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Dunn maquarie nape


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Dunn maquarie nape

  1. 1. urban room ♪╠land identity . DeBOX___DeGRID  . M . J o h n L a t h a m 0 4 4 7 6 5 1 4 2 0 d e b o x @ b i g b l u e . n e t . a u P O B o x 5 4 S O R E L L T a s m a n i a 7 1 7 2 To Hobart Waterfront Authority (re meeting MJL/JGilmore 21Feb08) POTENTIAL PUBLIC WORKS MACQUARIE & DAVEY STREETS IN CITY HALL AXIS COMMENT DAVEY STREET NAPE A bow bend of maximum ‘radius’ into Dunn Place/Street and with wide (sculptured) median strip extending backwards from the Customs Ho use to as far as possible into the G Chancellor Hotel frontage. VALUE Traffic calming, driver engagement with the docks, pedestrian safety and comfort, dulling of vehicle sound and vision, feng shui effect, strong contribution to dockland focus on rivulet estuary, city hall and Dunn area, representative of water ripples which can be illustrated in pavement , enhancement of dock space shape. Would reduce the sad visual impact of any rectilinear building on Dunn.
  2. 2. ISSUES Land acquisition. Initiative. Poss ibly the Authorit y’s charge on safety matters. Economic Development. Etc MACQUARIE STREET NEXUS ZONE Traffic/pedestrian item. Drivers are engaged as part of the waterfront, through an obvious change of zone from west end Hope & Anchor to other side of Campbell – short as it is, it is stimulation. Streetworks celebrate the causeway in pavement (at least) A large/high/colourful mast/sculpture each side at Hope & Anchor with British/Native bold icons, visible from Franklin Square. Another each side at t he other end with Land/Ocean icons. VALUE Heritage and waterfront focus, promotes atmosphere for traffic calming. Enhances worth of Davey Street Nape and Dunn/Market Place pedestrian precinct. ISSUE Where’s the public works coordination required to achie ve this. Is the Waterfront Authority an obvious initiative
  3. 3. generator/coordinator? (otherwise how does the TMAG have a clue about it) TRAFFIC LIGHTS MACQUARIE/DAVEY Relocated/synchronised to give breadth of crossing distance and occasional calm to full b readth of Dunn Place. FLOOR OF THE DOCKS Carry it all the way up to south side of Macquarie Street, including Davey Street, Campbell Street with removable bollards for flexi-use in with street closures. BURIED BROOK PROMENADE A trail boldly placed and illustrated parallel to the rivulet from docks through to CBD, Linear Park and Mt Wellington. ISSUES This is strongly enhanced by all of the above, but may be frustrated by plans for the Dunn Street area. Fin