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undisturbed ecosystem


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undisturbed ecosystem

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undisturbed ecosystem

  1. 1. in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole.. from Dana Meadows‘ thinking in systems p 109
  2. 2. note on book: Thinking in Systems, Dana Meadows ..great insight on systems.. esp loved meadows undisturbed law.. but didn't seem to follow into other areas.. ie: tragedy of commons wasn't an undisturbed system (which i think an authentic commons/commoning would be).. i see money/measure as disturbances.. and Dana didn't seem to..?
  3. 3. undisturbed ecosystem
  4. 4. free people connecting per choice spaces of permission sharing resources (commoning) soul peace conversing w/self world peace conversing w/others facilitating curiosities nothing to prove undisturbed ecosystem
  5. 5. undisturbed ecosystem world peace conversing w/others soul peace conversing w/self spaces of permission sharing resources (commoning) facilitating curiosities nothing to prove free people connecting per choice
  6. 6. zoom in (to individual) details
  7. 7. zoom out (to global) details
  8. 8. zoom dance (as infra) details
  9. 9. our biggest disturbance: missing a & a
  10. 10. natural attachment is generally cut off when we send our kids to school at 5. we, in essence, tell them to find attachment within their peers. then when they are teens we question why they listen to peers more than us. misplaced attachment, is the main thing we seek after the rest of our lives. most often – selling out our own authenticity, who we really are, in order to find someone who will like/bond with us. paraphrasing from Gabor Maté
  11. 11. our biggest perpetuation of that disturbance: blaming others
  12. 12. they will yield only as we reclaim our intuition, stop casting blame, see the system as the source of its own problems, and find the courage and wisdom to restructure it.. (p4) thinking not in terms of a static world but a dynamic one. you'll stop looking for who's to blame; instead you'll start asking 'what's the system'.. (p34) from Dana Meadows‘ thinking in systems
  13. 13. our best means of restructure (back to undisturbed ecosystem): curiosity (of free people)
  14. 14.