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PAUSE Permissions


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A lightning talk I gave at the London Perl Workshop 2012

Published in: Technology
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PAUSE Permissions

  1. 1. PAUSE::Permissions A lightning talk given at London Perl Workshop 2012 The permissions model that controls who can upload what modules to CPAN, via PAUSENeil Bowers Andreas KönigNEILB ANDK
  2. 2. PAUSE::Permissions A module for querying the data behind the modelNeil Bowers Andreas KönigNEILB ANDK
  3. 3. PAUSE and CPAN
  4. 4. $CPAN/modules/06perms.txt• Who has what permissions for which modules
  5. 5. $CPAN/modules/06perms.txt Time::Fake,ROSULEK,f Time::Fields,PIP,f Time::Format,PGOLLUCCI,f Time::Format,ROODE,m Time::Format_XS,ROODE,f Time::Frame,PIP,f Time::Fuzzy,JQUELIN,m Time::GPS,ZEFRAM,fTime::HiRes, JHI, c Time::HR,AGOLOMSH,f Time::HiRes,DEWEG,c Time::HiRes,JHI,c module PAUSE id Time::HiRes,ZEFRAM,m Time::HiRes::Value,PEVANS,f permission Time::Human,JHOBLITT,f Time::Implementation,FOTANGO,f Time::Implementation,STIG,c Time::Interval,AHICOX,f
  6. 6. Upload a new module• If you’re the first to upload a module to CPAN, you get the f permission (“first come”) Module::Path,NEILB,f• You’re considered the owner
  7. 7. Register module on module list• If you register the module, you get an m permission Graph::Reader,NEILB,m• Internally you also still have f• m takes precedence over f
  8. 8. You register modules, not dists• I registered PAUSE::Permissions• The dist also includes PAUSE::Permissions::Module PAUSE::Permissions,NEILB,m PAUSE::Permissions::Module,NEILB,f• What should you do with other modules in dists? • If they’re public-facing, consider registering them • Otherwise f is fine
  9. 9. Co-maintainers• The owner of a module can grant co-maint perms • Using the PAUSE web interface• They get a c permission. PAUSE::Permissions,ANDK,c PAUSE::Permissions,NEILB,m PAUSE::Permissions::Module,ANDK,c PAUSE::Permissions::Module,NEILB,f• Co-maints can upload new versions of a module• Co-maints cannot grant co-maint permissions
  10. 10. Permissions are on modules• Years back I created some Locale:: modules• I handed them to SBECK, hes expanded the dist Locale::Codes,SBECK,f Locale::Constants,NEILB,c Locale::Codes::Constants,SBECK,f Locale::Country,NEILB,c Locale::Codes::Country,SBECK,f … lots more modules … Locale::Currency,NEILB,c Locale::Constants,SBECK,f Locale::Country,SBECK,m Locale::Language,NEILB,c Locale::CountryCodes,SBECK,f Locale::Script,NEILB,c Locale::Currency,SBECK,m Locale::CurrencyCodes,SBECK,f Locale::Language,SBECK,m Locale::LanguageCodes,SBECK,f Locale::Script,SBECK,f Locale::ScriptCodes,SBECK,f• I have co-maint on the original modules • but not on those hes subsequently added.
  11. 11. Someone elses module• If you upload a module you dont have perms for • The dist will make it to your author directory • The offending module wont be indexed (but ok modules will be)• will shout at you
  12. 12. Deleting dists from CPAN• You can only delete dists that you uploaded • Regardless of whether youre the owner• Permissions are associated with modules, not dists, remember• If you dont like a co-maints release • Revoke co-maint, then supersede with a new release • But talk to them first!
  13. 13. Namespace squatting• Upload a module, then delete the dist (via PAUSE)• The module wont exist on CPAN• But youll have an f permission No::Such::Module,NEILB,f• No-one else will be able to use that name• Free it up using PAUSE ("Change Permissions")
  14. 14. Developer releases• Developer releases dont trigger permissions• If your first release of a module is a developer release, you wont get any permissions. • Someone else could gazump you• "This may change" - ANDK
  15. 15. Transfer of ownership• You can transfer ownership to another user• They get your m or f• You get cPAUSE::Permissions,ANDK,mPAUSE::Permissions,NEILB,cPAUSE::Permissions::Module,ANDK,fPAUSE::Permissions::Module,NEILB,c
  16. 16. Taking over a module"Usually, after all this hassle,we are reasonably quick at assigning co-maintenance permissions,but dont hold your breath"
  17. 17. Anomaly #1: different m and f• Modules with different m and f users?• This cant happen TM Catalyst::Engine::Apache,AGRUNDMA,m Catalyst::Engine::Apache,MSTROUT,f• But when it does • m is the owner • f is treated as a co-maint• There are some special conventions • Eg P5P has f on some modules Tie::SubstrHash,LWALL,m Tie::SubstrHash,P5P,f
  18. 18. Anomaly #2: modules with no owner• There are 1000+ modules with co-maints only DBIx::Class::Loader,AMS,c DBIx::Class::Loader,DMAKI,c DBIx::Class::Loader,KRAIH,c DBIx::Class::Loader,MRAMBERG,c DBIx::Class::Loader,SRI,c DBIx::Class::Loader,TEMPIRE,c• How does this come about? • You can give up your permissions: "Change Permissions" on PAUSE• Make your case to PAUSE admins for ownership • PAUSE Admins:
  19. 19. Anomaly #3: modules with no perms• Some modules are on CPAN but not in 06perms.txt• Upload a module, then give up your f permission • Its open season on the module name again
  20. 20. PAUSE::Permissionsuse PAUSE::Permissions;my $pp = PAUSE::Permissions->new;my $mp = $pp->module_permissions(PAUSE::Permissions);my $owner = $mp->owner; # NEILBmy @comaints = $mp->co_maintainers; # ANDK
  21. 21. Finally• Largest number of co-maints any module has?• Tidy up your permissions please