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Hire Professional Web Designers and Developers – Open Source Technologies


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Open Source Technologies (OST) is an India-based company that has attained predominance in Website development, Web designing, CMS web design, ecommerce website designing, SEO Services, SMO Services, Content Writing and similar other disciplines.

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Contact Open Source Technologies

Mail :
Gtalk/ Skype/Yahoo IM : sanjay.ostech
Phone: +91-11-25355314
Cell: +91 9910130340, +91 9312222750

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Hire Professional Web Designers and Developers – Open Source Technologies

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e simplifying IT Web Designing Web Development Web Applications E-commerce Website Social Networking
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e Capability Document Introduction About Us: Open Source Technologies (OST) is an India-based company that has attained predominance in Website development, Web designing, CMS web design, ecommerce website designing and similar other disciplines. We use latest technology to provide you incredible services at very competitive prices. No wonder our client list is growing even as you are reading this. We owe this to our incomparable team of experts who develop high quality solutions as per our discerning customers’ needs. Be it top-notch Joomla websites, e-commerce websites or the social networks, we can work out the success story for your business! Mission: As a trendsetter in Wed Development industry, OST's mission is to enable people and businesses in communicating effectively with others through their web presence. In the process, we follow an ‘open-discussion’ approach with our customers and employees so that they can realize their full potential. Vision: Our vision is to be the foremost customer-centric company worldwide and to be a place where people can come to find and get anything they would wish to create on web. Core Values: OST values integrity, honesty and passion towards the customers and the technology. Even as we appreciate openness and respectfulness, we also see constructive criticism and self-improvement needs in the same vein. We believe personal excellence can be attained by taking on and realizing bigger challenges regularly. We see ourselves fully liable towards our customers, partners, and employees for thorough communication and quality results.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e Capability Our Services Love it or loathe it, you cannot ignore going online… If not today, then tomorrow may be too late! With competition in any given field rising at a mind-boggling pace, an effective web presence is becoming a must. It has become a potent weapon in increasing business as it is considered as the first-hand information about a company. Besides depicting a positive and professional image, a finely-developed website is a potent weapon to convert casual visitors into actual buyers and life-long admirers. With OST’s vast pool of experience, we take delight in developing websites as per the needs of our customers that may include features like advanced search mechanism integration, help-desk ticketing system, data encryption, online payment procedure, social networking solutions, creating lists, built-in security features, and the likes. As per your requirement, we also provide ‘free consultation’ wherein we recommend you the right techniques through which you can accomplish your goals with ease. Whether you need a simple HTML website or an intricate one with any complex application/s, our creative & reliable solutions will make a positive difference in your business.  WEB DESIGNING No matter how complicated your business concept is, OST can turn it into elegant and customized web designs. Our results are guaranteed to create a definite impact on your engagement-levels and final sales. What’s more… Our professionals are obsessed with providing innovative and workable solutions. We provide tailored suggestions for the features, design and navigation requirements for your website as per your business requirements. This combined with expert marketing and programming will quickly impact your business for the better. OST has a mania of creating best designs, following Web Standards, usability & accessibility. All our designs are fresh, user-friendly as well as customer-centric; we never use templates. Be it e-commerce website design, a new job portal, an educational site, social networking/dating website, blog/forum site, dynamic database-driven website, online company profile insertion, or any other web-based applications simply talk to us and we will give wings to your business! Your website can turn into the most Profitable Asset.. Count-down begins…..
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e  WEB DEVELOPMENT OST is an expert in developing professional Web Development solutions using popular web technologies – Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, PHP, MySQL , AJAX, Zend framework, Smarty, Web 2.0 (Rich Internet Application RIA) and the likes. OST offers bespoke solutions to your unique requirements in any & every industry like clothing, hotels & travels, automobile, insurance, medical, social networking/dating, real estate, NGOs, online e-commerce, etc. We can also create customized backend panel comprising appropriate tools for our customers to ease day-to-day website management. Our latest development technologies ensure that we extract the best business solutions that help in fulfilling the objectives of our esteemed client. We have successfully executed the Web Development projects for some top B2B and B2C portals. A few of them are: - Developing a Dynamic Product (or Picture) Gallery - Password-protected Directories reserved only for certain individuals like customers, employees, students, etc. - Creating a Shopping Cart system with coordinated billing & payment mechanisms. - Data collection systems - Database Migration and Conversion - Dynamic tools for Business Process Automation OST-developed websites can make your small Business look BIG! Our Solutions for Web Development include:  CMS Web Development  E-Commerce Web Development  Customized Web Development
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e  WEB APPLICATIONS When you want your business to be Techno-Savvy, seek no more than OST! Our experts will churn-out Web Apps that meet and even exceed your expectations. We will make it easier for you to reach out & be recognized globally for your services. In no time, you will experience a complete transition in the way you do business and that too, in a cost-effective manner! Our range of Web Apps includes: o Travel Portal Apps o Members Directory Apps o Real Estate Apps o Social Networking Apps o SharePoint Apps o Jobs Apps o Matrimonial Apps o Custom Process Automation Apps o Supply Chain Management Apps o Video sharing Apps o Doc Management System Apps o CRM System Apps o Desktop & Console Apps o Stock Broking Apps o Banking systems Apps No matter whether your business is based on B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to customer) or C2C (Customer to customer) frameworks, our applications will fully comply with your end-users’ needs. While meeting the international standards of quality assurance, our one- off Web App solutions will address your unique challenges and make you stand-out in today’s competitive marketplace.
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e  WEB WORKFLOW APPLICATION If there’s one thing that is common to every business, it’s the need to speed-up internal business processes. Be it forms routing, account statements, docs review or employee assessment, there are innumerable tasks in any organization that could take a lot of man-hours. As a result, the company adds up a lot on costs, even as these processes continue to be frustrating. In order to make your workflow smooth & seamless, OST provides Web Workflow Apps that will automate your entire workflow system. As per your set rules, we’ll provide tools on the server that manage your documents and thereby saving your time, efforts and money spent in workflow-management across the enterprise. We closely integrate our Web Workflow solutions with products like MS SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange 2000/2002 Server, CMS Server and .NET so that your workforce can easily manage internal tasks in the familiar Microsoft environment. Our flexible Web Workflow solutions will ensure increased productivity, improved efficiency and quick results for your business. OST has proven expertise in following areas: o Job Scheduling o Internal Data Flow Management o Docs Exchange o Project & process management o Secure Communication o Integration with other applications Advantages of OST’s Web Workflow Apps:  Expedited decision-making  Improved project team collaboration and productivity  Timely availability of desired information  Optimized project management  Liberation of extra resources from repetitive tasks  Easy tracking and control over varied business processes  Integrated capabilities  Provide ability to offer speedy services to customers  Reduce your cost and augment ROI for your customers.
  7. 7. 7 | P a g e  Content Management System Content management system (CMS) is used to manage a website’s content. Through this, the customers can easily make any number of changes to convey the latest information about their product or service without being dependent on a technical person or a website design professional/company. Even though a large amount of content can be changed effortlessly through CMS, the website design never gets affected. A wide variety of Open Source CMS are available now-a-days, Joomla and Drupal being the most popular ones.  Joomla : OST is an expert in Joomla CMS. This Management System is just perfect if you wish to own a dynamic website teeming with some most powerful online application tools. Be it text, photos, music, video, docs, this CMS has the potential to keep track of all!  Drupal: OST’s experience in Drupal Content Management System will help you in garnering quick results through your dynamic website. Though Drupal is mostly preferred for building dynamic portals and websites, our clients have found it convenient for many- a-things, from Blog Management to Enterprise Applications, podcasting, picture-gallery management, et al.  WordPress: OST can facilitate your interactions with desired communities through WordPress Software. We employ the rich feature set of WordPress to your advantage so that you can network in an easy & effective manner. WordPress is generally recommended for creating Blog websites.
  8. 8. 8 | P a g e  Zend Framework Taking PHP technology to a new level, Zend Framework is employed for building performance- oriented, highly secure and modern Web 2.0 Application Development. It is based on OOP Concepts, UI design patterns, unit testing, loose coupling, corporate friendly licensing schemes, MVC implementation, and most importantly - a meticulously-tested, agile code base. OST’s Zend Certified Engineers proffers advanced applications in PHP Zend development that gives our clients a competitive edge in terms of technology usage and more efficient switch of different business processes into online environment. Our Zend Developers deliver custom PHP Zend Development solutions that enhance work productivity and help in faster turn-around. Zend Development is exclusive in the sense that not only does it support PHP5 and higher versions of PHP Web Applications, it also supports modern databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL and others. Our Zend Framework Services are low-cost, reliable, robust & customized as per your need! OST’s Zend Development Services comprise: Zend Website Design & Development Zend Customization Service Zend Application Development Advantages of using Zend Framework for PHP Web Development o Faster web development o Makes Hybrid Website Development simpler with Rich inbuilt library o Uncomplicated interfaces and abstract classes o OOP-based, thus involves lesser coding and rapid development o Low-cost maintenance o Scalable over a period of time
  9. 9. 9 | P a g e  E-Commerce Website E-Commerce today has emerged as the most-effective way to grow business exponentially by helping in multiple sales and generating additional revenues. However, in order to make it a success, you need expert services that offer flexibility and provide all the features that you wish to include. That’s what separates OST from the rest. We develop e-Commerce solutions that help to increase your ROI, enhance your brand identity and provide customers an incomparable shopping experience. Backed with more than a decade’s experience, our professionals offer flawless yet cost-effective solution after understanding your product/services, target consumers and business processes. We specialize in establishing a bespoke inventory management system, payment gateway incorporation, shipping module implementation and other related stuff. To handle a large number of products in online catalogs, we put in place a reliable CMS with database driven shopping cart system. What’s more, we also integrate top-notch payment gateways like PayPal, CC Avenue, World Pay, Google Checkout, Protx, Nochx, etc in your E-Commerce shopping system. All this while putting you in control of E-Commerce Management, even a Layman can vouch to manage it. In a nutshell, our E-Commerce Website Development Services comprise: o Online admin creation o Limitless products pages o Effortless import of new products o Supervision of online customers o Management of incoming orders o Online editing o Online security system o File-management system o User rights management system o Integrating payment gateways o Administration of postage and packaging system o Inserting plug-in modules o VAT/TAX set-up o System for Bulk products uploads o System for Import-Export Database For E-Commerce, we simply deliver the 3 Cs… … Corporate Identity, Customer Satisfaction, Cash Inflows! Some Examples : · · · ·
  10. 10. 10 | P a g e  Social Networking Social media has come about to be a great platform for delivering your brand message across highly targeted market and its popularity is growing with each passing day. Through social media channels, like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, etc, you can establish to a huge admirers’ base, share relevant content, views & opinions, besides encouraging interactions & community building. Social media works primarily on the fact that online members of a community often have common interests in hobbies, vocation, business, politics, etc. OST works on this principle to generate traffic to your website through the relevant channels. In addition, Social Media offers huge SEO benefits if managed by the experts. In fact, bloggers across the world scour tagging sites in search of their next news article. Once such bloggers begin lifting your stories and provide multiple, related links, your SEO efforts would get a definitive boost. OST experts will have your profiles created on popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc to help you in client interactions one a one-on-one basis. A well- created, well-promoted and well-managed social profile not only converts the potential users into consumers, but also impacts everyone else in a positive manner. Our Social Media Marketing & Optimization professionals create a customized and highly cost-effective social media plan that is matchlessly influential. OST has helped its clients in: - Creating dynamic and up-to-date profiles/groups - Profile Management - Growing your Network of friends, likes or fans - Forming groups and communities - One-on-one client interaction - Publish wall posts, notes, polls, etc. - Tag clouds/ Word clouds - Share photos and get comments through Flickr - Reaching out to target audience and engaging competitors’ fans Besides, we also boost your online presence in social bookmarking websites like Digg, Delicious, Propeller, StumbleUpon, etc. In this arena, OST’s Social Media Services span the following features: - Enhanced exposure on Internet domain - Considerable traffic generation - Augmenting Brand Recognition - Bookmarking in high PR social websites
  11. 11. 11 | P a g e For us, Social Networking is not only about Websites… It’s about creating unforgettable experiences! Some Examples : · · · ·
  12. 12. 12 | P a g e  Directory Listing Applications If there’s one tool that has proved to be highly profitable for business owners, while being extremely useful for web users, it is Online Directory and Listing Websites. Our OST experts specialize in design & development of Online Directory & Listing Websites of high quality. You can have a look on Directory Listing Website Demo at: This SEO-friendly directory website is based on time-tested quality software that offers all the latest features. OST’s Directory Website Solutions are developed to fulfill the needs of any kind of industry searches on the web, while providing integrated sales and management tools to manage business online and make profits. With our state-of-the-art technology you can submit any web site in a wide number of categories listed like movies, music, cars, restaurants, hotels, websites, software, mobile phones, service providers, recipes, travel, books, consumer electronics, articles, etc. Through Directory submissions, you get:  Direct traffic from Web Directory  One-way permanent links to your site  An effective link-building method  Popularity among the search engines to appear on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Why OST’s Directory Submission Services? Our website eases website-submission in a number of listed categories. You can pick apt categories matching your website focus. Moreover the administrator can create unlimited categories & subcategories for letting the users submit their listings related to any kind of subject. Features: 1. Simple steps to site submission. 2. A wide number of categories related to any possible topic. 3. Simply select a relevant category for the site submission. 4. Subsequently select subcategories up to the level that best match your site's focus. 5. Finally proceed for site submission. Some Examples: · · · ·
  13. 13. 13 | P a g e TO SUM UP OST’s Domain Expertise (What we are good at?)  Social Networking Websites  e-Commerce Websites  Reviews Websites  Directory Listings  Helpdesk Websites  Business Websites  Job Sites  Art & Culture Websites  Green Products & Services Technology Expertise:  Joomla  Drupal  WordPress  PHP  MySQL  Zend Framework For more details, visit Software Development: Platform, Server Technology, Database, Client-side script, GUI Applications, etc. Delivery Approach Our delivery approach is based on OST’s key strategic goals viz. cost, quality and speed. We endeavor to pull off the finest blend of all these three vital factors of design & development process for the optimum benefit of our clientele. We achieve these goals through our: Flexible customer engagement models Swift development methodologies Meticulous Project Management approach Besides the aforementioned features of our delivery approach, we also respect our customer’s Intellectual Property Protection very sincerely.
  14. 14. 14 | P a g e Project Management OST’s project management practice calls for allocating project accountability to a project manager. The project manager’s responsibility is to deliver results that meet our clients’ expectations. The project manager is painstakingly selected from a group of managers having experience in major projects under different domains. Besides delegating an experienced superintendent to each project, required numbers of associate personnel are deputed to effectively manage the project. Our project management team is updated on a regular basis on project progress and goals. OST’s internal Project Management System + OST’s online Query Management System Ensures - Ongoing check system for each project - Effortless management of Sizeable projects - Outstanding Results Sample Projects Software Top 100 is the leading and independent online overview of large software companies, ranked by software revenues. RapBaseMent is the largest, most trafficked, fan networks in the world Irish Pubs Global supports the Irish pub diaspora around the world by showcasing them worldwide Jongleurs Comedy Ltd is Europe’s largest chain of purpose built comedy clubs and the # 1 comedy brand in the UK
  15. 15. 15 | P a g e Quality Control / Quality Assurance Core mechanism of our quality control program: POLICY:  Set measurable client quality objectives.  Endeavor to deliver accurate work the first time.  Surpass client expectations.  Establish lasting relationships with clients. GOAL:  Execute high-quality, profitable projects for our clients.  Every project gets completed on time, within client’s budget, & in a reliable manner.  Pre-planning to ascertain the method of attaining mutual goals and obligations of the project. We make sure that OST has the finest resources, trained management personnel and appropriate collaborations available to realize our client’s objectives.
  16. 16. 16 | P a g e Contact us Mail : Gtalk/ Skype/Yahoo IM : sanjay.ostech MSN : Phone: +91-11-25355314 Cell: +91 9910130340, +91 9312222750 OST’s Customers hail from: USA UK Ireland The Netherlands Canada Australia France Norway Sweden South Africa