How to make money with a blog


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Find out exactly how I make money blogging with a blog.

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How to make money with a blog

  1. 1. How To MakeMoney BloggingA step by step guide.
  2. 2. Step 1:Look for a blog with good domain authority.Good domain authority allows you to rank yourblog in the search engines so that you can getfree traffic. You can check the domain authoritya blog/website has by entering the domain intoAlexa.Com. The lower the traffic rank number isthen the better domain authority it has. Themore traffic you get the more money you make.A domain name will cost you about $10.(Empower Network gives you blog hosted ontheir domain so need to do this step)
  3. 3. Step 2:Register for a hosting account with Hostgator orBluehost. A hosting account can cost about$100 then about $8 a month or moredepending on the quality of the hosting that youchose. Then link your domain with your hostingaccount to have your blog fully operating andready to start adding blog posts. (EmpowerNetwork will host your blog for you so no needto do this step if you joine EN.) EN will alsoshow you How To Make Money Blogging
  4. 4. Step 3:Install WordPress to your site via ftp or throughyour hosting account. WordPress is theplatform that allows you to start making blogpost. Its the thing that transforms your domainfrom a blak page to a website. WordPress is,you can get it at WordPress.Org (EmpowerNetwork gives you a blog with wordpressinstalled on it so need to do this if you join EN)They will also show you make money with ablog.
  5. 5. Step 4:Try to be stylish like most make money blogsand get yourslelf a decent theme for your blog.This will cost you about $10 to $40 dependingon where you buy your theme and how good itlooks (No need to do this if you join ENbecause the blog they give you will coem with anice theme installed on it)
  6. 6. Step 5:Monetize your blog with ads. Look for a product to promote,find banner ads or create banner ads for it, then add it toyour blogs sidebar and header for best results. You canalso add an email submit form to build a list of subscribers.With your list of subscribers you can email them everytimeyou have a new post or you just can email them offeringthem a product. (No need to do this if you are or join ENbecause you can just promote EN wich is proven to convertand they give you email capture pages to build a list) Thisis a must do if you really want to learn how to make moneyblogging.
  7. 7. Step 6:Start bloging. First Choose a niche (category)to blog about or blog about the trending topicsthat are out right now. A good way to see whatstrending is by going to Google Trends here and check thenews every once in a while. This will bring a lotmore interest to your blog post. That is how yougain more readers.
  8. 8. Step 7:Start ranking your blog post’s in the searchengines. You can do so by sending backlinks toit. A backlink is when a website or blog has alink pointing back to your blog posts. The moreof those you get the better.
  9. 9. To Sum it All Up....Starting a blog yourself will cost you about $140 to start. Not only that buy youwlll not find a domain name for sale that has a good traffic rank. The EmpowerNetwork is just $25 to start and they give you a fully operating WordPress blog,this means that you do not have to set it up. All you do is join and startblogging. The best thing is that the Empower Network has an amazing trafficrank of 169 in the US and 409 in the world out of all of the millions of blogs outthere! Your blog will be hosted on their domain. So what are you waiting for,register for the Empower Network, start blogging, and earning 100%commissions.Click Here To Register To the Empower Network to start learn how to makemoney blogging and start earning 100% Commissions!What are you waiting for?, Start making money blogging now.