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Titus Salt School Presentation

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Titus Salt School Presentation

  1. 1. Titus Salt School Post 16 Leavers Ball Awards 2008/2009
  2. 2. Awards up for grabs! Best Dancer Best Dressed Female Best Dressed Male Famous In The Closet Millionaire Most Likely To End Up In Prison Page 3 Party Animal Prime Minister Prom King Prom Queen Prom Prince Prom Princess Scientific Discovery Should Have Been A Couple
  3. 3. Best Dancer - Nominations <ul><li>Tayyab Razak </li></ul>Jessica Jones Harrison Foster
  4. 4. Best Dancer - Prizes <ul><li>Harrison Foster Tayyab Razak </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Jess Jones
  5. 5. Best Dressed Female - Nominations <ul><li>Isadora Morley </li></ul>Hinna Butt Gemma Sharp
  6. 6. Best Dressed Female - Prizes <ul><li>Gemma Sharp Hinna Butt </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Izzy Morley
  7. 7. Best Dressed Male - Nominations <ul><li>Owen Evans </li></ul>James Hanson Haris Bhatti
  8. 8. Best Dressed Male - Prizes <ul><li>Harris Bhatti James Hanson </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Owen Evans
  9. 9. Famous - Nominations <ul><li>Charlie Comrie </li></ul>Alison James
  10. 10. Famous - Prizes <ul><li>Alison James </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Charlie Comrie
  11. 11. In The Closet - Nominations <ul><li>Rob Dolan </li></ul>James Hanson Alex Belk
  12. 12. In The Closet - Prizes <ul><li>Alex Belk James Hanson </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Rob Dolan
  13. 13. Millionaire - Nominations <ul><li>Tomas Crow </li></ul>Rachel Ough Matthew Shepherd
  14. 14. Millionaire - Prizes <ul><li>Rachel Ough Matthew Shepherd </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Tom Crow
  15. 15. Most Likely To End Up In Prison - Nominations <ul><li>Paul Bastow </li></ul>Rachel Ough Craig Richards
  16. 16. Most Likely To End Up In Prison - Prizes <ul><li>Rachel Ough Craig Richards </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Paul Bastow
  17. 17. Page 3 - Nominations <ul><li>Grace Webster </li></ul>Claire Jones Becky Hall
  18. 18. Page 3 - Prizes <ul><li>Claire Jones Grace Webster </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Becky Hall
  19. 19. Party Animal - Nominations <ul><li>Alison James </li></ul>Holly Toothill Danny Greenwood
  20. 20. Party Animal - Prizes <ul><li>Alison James Holly Toothill </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Daniel Greenwood
  21. 21. Prime Minister - Nominations <ul><li>James Hanson </li></ul>Ben Cunliffe
  22. 22. Prime Minister - Prizes Vs. Ben Cunliffe James Hanson TIE!
  23. 23. Scientific Discovery - Nominations <ul><li>Tom Crow </li></ul>Michelle Turner Emily Hardaker
  24. 24. Scientific Discovery - Prizes <ul><li>Emily Hardaker Michelle Turner </li></ul><ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Tom Crow
  25. 25. Should Have Been A Couple - Nominations Hannah Boggie & Harris Bhatti Danny Hazelgrave & Ellen Glover Tomas Crow & Benita Nair
  26. 26. Should Have Been A Couple - Prizes <ul><li>Runner up Runner up </li></ul>Winner! Tom Crow & Benita Nair
  27. 27. Prom Prince & Princess <ul><li>Jenny Padgett </li></ul>Awais Butt
  28. 28. Prom King & Queen <ul><li>Charlotte Gibson </li></ul>Ben Cunliffe
  29. 29. Well done everyone! and have a good night!