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New Slave Ch 04 
I would like to start by saying that I was writing, so I hope you do not judge me too hard on my 
"It's okay kid, I found some friends and we have fun with them tonight," said Sir. 
I heard a muffled moan. 
"Playmates si...
I turned on knowing that my language is causing the boy to moan with pleasure. 
"Now I want you to push into the hole with...
"Give him some assurance before they turn into a quivering wreck," he said. 
I'm sorry for the boy, I remember how traumat...
I feel scared and excited, my first fuck is looming and I do not really know what to expect. I've often 
wondered what he ...
I heard that the boy complained wildly between grunts and groans, I realized that trying to let us 
know he was going to c...
Sir pants and growling in my ear as his hands explore her body, fingers tweak my nipples causing 
me to yelp. I flirt her ...
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New Slave Ch 04


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I would like to start by saying that I was writing, so I hope you do not judge me too hard on my li...

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New Slave Ch 04

  1. 1. New Slave Ch 04 I would like to start by saying that I was writing, so I hope you do not judge me too hard on my literary naivety new. Even I have experienced in slavery or Master Slave relationships. This story is pure fantasy on my part, and what I'm sexy and stimulating. Please bear this in mind when reading the story. I hope you find it as stimulating reading as I write this. *** Mall is crowded, customers everywhere, I hate it. I do not understand why her mother insists that I go with her, she knows how much I hate it. I think she needs company, is still not gotten over my dad just upping and leaving us even though it was five years ago. Mother decides to buy me some new shirts for college, and after several failed attempts, we decided to have a nice number of checks from River Island. We were there for two hours and I'm tired, so we go to the food court to get some lunch. Mother goes to order food when I was a table for us. I sit down to rest his feet and I feel the pressure of the anal plug in my ass as I sit. For me, it has a double meaning, it is not only still ring my muscles tense and secondly it is a gentle reminder of my Master. I squirm in my seat a bit enjoying the feeling that it is there. As I'm waiting for my mom to give me my phone buzzes food. It is a message from the Lord. "Tell your mother you sleep over at your friends and be in the car for eighteen hours. PS nice shirt, you look very nice in them." It's here! Sitting upright in his seat to look around. What should I do? I have no idea what looks like it could be one of those men around the mall. He had to be in the store with us when we bought the shirt, how else would he know what they look like? I think back to the people in the store, but it's all blur, I was more interested in what I wanted, shirt and not paying attention to the people around me. I feel very frustrated and fall back into place. Mother comes to food. "Mom, it's okay if I sleep tonight, Shane?" I ask her. I still can not believe that I name it. "If it's okay with his mother, yes," she replies. I smiled, I spend the night with the Lord. ****** I feel the cool air into the cellar, as we enter. Sir unbinds hands and I immediately undressing. "Oh, we are eager not?" Sir says. He removes the device and massage my penis and balls until I completely erect. "Wonderful," I heard him say. I stand proudly, completely naked, my manhood erect and exposed waiting to start my training. When I hear the noise, screaming, sobbing. I panicked and quickly cover his erection with his hands.
  2. 2. "It's okay kid, I found some friends and we have fun with them tonight," said Sir. I heard a muffled moan. "Playmates sir?" confusion in my voice. "Yes, two new slaves for us to train a break," he explains. On me, grabs me by the shoulders and led me forward I said to my hands. I immediately touch bare body and I heard a stifled cry. I touch someone's chest, his skin is smooth, I explore hands. His arms are tied over her head, I stroke the soft hair in the armpits, causing him to writhe and moan. I found his face as he is blindfolded and has a ball gag in her mouth. His chin is covered with a light stubble, it's a little rough. I examine his belly, flat and smooth. I'm less and find your hair, it is quite dense and wiry. I am his semi-erect penis and stroke it gently when the puppy half in protest, half with joy. I feel that the growth in my hands, it's a nice size. It makes me feel good to know that my touch arouses the guy that when he is. "What do you mean?" Sir asks. "It has a beautiful penis, sir," I said. He leads me away and tells me to get on his knees. Again I put on my hands and touch more meat. This time it's someone's ass, I heard a muffled scream and gag I suppose. I explore hands. It seems that is tied to the floor in much the same way I was when I was first here, face to the ground and your ass in the air. I found his hole and rub your finger over it, it bemoans the feeling. I moved lower and to find his ball bag tightens on my touch. I get down and finds his fully erect penis, I pull it out and examine it. It's not as big as the other guy and my touch makes him moan out loud. "You have to watch this one," says the Lord, "burn at the slightest touch." "What do you want me to do, sir?" I ask. "First of all you are going to learn how to eat ass," he explains, "bend over and find his hole with my tongue." I am a little worried about putting my tongue on the part of the body, which is the main function is to provide crap, but I remember the immense pleasure it gave me when I did it. I lean forward and stick out my tongue, I have no problem finding a solid puckered hole. The boy sighs loudly and leave it long suppressed groan. "It's a boy, you do well, now flick your tongue up and down." Sir head is next to me, watching my actions. I flick my tongue as described, the boy's moans increase in pitch. "Okay, now from side to side and faster," My tongue dancing from side to side and up and down around the hole. "Good boy, you hear his groans? That means that you really enjoy," says Sir.
  3. 3. I turned on knowing that my language is causing the boy to moan with pleasure. "Now I want you to push into the hole with the language, going as deep as you can and keep your tongue moving around," he instructed me. I bury my head in my ass boys and pushing his tongue deep, I whipped around, his tight ring of muscle reduces my tongue, so I'll have to work harder. The boy was moaning loudly, his tone is high pitched, almost like a girl. He is writhing around his ass pushing back hard in the face. I really enjoy and also my penis hurts it got so hard. "Oh, boy, your good, I really like that. Okay now long strokes starting just below the hole, run your tongue deep and push again to walk through it." I'll do a boy whining loudly between his heavy panting. "Ok, that's enough," says the Lord, "If you're a natural." I pull a Sir gives me a quick kiss on the lips. I'm glad that I'm doing well. "Now I want you to finger. Begin by rubbing your finger around the hole first." Sir instructed me. Place your hands on the boy's ass and find my hole. I feel, sir add lubricant, so I rub it with your fingers circling the tight ring. The boy is now whimpering like a puppy. I get below him with my free hand and stroking his hard penis, which is pressed against her stomach. "Now slip your finger in, slowly at first, then long strokes." I push on the hole and my finger glides around the sphincter. Boy clamps down and I feel my finger sucked in. I kept pushing and my finger is now on my joints. The boy was obviously enjoying it as pushing your hips back to get me deeper. I slowly started to finger fuck him with long slow deliberate strokes. "Good," I have heard, sir said, "Now I want you to find the G-spot, look around your finger and you should find what feels like a piece." Do I put my finger in its entirety, explore boys bowl. I found that what Sir explained a massage with my finger. Boy hires long scream his anus clamps firmly in the finger and his cock pulse in his hand, that is Cumming. "I was just cum sir," said I felt quite please with it. "Damn it, I said, that is a loaded gun," he says, "I did not give permission to cum slut!" Sir tone surprised me, even though it was not directed at me, it reminds me of how severe it may be, and I know what comes next. Sir pulling me away I'm sitting on the bench and ties his hands behind his back. The cellar is then filled with the sounds of muffled screams as Sir has a strap for boys bare ass. I feel sorry for him. I heard the other boy with me when crying, sobbing uncontrollably and I flash back to my first time there. Sir ends strapping boy to the ground and I hear them and crying. Sir When finished, grabs my hand and leads me to the first boy unties his hands and whispers in my ear.
  4. 4. "Give him some assurance before they turn into a quivering wreck," he said. I'm sorry for the boy, I remember how traumatic it was for me. I get out and find the boy's body and gently pet him, but he does not calm him down. I put my arms around him and touch our body, it is warm, but trembling violently, his penis is flaccid, my penis fully erect and pressing in his belly. I hold him tightly and give it a gentle butterfly kisses on the neck, ears and face. The boy began to respond, his sobbing waining. He exhales a small gasps as my soft lips caress his skin. I whispered softly in his ear. "Shh, it's okay, nothing will hurt you if you do what you said. Just relax and enjoy it." I surprised myself that it sounds like the master speak. I can just hear Sir does the same thing on the other boys and how their sobs, what now stopped. Then I feel, gentlemen hot naked body on his back, his hard cock in my ass cleft. I am now sandwiched between a boy and sir, and that's nice. "Good boy, I'm very, very proud," he whispers in my ear. I am so grateful that I was pleased, sir. He ties his hand again and led me back to the bench. I heard the sound of chains and buckles as Sir doing some thing with the first boy. Pak leads me back to untie his hands and let them kneel me. "Ok get his tongue to work the boy," Sir whispers in my ear. I stretch out their arms and touch the body, these are the guys buttocks. I feel around and realize his legs over him and turns when it suspended his hands and feet, as I was when I first lord fucked. I soon found my virgin hole and tease her fingers, the boy moan. I lean forward and connect with my tongue, so everything I have happy guy and judging by his reaction does a pretty good job. I'm not sure how long you keep it to, but it seems that in the age of Sir spoken. "Ok now I want you to finger him," Lord instructed. I pull a finger boy, his hole is tight and clamps tightened on my finger, that boy moan. I slowly finger fucking him and finds his face to the ground at the same time when bucks when brushing against him. "Good boy now add another finger." Sir says. I push his first two fingers and find more resistance. After a while resistance subsides and I can easily fuck with his two fingers. "Okay, now add another." I put three fingers together and push, the greater the resistance. I heard the boy complain through the gag, but I keep my finger fucking him and soon my fingers slide in and out easily. I wonder where it will lead, if I am asking Sir state. "Have you ever fucked anyone with that huge cock of yours?" Sir requests still whispers in my ear. "No, sir," I replied. "Well, I think it's time you did. You are going to fuck this virgin ass with virgin penis boy."
  5. 5. I feel scared and excited, my first fuck is looming and I do not really know what to expect. I've often wondered what he would like to fuck a girl, but here I am about to fuck the boy. I feel, sir use a lubricant on my penis, he works it for good, but I'm so excited that I was about to explode. "Arrrgh, please, sir, I'm giong to Cum!" I told urgenly. Stops my penis bouncing wildly. "Hmmm, you will not last five minutes of ass, if you are that worked up. I think we need to get rid of some of your tension first." He grabs my cock again and slowly manipulates the head with the thumb and forefinger of lubricating causing them to glide easily over my penis head. I moan loudly and push my crotch forward. "UUURRRGHHHH! FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" My body tightens and I blow my load. I heard the boy moan and I realize that I shoot a huge load after him. "Fuck, I love to see you cum boy!" Sir says. My penis starts to deflate, but Sir constantly playing with it. I feel him move toward me and his lips touch mine. We kiss tenderly at first, then passionately and soon my penis back to life. Every time he kisses me, as it just confirms to me how much I love him. "Ok, let's do it," says the Lord, "Schooch forward." I shuffle forward on my knees until my groin touching the boy's buttocks my penis in the crease of his ass. I push the boy away from me and Sir keep my penis in your hole. I let the boy fall back some, and I feel my penis pressing against his tight virgin hole, will not enter. I stop pushing the boy away, but my penis still will not enter to catch the guys thighs I pull him towards me. Suddenly my penis pierces and penetrates deeper than I expected. I gasp at the feeling as vice grip of its circular muscles around my penis feels amazing. Boy screaming in pain, I remember how it hurt me first, so I did not move until the pain subsides. Hi screams to stop, but he is sobbing now hear the Lord's head to comfort him. I pull the boy to me more and my penis slips deeper and I moan, how amazing it is. I pull some push back into panting more tightness of his ring piece and the heat from his bowl on my penis. "You feel beautiful boy?" I suppose that speaks to me, sir. "Oh yes, sir, it's amazing," I said. I'll start fucking boys, each stroke as deep until finally my hips touch his ass. Boys sobs were now replaced by moans of ecstasy. I'm enjoying it immensely, as I pull your penis to the tip and then ram him to the hilt. I feel the pressure in my crotch and I was soon ready to blow another load. "Please, sir, I'm close, I cum?" I ask. "Yes, my boy, you can blow the load in her slutty virgin ass," he says.
  6. 6. I heard that the boy complained wildly between grunts and groans, I realized that trying to let us know he was going to cum. Sir whispers something to himself and suddenly I feel his anus clamp down firmly and pulse around my penis on Cumming. It only takes a few strokes for me and my body convulses, my penis dumping another huge load deep into his guts. Spent and panting heavily, I stay there, my penis shrinks in the ass. "How is the boy?" Sir says suddenly at my side. "Amazing, sir." I replied. "Do you think you could go again?" "I do not know, sir, I think so," I replied. "Well, the other boy needs to experience a cock in the ass." The second boy apparently heard I hear the muffled protests and cries coming from him. Sir leads me to him, still on the ground in the same position and gets me to kneel behind him. Sir kneeling behind me, puts his arms around me and nibbles ear. God I love it when he does that. "We have all sexed again," he says. He pushes me forward, so I lay back on the boy and Mr. bends over and eat that ass. I'm in heaven, I moan aloud with pleasure writhe on the boy's back. I hugged him around the waist, grabbed a stiff penis and masturbate him slowly. He moans and writhes with me. My penis is up to full mast in a matter of seconds, as Sir deep tongue flicks in and out of my hole. He does not stop there and adds a finger when I was still reaming out. I'm a wild passion. "Oh, Lord, please, fuck me!" I trousers. "This is exactly what I had in mind," I heard him say that I swear was smiling too. He lubes up your ass and soon his penis head seeking input on my back door. I relax in full and slides his penis inside I have pain shooting as his penis breaks through, but I tolerate and push his penis. He is now completely in me, his balls touching mine. He stops me and grabs my penis. "Let's get your cock in my ass," he says. On the position of my boyfriends penis hole and pushing. I feel the boy tries to pull away, but I'll take his hips and pull him back, as I do, so that the head of my penis penetrates the ring. Shouting in his gag and holding steadfast to the pain subsides. Sir is still deep in me, and I feel that he is looking over his shoulder, watching my cock slide in the boy's ass. The boy cries dissipate and again I push my penis slipping on a piece by piece, the feeling is even better with the Lord is a huge cock in my ass. Here I fuck and be fucked at the same time, it's an amazing feeling. Sir hold still and let me into the rhythm and soon I was burying his cock deep inside a guys ass while Mr Kohout's just me. I push back and Sir penis slips in the ass that it is the foundation, while my penis is just at the entrance to the boy's ass. I am now full of lust and my rhythm becomes more aggressive. "Oh fuck yeah, nnnurgh! This feeling awesome! Urrgh! Oh God!" I heard myself saying.
  7. 7. Sir pants and growling in my ear as his hands explore her body, fingers tweak my nipples causing me to yelp. I flirt her head on his shoulder and he bites his ear. I lose track of time have no idea how long we've been doing it, but I'm in heaven. I love the feeling of my cock sliding in that tight hole and Sir penis filling my ass. I am close to cumming again and I think it is too sir. Stop fucking like Sir now hit my ass hard, his penis hitting my face to the ground. He is the cause of my penis hard and deep into the boy violently and both he and I cry and grunt in pleasure. "Shit, Lord, I will cum., You can cum?" I ask. I've heard that guys voice is loud and sounds like panic, I realized it's going to cum too. "Yes, my boy, to shoot, to load, and tell the bitch can cum too," Sir pants in my ear. I leaned closer to the boy's head. "Lord says nnuurrghh! Can, urrghh! Cum now." I say relentless able to breathe properly. I heard the boy scream one last time as his ring piece clamp on my penis and convulsions. This sends me over the edge and throw back to Mr and pump my load at the boy, as well as Sir slams deep in me and delivers its cargo. Despite the decline in boys and Sir falls over me. We stay like this for a while before Sir shrinkage pulls his penis out of my battered hole. He lifted me and keep me in a cage. "Get in," he says, "and get some rest, we have more to do later."