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  1. 1. A Bankruptcy Attorney Can AdviseClients On Proper DocumentationEver since Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention AndConsumer Protection Act it has become a lot more complicated to filefor bankruptcy. Many people filing bankruptcy after being inundatedwith questions and having to gather up documentation have come upwith the conclusion that the BAPCPA was created by Congress todiscourage Americans from filing bankruptcy. Although, the changesmade it more complicated, individuals in financial trouble should notget discouraged and just grind it out with the help of a bankruptcylawyer.bankruptcy attorneyInitially, when an individual in financial trouble comes in to visit abankruptcy attorney for advice, they are only required to give basicfinancial information. This information given to the bankruptcy attorneywill help the attorney determine whether a person qualifies to fileChapter 7 bankruptcy or not. Its not that the bankruptcy lawyer isbeing nosy, every bankruptcy filing is different and to represent theclient in the best fashion its important to ask these tough questions.Where the real information gathering begins is after the individualhires the bankruptcy attorney and gets a list of the documentationneeded to file for bankruptcy. Most of these documents are requiredby the bankruptcy attorney before the petition can be filed. Typically,the attorney will ask for, the past six months pay stubs for all wageearners living in the household. Next, they will need to see three yearsof tax returns for the individual filing for bankruptcy. The bankruptcycourt requires the individual filing bankruptcy to provide a copy of theirdrivers license and Social Security card when attending the 341meeting or meeting of creditors. Its pretty obvious that the bankruptcyattorney will want copies of these also. Before filing the bankruptcypetition the debtor will have to take a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling
  2. 2. course and show the court proof of this with a completion certificate atthe time of filing.There are other things that will ask for and can vary from attorney toattorney is a copy of the individuals credit report from all three creditreporting agencies. This will help the bankruptcy attorney make surethat all debts are included in the bankruptcy petition prior to filing.Sometimes there will be debts that dont show up on the credit reportand the individual filing bankruptcy needs to make sure that thatinformation is given to the bankruptcy attorney. Some attorneys willrequest a valuation report for an automobile or a home. This isntalways necessary, but sometimes it is asked for.The bottom line is, filing bankruptcy is a very paper intensive processand the days of the debtor giving the guess valuations of theirproperty is over. Its probably a good idea to make a folder of receiptsand even go online to make copies of similar property valuations soyou would have some proof to show the bankruptcy trustee. Having abankruptcy attorney help the debtor through the process takes away alot of the pain. Since the bankruptcy lawyer typically works in thesame court district, they will know what the bankruptcy trustee expectsfrom the debtor.las vegas bankruptcy attorney