Music video treatment


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Music video treatment

  1. 1. ProposalThe target audience that I wanted this music video to appeal to is teenagers/young adults because this is similar to my situation now therefore I can relatemore and be more aware of what they are interested in. Genre of music will bepop/modern rock. I have been influenced by the artists that are popular todayand are in the charts. For example Olly Murs – ‘Dance with me Tonight’ andalso the films, ‘Say Anything...’ and ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ which have asimilar concept to the story in Olly Murs video.The ideas for the music video will be based on narrative music video. I wouldlike to tell a story coming from the artist and have a circular narrative wherethe end is shown at the beginning and also flashbacks throughout. Music Video TreatmentSong/Music:Dance With Me Tonight By Olly MursDirector/Prod House:Megan Robinson / Robinson’s ProductionGeneral Concept:Olly Murs gets his woman to dance with him. He goes out of his way to impressher and causes a lot of problems with the neighbours who report him to thepolice.Jamie’s dad was trying to pull Jamie away but wouldn’t let Olly go and Olly washolding on to her.Olly’s girlfriend Jamie is not allowed to see Olly because of Jamie’s parents saidshe is not allowed to go to prom with him. So Olly and Jamie and their friendsare going to prom anyway but in secret. Olly and his boy mates drove a car togo to the prom but on the way there, they went to a lot of different types ofshops like shoes department, suits department, barbers, and florist. Jamie andher girlfriends are at her home getting ready for the prom. Then Olly and hismates pulled up outside quietly then Olly rang Jamie to say that they are hereand waiting for them. The girls were ready and came downstairs very quietlyand snuck out of the back door. The girls got in the car with them. Olly droveall them to the prom. They all arrived at the prom then Jamie and her friendswere sitting down then Olly get his mates to ask Jamie’s friends to dance withthem and Olly walked up to Jamie and took her hand and danced. Back atJamie’s house, her mum walked up downstairs to check on Jamie but she
  2. 2. wasn’t in her room so her mum ran down and told her dad. Then they went tothe prom and Olly and Jamie got in trouble. Jamie’s dad got her and tried totake away from Olly. Olly said, ‘I love you’ and she said it back to him then herdad realised Olly is a good guy, just didn’t want to lose her daughter but henever will. So he let her go and can see Jamie was happy and ran up to Olly. Atthe end they were dancing and happy.Guidelines:We might not be able to get the settings we wanted to get. For an example,the settings of the prom might not be available at the time of the filming. Wemight not have enough extras. The equipment I have might not be of highstandard.Pegs: Olly Murs’ music video of ‘Dance with metonight’. - 10 things i hate about you (can’t take my eyesoff you) – Say Anything (Boombox scene)
  3. 3. The rules that I want to apply in making the music video: 1. It is a narrative music video. 2. Outdoor and indoor settings will be used. 3. Two main characters, one will be the singer and one will be who he is singing to and also have few extras depending on the story. 4. Main singer should be in his suit 5. A car will be required 6. Lighting for outdoor evening use 7. Specific Costumes need in this music video 8. Make-up need to be used
  4. 4. Crew: Director / Production Designer: Megan Robinson Directors of Photography: Megan Robinson Assistant Director: Michael Greentree Production Manager: Paige Ward Art Director: Paige Ward Set Decorator: Megan Robinson Head Stylist: Paige Ward Make-up: Megan Robinson Editor: Michael Greentree GFX: Equipment:Concerns: 1) Budget: 200k 2) Coverage: Look magazine 3) Invitations and Guest List (Finalize by December 2012) 4) Call Time: 10am for crew, 11am for Artist and extras 5) Talents: 15-20 6) Design Requirements by December 2012 7) Service Vehicles and Catering 8) Standby Areas