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Magic hexagons


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Magic Hexagons Based on Kristin Farr art work

Published in: Education
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Magic hexagons

  1. 1. Name:_____________________ Class:_____________________ Mrs. Hurd Art Rm 201 Neo-Folk art Draw a quick sketch of what your version of neo-folk art would look like after you have watched the video clip. Lesson Objective:  You will learn about the artist Kristin Farr and Neo-Folk Art.  You will learn characteristics of Neo Folk Art.  You will use design skills to create an original composition using Neo-Folk Art and geometric patterns. Artist Name: ________________________________________ American Artist who is inspired by humor, nostalgia, color psychology, rainbows and magic. She is exploring a legacy of folk art through her color-crazy geometric paintings, and is interested in good vibes and human-made objects that contain mystical powers. What are the characteristics of Neo-Folk Art? List whatyou see when you look at the work. ___________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Name:_____________________ Class:_____________________ Mrs. Hurd Art Rm 201 What does Kristin wanther audience to feel when they look at her artwork? ___________________________________________________________________ The artist wants to make something that _______________ and dazzles the viewer. Kristen Farr made a chair that can ____________________. Farr does multiple art-inspired jobs. Shewrites for a website and a _____________ and she spends a lot of time painting in her _____________. What mask did the artist where while painting in her studio? ___________________________________________________________________ Her artwork has been influenced by Pennsylvania Dutch __________ __________, more specifically Hex Signs. What are Hex Signs?_________________________________________________ Her designs rely on ______________which can be found in nature and ancient tile work. Rainbows and color spectrums makethe colors ____________, and make the eyes moveand create motion. At the core of her work, she is trying to inspire other people to be _______________. What color combinations did you see on the video that you liked?