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Himachal Pradesh the Heaven on Earth


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Himachal Pradesh has so many interesting tourist places and all are incredibly beautiful and magnetizing. The view of the snow capped mountains is truly enthralling that captures the heart and soul of the tourists and holiday makers.

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Himachal Pradesh the Heaven on Earth

  1. 1. www.manalitourpackage.comKeywords: Himachal tour package, Manali tour package, Kullu Manali, Dharamsala Tour Packages,Manali holiday packages, Manali honeymoon toursHimachal Pradesh the Heaven on EarthHimachal Pradesh the most preferred and perfect tourist destination in India is a beautiful place whichwill confer the visitors with many exotic hill stations, among them Shimla and Manali are the mostfamous one which leaves the tourists and the visitors with awe and wonder. The rolling hills, theundulating grasslands, spurting streams, fruit laden groves, mighty mountains, gushing lakes, and fastflowing rivers add beauty to this land and tempt many tourists to travel to Himachal to experience thenatural beauty and get soaked in it. It will also provide the tourists and the visitors with exciting andthrilling adventure activities which will refresh the mind of the visitors.Himachal Pradesh is rightly described as the heaven on earth because of its never ending natural beauty.It lies in the north-west region of the Western Himalayas and is landlocked with the Tibetan plateau tothe east. Himachal tour package takes you to excellent tourist places like Chail which offers the touristswith magnificent view of the valley, it is an awesome experience to see the River Sutlej winding its waybetween the mountains, we can also observe Kasauli and Shimla, Chamba is another beautiful placewhich offers wonderful scenic beauty and is famous for having three well defined snowy mountainranges, Another significant place in Himachal is the Hill station of Dalhousie which is a tourist destinationand is well known for its eye catching natural beauty, Bakota hills, St Patrick’s church, Dainkund, Khajjiar,Subhash Baoli are others places in Himachal where tourists can visit and have fun and spend theirholidays in a very special ways.Manali is a very beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh and is also known as the Switzerland of India.Here the tourists can find all the places that they would want for spending their holidays. Manali tourpackage are the most advantageous for the tourists and the visitors because it is the most preferreddestination in the country. It helps you with all the service and the facilities needed by the tourists. It is afamous tourist destination, honeymoon destination, family destination and adventure destination.Tourists from across the world travel to this extraordinary place the witness the natural beauty and thecharms of this exotic place.Kullu Manali is the most beautiful and charming place where the tourists can relax and get relieved fromthe crowded life of the cities. The best time to visit this place is in May to June and September toNovember. The dream of exploring the natural beauty of every tourist can be fulfilled in Kullu andManali.Dharamsala is the perfect gateway for the tourist to explore the beauty of nature. Dharamsala tourpackages take you to the idle places to visit and enjoy to the fullest. The magnificent view of the snowypeaks, deodar and pine forest, tea gardens and beautiful hills are the features of this place. Here thesnowline is easily accessible than any other hill station in India. There are many luxurious hotels herewhich provide the tourists with best accommodation and service facilities.
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