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Seed Planting Dates for Maypop Hill (South Louisiana)               Sow Vegetable Seeds all month or during dates suggeste...
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21 seed planting dates for maypop h ill


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21 seed planting dates for maypop h ill

  1. 1. Seed Planting Dates for Maypop Hill (South Louisiana) Sow Vegetable Seeds all month or during dates suggested in parentheses Frost-sensitive plants can be planted indoors and transplanted once soil temperatures warm up.1) Januaryasparagus crowns, beet (1/15-2/28), bell pepper (1/15-2/28), broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower (1/15-2/15),Chinese cabbage (1/15-2/15), carrot (1/15-2/15), eggplant (1/15-5/31), hot pepper (1/15-5/1), Englishpeas, lettuce, mustard, onion & leek plants 12/15-1/30), mustard, parsley, potato (1/20-2/28), radish 9/1-3/31), spinach, Swiss chard (1/15-5/1), tomato (1/1-3/15), turnip; bare-root trees and shrubs2) February (Expect frosts to end ~ Feb. 15 to March 15)asparagus crowns or transplants, beet, bell pepper, cantaloupe, carrot (1/15-2/15), cauliflower (1/15-2/15), Chinese cabbage (1/15-2/15), corn (2/15-5/15), hot pepper, kale (2/15-3/30), kohlrabi, mustard,parsley, potato, radishes, snap beans (2/15-5/15), spinach, Swiss chard, tomato, turnip; bare-root treesand shrubs3) Marchcollards (3/15-10/1), corn, cucumber, eggplant, hot pepper, Lima beans, Swiss chard, kale, kohlrabi,mustard, okra, parsley, pumpkin (3/15-9/15), radish, snap beans, Southern peas, tomato, cucumber,summer squash, watermelon (3/15-8/1) 4) Aprilcantaloupe, Swiss chard, collards, corn, cucumber; eggplant; hot pepper, Lima beans, Malabar/NewZealand spinach, okra, parsley, peanut, pumpkin, snap beans, Southern peas, summer squash,sweet potato (4/10-7/1), watermelon5) Maycantaloupe, Swiss chard, collards, corn (2/15-5/15), cucumber, eggplant, hot pepper, Lima beans,Malabar/New Zealand spinach, okra, peanut, pumpkin, Southern peas, snap beans (2/15-5/15),summer squash, sweet potato, watermelon6) Junebell pepper (6/5-7/5), cantaloupe, collards, cucumber, okra, peanut (4/1-6/15), Southern peas,sweet potato, pumpkin, summer squash, tomato, watermelon7) Julybroccoli (7/15-9/1), Brussels sprouts (7/15-9/1), cabbage, cantaloupe, cauliflower; Chinese cabbage(7/15-10/1), collards, cucumber, okra, Southern peas, pumpkin, rutabaga, shallots, summer squash8) Augustbeet (8/15-10/1), broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupe, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage,collards, cucumber, kale, kohlrabi (8/15- 10/30), lettuce (8/15-9/30), Lima beans, mustard, okra, onion& leek (9/20-10/15), potato (8/15-9/10), pumpkin, rutabaga, shallots, snap beans (8/10-9/1), Southernpeas (3/1-8/10), summer squash (3/1-8/15), Swiss chard (8/15-10/30), turnip,9) Septemberbeet, cabbage (7/1-9/15), carrot, English peas (9/1-9/15), snap beans (8/10-9/10), Swiss chard, Chinesecabbage, collards, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, mustard, onion & leek, potato (8/15-9/10) pumpkin (3/15-9/15), radish, shallots, turnip; also, winter cover crops10) October (Expect frosts to start ~Oct. 20 to Nov. 25)cabbage, celery, carrot, celery, Swiss chard, garlic, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, onion & leek (9/20-10/15),parsley, radish, shallots, spinach, turnip; also, cover crops11) Novembercabbage, celery, mustard, parsley shallots, spinach, turnip12) Decembercabbage, English peas (12/15-1/31), mustard, onion & leek plants (12/15-1/30), parsley, shallots,spinach, turnip