command center to continuously monitoring heartbeats of readers using IoT L1 for All readers – Vendor supported • Onsite visit for repair, replace and maintenance
  8. • All readers/cards proposed will be adhering to regulatory compliances including GS1/GS, ISO standards, CE, FCC, RoHS etc. • Integration to Appzui, Installation, commissioning, training and post installation supports will be charged@ $20/Hour apart from the hardware costs. BOM Sl. No. Item India/China Europe US Comments 1 RFID Active Reader $750-$1000 $2400-$3000 $2500-$3500 Depends on Brand and Quality 2 RFID UHF Reader $700-$900 $1800-$2500 $2000-$2700 Depends on Brand and Quality 3 RFID HF Reader $500-$700 $1000-$1200 $1150-$1350 Depends on Brand and Quality 4 Active Tags $10-$12 $20-$25 $20-$25 Depends on battery, casing and in-built Antenna type 5 UHF Tags $0.5-$3 $5-$8 $7-$10 Depends on Antenna build: solid/line and chip set 6 HF Tags $0.5-$3 $5-$8 $7-$10 Depends on Antenna build: solid/line and chip set