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Intimation Of Destroying


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Intimation Of Destroying

  1. 1. Letter no./Food/notice no. Dated FROM LOCAL ( HEALTH) AUTHORITY S.A.S.Nagar,Mohali To, Sh.Ravi Bhushan S/o Sh.Ram Murti Prop. Of Firm M/s PRIYA SWEETS Kajheri,Sector 52 ,Chandigarh Sub- Notice of intimation of destroying the Food Articles Seized on Form V under the provision of sub-sec 4A of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act,1954. On dated 17/10/08 a vehicle Mohindra utility jeep no.PB11G 4615 Was intercepted by my Govt. Food Inspector at main bus stand S.A.S.Nagar Mohali and manager of your Firm was found keeping the stock food articles for sale to public for human consumption That stock of Food Articles , Barfi, Kalakand and Patisa appears to be adulterated and unfit for sale to human consumption ,So the Stock of food articles were seized on Form V ,under sub-section ( 4 ) of Sec.10 of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act,1954.And three samples of the food articles were also seized under sub section (1 ) of sec.10 of P.F.A. ,Act,1954 ,which were sent to public Analyst for Analysis in Accordance with procedure under section 11 of PFA, ACT,1954. As per the Reports of Public Analyst on Form III ( u/r 7(3) )the sample of two food articles, i.e Barfi and Kalakand are declared adulterated and unfit for human consumption. The report of third food article i.e. Patisa confirms the standards of P.F.A.Act,1954.
  2. 2. That the nature of the stock of food articles seized on Form V is of Perishable Nature and two type of these food articles i.e.Barfi and Kalakand are declared unfit for human consumption by Public Analyst, which are to be destroyed by Local (Health) Authority under sub section (4 A) of P.F.A.Act,1954 and stock of third Food article i.e. Patisa conforms the standards as per report of Public Analyst you may collect the stock of Patisa LOCAL ( HEALTH ) AUTHORITY CUM CIVIL SURGEON S.A.S.NAGAR, MOHALI