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Skt 100 Skt100 Super Key Tool v3.9


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The software comes in two versions: portable and with installer. Version with installer, after you run it, installs the necessary drivers and itself to the computer.
Portable version consists two files: the first - the installation driver, the second - the program itself, which requires no installation and takes place on any computer.
It can be placed on any external storage device. Consider working with the software. After starting the software you see the operating field. In the upper part is the main menu. Main menu allows you to download the data previously read from the transponder, or store the read data in the file, it is the same choice of the window to work with the internal memory of the device.

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Skt 100 Skt100 Super Key Tool v3.9

  1. 1. SKT-100 SKT100 SUPER KEY TOOL V3.9SKT-100 super key tool 3.9 support read & write keys for car and moto, support readsome locked transponder, and check cryto from dump.Software updated, cancel USB Dongle.SKT-100 SUPER KEY TOOL 3.9Newest software version: V3.9Do not use power adapter over 9V, otherwise will damage the device.Newly update, cancel USB Dongle!1.Read-Only (Fixed-code)MEGAMOS™ (13) (copy to T5, PCF7930, PCF7935)PHILIPS™ (33) (copy to T5, PCF7930, PCF7935)TEMIC™ (11) (copy to T5)TEMIC™ (12) (copy to T5) » MAZDA™, MB™ SprinerTEXAS™ (4C) (Read-Only; copy to Silca™ EH1, EH2 / Keyline™ Emulators) »TOYOTA™, FORD™, etc.
  2. 2. 2.Read-WriteMEGAMOS™ - CRYPTO - (48, 48M)PHILIPS™ - CRYPTO - (40) »OPEL™PHILIPS™ - CRYPTO - (42) » VAG™, FORD™ GalaxyPHILIPS™ - CRYPTO - (44) » VW™PHILIPS™ - CRYPTO - (45) » PEUGEOT™PHILIPS™ - CRYPTO2 - (46)T5 (for coping 11,12,13,33)TEXAS™ - CRYPTO DST (4D) (ID 60,61,62,63,xx)TEXAS™ - CRYPTO DST+ (4E) (ID 64)Generant special transponder for following carAUDI™ A8 new (PCF7936)BMW™ E60,E65 (PCF7936)PORSCHE™ CAYENNE (PCF7936)MITSUBISHI™ (HITAG2, biphase)IVECO™ DAILY, TRUCKs (PCF7936)OPEL™ ASTRA H (PCF7946, HITAG2)HONDA™ CIVIC 2006 (HITAG2)MEGAMOS VDO (SILCA™ , T5)MEGAMOS HONDA /USA/ (SILCA™ , T5)MEGAMOS 13 (SILCA™ , T5)OPEL™ IMMO2 (ID40)(PCF7935)NISSAN™ NATS4 (ID41)(PCF7935)VAG™/FORD™ GALAXY (ID42, ID44)(PCF7935)MITSUBISHI™/VOLVO™ (ID44)(PCF7935)PEUGEOT™ 206/406 (ID45)(PCF7935)YAMAHA™ MOTOs (ID60)(DST)SUZUKI™ MOTOs (ID62)(DST)KAWASAKI™ MOTOs (ID60)(DST)Generant 4D 60 to 61,62,63,65
  3. 3. Read some locked transponder, and check cryto from dump.
  4. 4. Immo pin code calc by dump.Program key for car and moto by dump following carAudi4A0 953 234 (M13,93c46)Alfa Romeo145 (ph33)147 M48156 (PCF 7935,CRYPT)166 (PCF 7935,CRYPT)BMW - EWS1,EWS2,EWS3,EWS4.3CAS 1,2,3 (CAN PROGRAM OLD KEY AND NEW KEYS).
  5. 5. BrillanceM1, M2CitroenXARA(Immo Texton, PH33)Immo SCIEMENS(705e6, PH33)Jamper/relay(M13)Jamper (M48)Berlingo (HT2)CheryFora 68hc08ab32, pcf7935)TIGGO 68hc08ab32, pcf7935)QQ(68HC08AB32, PCF 7935)ELARA (68HC08AB32, PCF 7935)ChevroletAveo (M48)Captiva (HT2)Malibu (HT2)
  6. 6. ChryslerPtCruiser (ID64, 4E, oj66d)SebringoII (ID46, 4E, MC68HC08)Voyadger (24C02)Pacific (HT2)300M (HT2)300C (HT2)DaewooNEXIA (HC705, M13)MATIZ (HC705, M13)EsperO (HC705B, M13)DAF(2L52H)68HC908 (M48)DaihatsuMovie (4C)Applause (4C)DachiaSolenza 93c46Solenza (93C66, HT2)Logan ( HT2)DodgeStratus usa Mc68hc908, texas 4EStratus Ram (24c02)Caliber (24c16), HT2Town country (95080, HT2)Avenger (24C16, HT2)Wrangler (24C16, HT2)FordEscort 4CMondeo 4CExplorer 4CTransit2000 (4D, DST)C-Max (4D, DST)FocusII ( 4D, DST)Focus usa2002 (4D, DST)Galaxy ( TMS, Immo2)TOURENO CONNECT (4D, DST)
  7. 7. FiatScudo (93c66,M95040)Immo (705E6,PH33)Ducato II(M48)Dablo, Punto (93c66,M48)Dablo, Punto (Mc9s12,M48)ImmoFiorinoPANDA (1L49K,9S12D128,HT2)JaguarS-Type (912DT128,4D)X-Type (912DT128,912D60,4D)JeepCherokee (0D66J,4D)G-Cherokee ( MC912,HT2)HummerH2 (HT2)HondaACCORD (055BB,PH33)Crv 93C46,M13,UsaCivic 93c46,M13crv (93c46,M48)Civic (05B6,7935)Accord (HT2)Crv 24c04,HT2Calc for Honda moto (HT2)HyndaiELANTRA (4C)Tuscon 2006 (93c66,4D)Accent( HT2,95040)Getz ( HT2,95040)TUCSON 2007(95P08,HT2)IvecoPH33Daily (HT2)IsuzuTrooper M48Trooper M13
  8. 8. INFINITYFX 35(HT2)Kawazakimoto 93c66,4DKiaRio 93c46,4DSorento (HT2)LanciaImmo TextonLand RoverFreelander ( EWS3,7935)LexusGX470 ( 93C66,4D)Mazda323626 (LUCAS, PH33)XedosMazda3 (4D, DST, 93c56)Mazda5 (4D, DST, 93c56)mazda6 (4D, DST, 93C86)Mazda6 (4D, DST, 93c66)Mazda6 (4D, DST, 24c02)CX7 (4D, DST, 93c66)CX8 (4D, DST, 24c02)DemioMANTruckMercedesTemic 12 ( Vito.Srinter)MB Keygen ( 0D53J,0D69J,1D69J,7935,ID73)ML320 (AAM,G47V) EAM,DASActros 93c56Actros 93c66Actros 93c86MitsubishiCarisma (pcf7935 , crypto,T5)
  9. 9. Space Star (pcf 7935)Carisma 7935,T5Lancer ( old,4C)Galant,Pajero 4C , 24c01Lancer x ( HT2)Outlander ( HT2)Pajero2006 ( HT2)Pajero2008 ( HT2)L200 2008(HT2)Grandis ( HT2,24C01)COLT (HT2)NissanMaxima (0D28J)Pathfinder (4D Texas)ID41, 7935Maxima usa (HT2)Note ( HT2,95080)Tida ( HT2,95080)Micra( HT2,95080)OpelVectra IMMO-1(68HC05)Frontera 1995-1999(M13)Frontera 1999 > (M48)OPEL Immo-2 (TMS,PCF 7935)Corsa IMMO2 (68HC08AB32,7935)Vivaro (HT2)PeugeotBoxer(M13)406 (Valeo,PH33)Immo 705E6,PH33206/406 (pcf7935)Boxer II ( M48)PONTIACSORLITICE GXP COUPE 2008 (HT2)RenaultCLIO-1 (ID33)Kangoo 1997 (id33).Safrane (id33)Espace(ID33)Magnum (M13)
  10. 10. MASTER (2002,ID33)MASCOT (ID33)Premium (M13)Kangoo (HT2)Megane II (HT2)Logan 93c66,HT2Laguna (pcf7947,HT2)PorscheCayenne ( Kessy,HT2)Rover600 ( 05B6,7935)75 (EWS3,7935)SaabSaab 9-3(T5)Saab 9-5(T5)Seat05B16TMS immo 2SubaruOutback 2005 (4D)ribeca 2005 (4D)LEGACY 2005-2009 (4D ID62)SuzukiBaleno (4C)Swift (4C)Liana 93C66,(4D,Var.1)Liana 93C66,(4D,Var.2)G-Vitara (93C66,4D)Moto (93C66,4D)JIMNY (IMMO MITSUBICHI,4D).ToyotaYaris (4C)Avensis (4D,705E6)Camry (93C66,4D)Tacome (93C66,4D)Avalon (93c66 , 4D)Prado 120 (93C66,4D)
  11. 11. VolvoImmo I (pcf7935 , 75)pcf7935C40VWMc68HC05B16Sharan ( TMS,Immo II )Crafter M48M,0L01YVW T4 . Immo IIITouareg ( Kessy,HT2)MotoYamahaMoto 4DHondeMoto HT2Kawasaktmoto 4D