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  1. 1. Plant/Animal Hybrid Project <br />
  2. 2. Plumcots<br />Plumcots (plums and apricots) <br />A plumcot, or a pluot is a mix between a plum and an apricot. Plumcots have the size and texture of a smooth like a plum with green red, or orange coloring, but the taste is an apricot and a plum combined. Sometimes it is shaped like a plum and shape and texture like a pink fuzzy fuzz. One reason to eat a plumcot is that it has different kinds. One kind is fuzzy and the other kind is smoothe. Reason two is that it is the most awesome blend of fruits, a plum and an apricot. If you like plums and, or apricots then you’ll definitely get a plumcot. The last reason you should get a plumcot is because is because it has 0g of sodium, 46g of cholesterol, and all the health from a  plum, and apricot. <br />
  3. 3. Cat-Bat<br />Cat-Bat <br />Cat bat is obviously a cat and a bat combined. He has the size, and knowledge of a a man, but has the wings,ears and body of a bat. He also has the flight, super hearing sense,but since it isn’t a regular bat he can see, and no he have the desire to eat bugs, nor need to for him to live. You should buy my hybrid besides it is a  scientific miracle, but is a great thing to use when you don’t want wait patiently in traffic just climb on your cat-bat and pass all of those angry citizens.  Another reason is if you are in an imperative and,or dangerous predicament cat-bat can help in any situation. A situation such as getting mugged, forgetting an important  file at the office cat-bat is capable of getting it back to you before it is missed. Lastly, cat-bat can get its own milk and its own food. Plus its house trained to use the restroom. Yep, cat-bat has it all,and even more than that.  <br />