Renovation of the in-campus restaurant in IIT Madras.


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Basera - the in-campus restaurant in IIT Madras: Why it needs to be renovated.

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Renovation of the in-campus restaurant in IIT Madras.

  1. 1. Kumar Neelotpal Shukla I Year B. Tech., Civil Engineering Dept, IIT Madras Nijansh Verma I Year B. Tech., Civil Engineering Dept., IIT Madras
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION In this presentation, we would like to take you on a tour so that you can have a look at Basera through the eyes of a student.
  3. 3. THE ENTRY… Generally there are problems inside the premises of many buildings, but with Basera, they start at the entry itself.  The two entrances are not guarded which leads to dogs and deer entering the dining area which cause a lot of nuisance.  The path used by most of the students from the Narmada hostel side for entry is not actually an entrance. There is dirt and garbage on this path and all of this enters the dining area along with the visitors. 
  4. 4. THE ENTRANCE PATH… Mud and waste thrown on the entry route used by students. The pathway through which a majority of students enter is not actually an entrance.
  5. 5. PLACING THE ORDER… Once one has entered, the second step is to place an order but there are problems with this step as well.  There is only one ordering counter catering to the students and at peak hours this leads to formation of a long waiting queue under the portico. This makes the area crowded and also causes trouble for the people taking the orders.  There is only one menu board and that too provides no information about the availability of the listed food items. 
  6. 6. THE ORDERING AREA… Only one ordering counter. Incapable of efficiently catering at peak hours. Place too small to accommod ate the people placing orders and receiving food simultaneo usly.
  7. 7. THE CHAAT COUNTER… 1. Encroaching into the dining area. 2. Completely open, frequently attacked by monkeys. 3. Person ordering has to stand in the open (problem during rains).
  8. 8. NO PLACE TO SIT…    The dining space at Basera currently can accommodate 160 persons. But the number of people visiting Basera during peak hours is much more than 160 which forces many people to stand while waiting for their orders and they might not even find space after receiving their orders. The roofing has been done by polystyrene sheets which have come off at various places which leads to dripping water during rains at various places. Another problem is that the dining spaces are not connected to each other through shaded pathways which causes a lot of problem from moving from one place to another during rains.
  9. 9. THE DINING SPACES… The chipped off roof at various places causing dripping of water during rainy seasons.
  10. 10. MEANWHILE IN THE PREPARATIONS AREA… No shelves or other provision for keeping cut vegetables
  11. 11. MEANWHILE IN THE PREPARATIONS AREA… Damaged Ceiling There is no proper provision for storage of vegetables and other raw material
  12. 12. IN THE STORAGE AREA… The gas cylinders are kept one over the other posing a threat to safety These boxes can easily fall and hurt anyone
  13. 13. LOOKING CLOSELY ON THE KITCHEN ROOF … There is sufficient gap between the roof and the grill to allow a monkey kid to pass and enter the kitchen
  14. 14. IN THE KITCHEN ... The kitchen area is completely disorganized with just a few racks kept arbitrarily for temporary storage. The construction there is very poor with all the tiles chipping off.
  15. 15. IN THE KITCHEN ... The cooks have to prepare food with large utensils in a small, congested and ill-ventilated room without any exhaust fans. It can be easily observed from the picture that the arrangement for LPG supply is also NOT up-to-the-mark.
  16. 16. THE WASHING AREA … The water supply for washing area is not properly designed leading to inadequate water pressure. They have to keep the utensils on the floor and wash them and there is no immediate provision to keep the utensils after washing.
  17. 17. HOW WILL A NEW BASERA HELP …     IIT Madras, being a highly reputed institute, needs to have a high-class restaurant catering to students and visitors. The disorganization and poor hygiene can affect the health of students and other people who eat there. If this standard of Basera continues, students will resort to going restaurants out of IIT (like Ascendas Food Court) for their eating needs. This will lead to greater loss of their time and money and gradually in their studies will get affected. Thus, IIT Madras definitely needs to reconstruct a new Basera.