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A lightning talk I gave at the London Perl Workshop 2013, about my use of Questhub, and how it's resulted in me being more productive, and having more fun, with my side Perl projects.

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  • For me, Questhub has elements of Facebook, IRC, PrePAN and blogging.Gamification of Perl side projects
  • I use Questhub as a backlog for my Perl side projectsall ideas go on my quest listwhen you start a quest, it appears on the feed (which you can get as an RSS feed)people might give feedback, +1, point out existing modules, or suggest (alternate) approachesWorking on a quest tends to prompt further ideas (c.f. Yak Shaving)I can choose what to work on, but (a) I'm less likely to forget about things, and (b) encouragement makes me more likely to do things, sometimes … :-)
  • Network effect: I started this quest on my own, Sergey (@sromanov) joined me, but in doing in several other people started their own mini version of this, and contributed to the quest without officially joining it.Trickle projects: a few minutes every day / week. A good way to contribute to CPAN.
  • You can also clone someone else's quest, if you fancy doing it for yourself
  • Have more fun with Perl via Questhub

    1. 1. Have more fun with Perl via Questhub Neil Bowers 1
    2. 2. 3 great virtues of a programmer • Laziness • Impatience • Hubris 2
    3. 3. 3 realities of this programmer • Procrastinating • Attention-deficit • Yak shaver 3
    4. 4. AND YET 4
    5. 5. I've been having more fun, and doing more Perl side projects since I started playing with Questhub http://questhub.io 5
    6. 6. What is Questhub? • A themed social to-do list • You start quests in any of the realms • Everyone can see, and comment on, your quests • Liking a quest gives +1 • When you complete a quest, you get the points 6
    7. 7. Barbie: see my module on CPAN :-) BOOK: it's REGEXP not REGEX, you're looking in the wrong place This talk! 7
    8. 8. You can look at everyone's quests 8
    9. 9. You can team up on quests 9
    10. 10. Stencils: template quests • Give a talk at a local Perl meet-up • Email a CPAN author & thank them for their module • Blog about a module you're using • Contribute an article to the Perl Advent calendar • Port a module to p5-mop • Adopt a CPAN module • Give a lightning talk 10
    11. 11. Your quest • Sign up for Questhub, if you haven't already • Browse the open quests, and +1 a few • Browse the Perl stencils and maybe try one or two • Comment on my most recent quest (added today) • Questhub brought to you by VyacheslavMatyukhin • MMCLERIC • @berekuk http://questhub.io 11
    12. 12. 12