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  1. 1. Spain In Spain, people usually have 4/5 meals a day.
  2. 2. BREAKFAST In spain, breakfast is atabout seven o'clock a.m. In Spain,we always have coffe with toast, milk with chocolate,milk with sugar and chocolate with cakes. In Spain, We never have for bacon with eggs,meat,lentils.
  3. 3. MIDMORNING SNACK In Spain,midmorning snack is at about twelve o'clock a.m. In Spain,we always have sandwiches,fruit,juice and cookies.
  4. 4. LUNCH In Spain,lunch is at about half past two.p.m. In Spain, we always have lentils,”paella”(yellow rice,with mussels and meat.),”tortilla”(eggs with potato), “potaje”(beans,rice,vegetables),meatballs.
  5. 5. TEA In Spain,tea is at abuot six o'clock p.m. In Spain,we always have coffe,cookies,”roscos”(like donuts and fried),cake,”pestiños”( flour dough and dipped in honey),sandwich,juice,sweet potato. In Spain,we never have eggs,potato,carrot,pizza.
  6. 6. DINNER In Spain,dinner is at about nine o'clock.p.m. In Spain,we always have eggs with potato,pizza,meat,lamb chop,stew,soup,”gazpacho”(tomato sauce).
  7. 7. PICNIC In Spain, sundays we go to the park with a basket and all the food prepared. We stews, macaroni, lentils.
  8. 8. Easter week In Spain, this week is very important. Is typical “torrijas”(like toast).
  9. 9. Christmas In Spain, is typical “polvorones”(shortbread),nougat,chocolate,turkey.