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un condition al

Published in: Lifestyle
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  1. 1. what the world needs most..
  2. 2. is the energy of *7b alive people *everyone
  3. 3. which would be difficult to pull off.. unless/until we trust each other .. no exceptions.. no conditions
  4. 4. no one seems to want to let go of this
  5. 5. as an issue of ..
  6. 6. so we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors - Buckminster Fuller fuller too much law:
  7. 7. and death by ..
  8. 8. we appear to be addicted to supposed to’s..
  9. 9. ie: are you human. ok then. you’re good. we can ..if we
  10. 10. this has to be for
  11. 11. this letting go can be made easier.. if we (who have been contaminated with the civilized/manufactured/sanitized/coerced/et-al toxins of supposed to’s via the mediums of school/work/etc) just focus on the thing(s) we can’t not do (ie: gershenfeld something else law) which would/could take us to eudaimonitaive surplus:
  12. 12. ..which would take/restore/emerge us to an undisturbed ecosystem:
  13. 13. ‘.. left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’
  14. 14. not subject to *any conditions *disclaimer: there would be 2 conditions during the detox period.. which would consist of :33 each day.. leaving 23:27 a day.. unconditionally free
  15. 15. unreserved
  16. 16. unrestricted
  17. 17. what we need now are spaces of permission where people have nothing to prove.. so we can refill/restore holes/missing-pieces .. this begs we let go of control.. of conditionality
  18. 18. sans..
  19. 19. this control/order/condition thing is why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity