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Historically, exotic cars have brought in all kinds of stuff to the table in order to be considered the best in what they do. Everything that they do aims to target the people that want nothing but the absolute best in their rides. From incredible luxury, to super speed, to impeccable style, all these and more are mixed to form 4 wheel wonders that are sure to capture the imagination of all. And one of the best in making exotic cars is Ferrari.

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Ferrari FF

  1. 1. Ferrari FF – Which Exotic Car Should You Choose Historically, exotic cars have brought in all kinds of stuff to the table in order to beconsidered the best in what they do. Everything that they do aims to target the people that wantnothing but the absolute best in their rides. From incredible luxury, to super speed, to impeccablestyle, all these and more are mixed to form 4 wheel wonders that are sure to capture theimagination of all. And one of the best in making exotic cars is Ferrari. Known as the house thatEnzo made, it has been churning out classics and dream cars for more than 60 years. While beingknown for making audacious cars, Ferrari has just recently released one of their most audaciousprojects yet: the Ferrari FF. At first glance, the Ferrari FF definitely looks different from past Ferraris. In fact, it justmight be the most peculiar looking car that the auto maker with the prancing horse has released.Following the shooting brake template, it looks like a coupe, hatchback, and fastback all in one.While the design of this car makes it gain mixed reviews from both fans and critics alike, itdoesn’t end there. The FF is named as such because it means something: Ferrari Four. And thenumber 4 has crucial implications in this car. 4 stands for 4 seater (it can provide seats for 4people) and 4 wheel drive (by the way, this is the first ever Ferrari to receive a 4 wheel drivesystem). As even Ferrari themselves would attest, it is revolutionary. But should you choose it asyour exotic car of choice?
  2. 2. Ferrari themselves have noted that the FF is going to redefine the concept of the grand touring car. Never has a Ferrari become this usable. The cabin is good enough to seat four people comfortably, with all the amenities and details that you come to expect in a Ferrari. What’s more, the 4 wheel drive system is very effective, so effective that it might be the only Ferrari that you can drivesuccessfully on ice! Yup, it’s that stable and solid. But what intrigues people regarding Ferrariare not its creature comforts or its all-terrain capability. It is its characteristics that make it a“driver’s car” that is still the main attraction. And the FF doesn’t disappoint in this department.Armed with a 6.3 liter V12 capable of producing 651 horsepower, and paired with a 7-speed dualclutch gearbox, it gives out some serious performance numbers. Zero-to-100 kilometers per houris reached in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 208 miles an hour is just some of the juicyhighlights. The handling is very stable, thanks to the almost 50/50 weight distribution and theinnovative 4 wheeldrive system. As wecan see here, it stillgoes all out like aFerrari should. The FerrariFF is one of themost radicalFerraris everproduced. At300000 dollars, isthis an exotic carthat you shouldchoose? Absolutelyyes. It may be anunconventionalFerrari, but the FFis every bit as legit.
  3. 3. Ferrari FF – Family Luxury Cars Family luxury cars aren’t exactly a new market. Ever since cars are being produced, people have been looking to impart luxury in a vehicle that can be used to give seating for at least 4 people. A lot of these types of cars are out on the market today. Names such as the Jaguar XKR, the Bentley Continental, the Mercedes Benz CLS,the Audi RS6, and the Rolls Royce Phantom are just some of the names in the family luxury car.These cars bring different things to the table: comfort, speed, style, and exclusivity just to name afew. But normally, when you think of family luxury cars, you don’t think about one of the bestproducers of cars in the world: Ferrari. Then again, why should you? But now, they are going totry and break your misconceptions. Introducing the Ferrari FF.Yes, we do know thatFerrari is one of thebest manufacturersof cars in the world,and their flair forcreating top notchmechanical worksof art is legendary.But Ferrari makinga family car? Thatsounds new, forsure. But yes, theyare indeed making acar that can be usedby the family.When you check onit, the FF stands forFerrari Four. Yup,this car is a
  4. 4. legitimate 4 seater, with rear sits that can fit full sized people on board in style. In addition, it hasa trunk space of 16 cubic feet even with the seats up. While sharing the same dimensions of the612 Scaglietti (a car that it actually replaces), it has a nontraditional design (no less than ashooting brake) that may possibly divide the fans of the prancing horse marque. However,whatever you may think of the Pininfarina-penned design, this is every bit as legitimate as theother Ferraris that you have come to know over the years. The design, while looking more like a shooting brake (think of the Jaguar E-Type or the BMW M Coupe), is still ergonomically and aerodynamically sounds. It captures every bit of Ferrari’s ability to combine form and function together in one cohesive and devastating unit. And you know what, it has the performance to back it up. Using the same 6.3 liter V12 engine used in the Enzo and the 599 (albeitsome modifications), it is able to produce a whopping 651 horsepower. This gigantic output istransmitted to a revolutionary 4 wheel drive system, which also marks the first time that Ferrarihas ever used 4 wheel drive on a car. Shifting duties is performed by a 7 speed, dual clutchgearbox. The placing of each component was well thought of: it enabled an ideal weightdistribution of 47/53, despite the engine being located in the front. All of these things allowed forscintillating performance and reliability. Receive balanced steering in all conditions, go to speedsof up to 200 miles anhour, and still be able togo on treacheroussurfaces such as snowwith ease. This is alegitimate Ferrari thatbrings a little bit moreextra on the table. With thisunconventional entry onthe grand touring carmarket, it seems that withthe Ferrari FF, familyluxury cars will never bethe same again.
  5. 5. Ferrari FF – Specs and Information The Ferrari FF is the newest addition to their stable of sports cars. Aiming to complimentthe likes of the 458 Italia and the 599 GTB, it aims to take the 4 seat touring car market by storm.But what most people notice in this car is that it is designed so differently from past Ferraris.This is apt because theFF is thatrevolutionary. The FFname stands forFerrari Four, with thefour aptly describingits most fundamentaldifferences. Fourstands for 4 seater,and more importantly,four stands for fourwheel drive. Yup, thiscar is four wheeldrive. The FF is thefirst Ferrari ever tohave a four wheeldrive system. So whatelse do we need toknow about the FerrariFF? Here are somespecs and informationregarding this new prancing horse. First to be discussed is the dimensions of this car. Its chassis is practically similar to thatof the 612 Scaglietti, the very model that it replaced. With a 117.1 inch wheelbase, it is measuredat 193 inches in length, 73 inches in width, and 54.3 inches in height. And then there’s the body. Crafted by the renowned designing outfit Pininfarina, it is decisively different on most, if not all, Ferraris that went before it. Its design resembles more like a shooting brake than a coupe, a decisive break from tradition. Still, the design looks elegant, with all the details, both stylish and performance oriented, better appreciated when
  6. 6. seen in person than in photos. When you get inside the car, you are going to find the usualFerrari treatment. The interior is simple, classy, and very performance oriented, much like anyFerrari that went before it. But when you go on the back, more surprises abound. The rear seatsprovides comfortable room for 2 full sized passengers (a break from sports cars that have rearseats that are vestigial at best), and the trunk can provide storage of up to 16 cubic feet even withthe rear seat in use. A Ferrari that is family friendly? The FF might be the closest thing to that. However, it is the mechanicals that make the Ferrari what it is. And the FF is sure to notdisappoint. First, the 4 wheel drive system. As said earlier, this is the first Ferrari ever to possessfour wheel drive. What’s more, it is perhaps one of the most innovative takes on this system yet.Instead of using driveshafts and a center differential, the front wheels are propelled by a separategearbox. It improves handling and weight distribution just to name a few things. Also, the FF ispowered by a 6.3 liter V12 engine producing 651 horsepower. Mated with a 7 speed gearboxwith double clutches, it is enough to carry this car to a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. Inaddition, the 4 wheel drive enhances rather than takes away the drivability of this vehicle.Handling is more predictable, and this might be the only Ferrari that you can drive in ice. It isthat good. Based on all these specs and information, the Ferrari FF has a lot of tricks. It is fast, it ispractical, and it is reliable. It might be revolutionary, but it is in a good way.
  7. 7. Ferrari FF – Top Speed and More Ferrari has always been known for achieving scintillating speeds with style. Icons such asthe 365GTB, the 250GTO, the 280GTO, the F40, and the Enzo, just to name a few, are known totear up the streets with the best of them, while being one of the most gorgeous vehicles that yourmind can possibly conceive. The tradition of the Ferrari is now being continued up to the nextgeneration by cars like the super sexy 458 Italia and the grand tourer slash supercar 599 GTB.But now, there is a new addition to the prancing horse stable, and it is one of the most radicalcars that ever came out of their Maranello factories: the Ferrari FF. A lot of questions abound with regards to this car. What makes the Ferrari FF such a controversial figure? And is it worth the weight? To answer these questions, we have to go down to the insides of this stunning vehicle. With a platform that is almost similar with that of the outgoing 612 Scaglietti, the FF certainly had itsshare of onlookers. But it’s going to absolutely make you look twice at it to confirm that this is infact a true Ferrari. The body designed by long-time Ferrari designer Pininfarina is a departurefrom the conventional Ferrari look. Its body type is a shooting brake style that is almost like ahybrid of a coupe with a hatchback or a wagon, something more similar to a Jaguar E-Type or aMGB coupe. If the styling isn’t radical enough for you, wait until you see what’s on themechanicals of the car. The FF is the first Ferrari to ever be equipped with a 4 wheel drivesystem. Employing 2 separate transmissions instead of a center differential and 2 driveshafts, thisrevolutionary system not just eliminates the understeer associated with conventional 4 wheeldrive cars, it also makes this car lighter and more efficient. The magic of the 4 wheel drive
  8. 8. system is best appreciated when driving on slippery terrain (such as rain or snow) and when theroad surface isn’t exactly ideal. What provides theforce for this vehicle is the6.3 liter V12 engine that ispractically similar to theV12s used in the 599 GTBand the Enzo. This engineproduces 651 horsepower,which is more than enoughto haul this 4 seater intodizzying speeds. Matedwith a 7 speed dual clutchgearbox, it is fully loaded togo fast like just about anyFerrari in history. Just howfast it can go? It wasrecorded that it can sprint toa hundred kilometers perhour from a standstill at 3.7seconds, and go to a top speed of 208 miles an hour. Couple that with the confidence inspiringhandling caused by the 4 wheel drive, and you’re ready to go ballistic on roads and tracksanywhere All in all, the Ferrari FF is more than just a car that has a huge top speed or a stylishbody. It is a technical innovation in itself and a unique character in Ferrari’s rich history.