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Reversing Values


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Is it really good what they tell us is good ?
A different perspective on Economical values

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Reversing Values

  1. REVERSING VALUES (IS IT REALLY GOOD, WHAT THEY TELL US IS GOOD?) #CultureCode Massimo Cardaci – 28.02.2014
  2. Someone says that the best way to define something intangible is to show how it allows to differentiate
  3. (Others) Ensure to offer great offices to employees
  4. (We) Do not give them an office. We ensure they may work from a place not requiring significant travelling, to reduce their stress, costs and environmental impact.
  5. (Others) Ensure people are rewarded substantially for the overtime they do
  6. (We) Ensure they do everyday a lot of overtime. With their beloved family.
  7. (Others) Ensure employees are trained to increase their competency in their duties
  8. (We) Do not train them. We ensure they become an appreciated reference point in their field.
  9. (Others) Give employees benefits
  10. (We) Do not give employees benefits. Give them trust.
  11. (Others) Give employees good economical conditions
  12. (We) Give them hassle free financial stability over time.
  13. (Others) Have a Mission, a Vision, a Strategy, Goals, Turnover and EBIT
  14. (We) Have People
  15. (Others) Are controlled by Shareholders, Stakeholders and Customers
  16. (We) Are controlled by worldwide children
  17. (Others) Have well structured pyramidal organigram
  18. (We) Have an ever growing Family-Tree. With roots at the bottom.
  19. (Others) Ensure people grow their skills
  20. (We) Ensure they grow as a PERSON
  21. (Others) Are quoted in the FTSE100 / MIB30 / CAC40 / MICEX10 / DOW30 / Nikkei225 / FTSEChinaA50 / etc.
  22. (We) Are quoted in the WORLD7.000.000.000 (soon )
  23. (Others) Are the ones that go to United Nations and present themselves as “Hello: I am an N-Billion turnover company”
  24. (We) Are the ones that go to United Nations and present ourselves as “Hello: people in the world eat everyday because our salary”
  25. (Others) Focus their company growth towards the amount of dividend they give to anonymous investors.
  26. (We) Focus our company growth towards increasing the number of known people we can sustain with our salary
  27. We are... Driin... Driin... Oh. It was just a dream... Time to wake-up and go to work.
  28. Think with your brain. Inform yourself. Do not stop dreaming.
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