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CASE STUDYBirmingham AirportFinding a Solution                                          How MissionMode is UsedAirport sta...
CASE STUDYBirmingham AirportWhen an emergency occurs, staff must quickly deter-           The company’s Control Centre tea...
CASE STUDYBirmingham Airport     “During the aircraft accident in 2010, MissionMode   MissionMode provides the airport wit...
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A Simpler Way to Manage Complex Operations and Crises - Case Study


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Birmingham Airport (UK) had been using time-consuming methods for coordinating operational and emergency incidents. Records were being kept by various teams in different locations and systems. It was difficult for them to get an accurate, coordinated view of what was happening throughout the airport. When an emergency occurred, the team overseeing the response was often flooded with requests for information, and they did not have the resources to manually contact everyone affected by an incident.

To solve these problems, they implemented MissionMode's emergency notification and incident management solutions. Now, the company is increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving safety with the help of MissionMode. The case study shows how.

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A Simpler Way to Manage Complex Operations and Crises - Case Study

  1. 1. ™ Emergency Notification • Incident Management CASE STUDY Birmingham Airport A better way to manage complex 24x7 operations and respond to crises The company needed a better way to manage operational issues and emergencies, keep detailed records of the events, and quickly notify the right people during a crisis. Implement- ing MissionMode’s notification and incident management At a glance system has increased operational efficiency, reduced costs and improved safety. Birmingham, England Opened May 1939 Over 7,500 employees Birmingham Airport (BHX) is the 6th busiest airport in the 31 gates United Kingdom, serving nearly nine million passengers in 2010. More than 40 airlines fly from Birmingham to over 140 destina- 79 departure gates tions around the world. In 2007, the airport was voted the best 116 check-in desks airport in Europe in the 5-10 million passengers category. Airport 143 routes flown personnel oversee a wide range of complex 24x7 operations, 50 airlines including flights, passengers, terminals, airfield, facilities, staff, 2010 statistics: equipment, security and ground transportation. • 8,577,822 passengers • 95,454 aircraft movements The Challenge • 23,815 tons / 21,605 tonnes of cargo In early 2010, the airport consolidated several teams that were www.birminghamairport.co.uk responsible for coordinating emergency responses, creating one smaller, centralized team. Previously, separate records were being kept by each team in different locations and systems. This time- “Since implementing the system, the time consuming method made it difficult to share crucial information it takes to get a ‘whole picture’ take on and have an accurate, coordinated view of what was happening a situation has been reduced, helping to at the airport. It was no longer feasible to manually notify people ensure operations run smoothly.” and accept an increased volume of calls during incidents. And, the company’s emergency notification system was not adequate Bob Kennett, General Manager Terminal Services for their needs. Page 1 of 4092911
  2. 2. CASE STUDYBirmingham AirportFinding a Solution How MissionMode is UsedAirport staff saw MissionMode’s incident management The airport uses the Situation Center to documentand notification system being used successfully at operational and emergency events, record information,other airports, and decided to search for a similar solu- coordinate responses and send notifications. Everydaytion. To ensure availability if airport systems failed, a issues such as rescheduled flights and baggage delaysreliable, online-hosted solution was a critical require- are entered into ongoing operations logs, along withment. Other requirements included: informational records such as maintenance work.  Easy to use in a crisis Operations incidents that require a response—an  Quickly sends alerts to the right groups equipment malfunction, for example—are tracked of people and tracks responses throughout the response.  A simple method for sharing and viewing information from any location  Keeps centralized records of events and communications  Complete audit trailAfter evaluating solutions from several vendors, thecompany selected MissionMode’s Situation Center.Within two weeks, staff had been trained and theMissionMode system was in full use throughout theairport. “We are continually looking at ways we can work smarter, and MissionMode is helping us achieve this. The ability for teams to follow situations in real-time is crucial, and this system is supporting and accelerating the “The key for Birmingham Airport is having decision-making process.” a system in place that the team uses on a Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive Officer 24/7 basis, so that it is familiar, easy to use and automated in the event of an incident or accident at the airport. In the event of a major incident, the team can confidentlyThe Situation Center is a virtual command center for use MissionMode to call out key personnelcollaboration and communication. People use the quickly and accurately. MissionMode allowssystem to contribute and view messages, log entries, those who have been called upon to accessteam status, documents, photos, and other informa- the key facts instantly wherever they are. Bytion. The integrated notification system sends alerts to using MissionMode for everyday events, thethe right people via phone, SMS text, email or fax. Situation Center becomes a great place forSenior managers login to a dashboard to get a central- members of the team to catch up with the on-ized overview of airport activities. When needed, they going operational status, critical for a shiftcan drill down into each event. Every activity in the work team that covers a 24/7 environment.”Situation Center is recorded in a time-stamped audit Chris Wilson, Airport Managerlog, which provides essential documentation for legalliability issues and regulatory compliance. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. CASE STUDYBirmingham AirportWhen an emergency occurs, staff must quickly deter- The company’s Control Centre team is required tomine if anyone is in danger, how the terminals and create a test incident at least every two weeks, to keepflights will be affected, and a multitude other details. knowledge fresh. The Situation Center is also usedCustomized templates ensure that all resources and during table-top exercises to work through “what if”teams are in place when an emergency occurs, giving emergency scenarios.the teams a head start.The Situation Center provides an invaluable set oftools for coordinating the emergency and ensuringthat no elements are being overlooked.Not Just for EmergenciesThe Situation Center is used most heavily for day-to-day issues. “Operational use also keeps people sharp,”according to Chris Wilson, Airport Manager. “They useMissonMode every day, so they’re very familiar withoperating it. When an emergency occurs, they don’thave to think about how to use the system.” Life-saving Incident Response On November 19, 2010, there was a sudden change Senior management consulted the Situation Center to in the weather and a thick fog enveloped the airport. see how the response was proceeding and determine As an organ transplant flight was on final approach, any high-level issues that needed to be addressed. it crashed near the runway and burst into flames. Air Public Relations used the system to get up-to-the- Traffic Control immediately dispatched the Airport minute information as they dealt with the media. Fire Service and other responders. They found the captain trapped inside the cockpit, and the donor People could see at a glance how all aspects of the organ package was inside the burning wreckage. response were proceeding. MissionMode proved to be an invaluable tool for sharing information, The Airport Control Centre initiated standard largely between the Management Coordination accident procedures, which included creating a Centre and operational teams. MissionMode Situation, a virtual command room for the event. The Situation automatically contained the As a result of the heroic actions of responders, the emergency procedures, maps and people to notify captain was rescued and the undamaged organ was for that type of emergency. transported to the hospital, where it was success- fully transplanted. Staff used the MissionMode system to quickly send voice and SMS text alerts to airport personnel, Following the crisis, teams used the Situation Center local hospitals, city emergency planners, airlines, to debrief and evaluate the response. Details of and other outside organizations. As the response the standard air accident investigation were also unfolded, various teams entered updates in the logged. All Situation Center activity was recorded in Situation Center. a time-stamped audit log. Click to view a documentary on the crash and successful response. Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. CASE STUDYBirmingham Airport “During the aircraft accident in 2010, MissionMode MissionMode provides the airport with a common proved to be a critical tool for disseminating operating picture across all departments. Our staff information quickly and accurately, reducing the can see at a glance the status of any incident and number of telephone calls in the Control Centre make better-informed decisions. It provides an in- during what is already an extremely busy time. The valuable view of time-stamped events, crucial when Situation Center becomes the hub of information, carrying out a debriefing after a major incident.” ensuring that vital facts and events are recorded for decision making teams to take action upon. Chris Wilson, Airport ManagerConclusion About MissionModeBirmingham Airport uses MissionMode’s Situation Safeguarding people, property and profitsCenter to manage incidents that range from equip-ment breakdowns to major crises. With this web- MissionMode’s emergency notification and incidentbased software, the organization is: management solutions minimize the cost, time and stress of time-sensitive incidents—from routine  Boosting efficiency operational issues to major disasters.  Reducing costs The Notification Center eliminates the guesswork of  Improving safety what message to send, who to contact and how. Alerts  Responding faster to time-sensitive events are created and sent within seconds to any number of  Making better-informed decisions people using any type of comunications device. A real- time dashboard shows who received each messageThe company is managing risks more effectively in a and their response, such as “on-site in 30 seconds.”complex, 24x7 operation. Our Situation Center is an uncomplicated incident management system that brings together your plans, people, communications, tasks and resources. With this virtual command center, you can take command of any type of incident and resolve it faster. An audit “MissionMode is not just a tool to help manage log is kept of all communications and activities. incidents. On a day-to-day basis, the system aids greater efficiency and flexibility, allowing Contact us to learn more collaborative working between teams right info@missionmode.com | www.missionmode.com across the Airport. Since implementing the system, the time it takes to get a ‘whole picture’ North America take on a situation has been reduced, helping 877.833.7763 (toll-free) to ensure operations run smoothly.” +1 312.445.8811 20 West Kinzie St., Suite 1220 | Chicago, IL 60654 | USA Bob Kennett, General Manager Terminal Services International +44 1494 837198 High Tor, Lee Common | Great Missenden HP16 9LA | UKCopyright © 2011, MissionMode Solutions Page 4 of 4