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  1. 1. 1 In an earlier 5-part account which I posted on ISS entitled Step Motherly Love, I had written about my lovely stepmother who was 30 (and I was 19) when we started fucking every time I came back home to my village during holidays from my hostel. My mother was a robust and fair woman with big breasts and swinging ass and was crazy for sex. We fucked like rabbits all over the house in my father’s absence and indulged in the most perverted acts without any inhibition. I fucked her doggy style; I fucked her standing against the wall; I fucked her in the terrace; I fucked her in the mouth and I fucked her in the ass which I loved; I piddled on her beautiful face while she licked every drop; we shat together in the bathroom and cleaned each others ass. I licked her ass and she licked mine. We fucked when we ate and we fucked when we bathed together. We were like two fuck machines fucking away to glory in every conceivable manner. We fucked under the bed and we fucked inside the cowshed, amidst cow dung and on haystack and there were times when we fucked in the sugarcane fields where she hitched her sari up to her waist and I pulled out my dick and gave her a series of quick thrusts while she panted away like a bitch. It was like heaven and it was with a heavy heart that I had to go back to town to resume my study at school. I stayed at a private hostel and shared a L-shaped room with three other friends. They knew about my trysts with my stepmother and I had to fill them in with every minute detail and they would strip and masturbate while I narrated my trysts with my stepmother. The last day I spent with my mother before coming to town was a memorable one. I had woken up early in the morning with a heavy bladder and needed to pee. But I was feeling too lazy to get up and walk up to the bathroom in the courtyard. I looked at the clock and saw it was already 6.30. My mother would enter in another half an hour with a cup of tea and wake me up and give me a quick blow job and go out of the room and start preparing breakfast for my father. This was a daily routine I woke up every morning with the sweet sensation of my mother’s mouth around my erect cock. She would suck me vigorously, wipe the semen off her mouth with my pyajama and then leave quickly. It was risky affair because the door would be open but the danger of being discovered by my father added to the thrill which we both enjoyed. But this particular day I woke up early. I kept on postponing going to the bathroom and fell back into sleep once again. I woke up with the sound of the door creaking open and saw my mother enter the room with a cup of tea as usual. It was already 7pm. I smiled at her and she smiled back. As soon as I saw her I knew that my father who was a rich contractor had already left for the day because she was decked in an attire and style that I loved to see her in and which she never wore in front of my father.
  2. 2. She was wrapped in a yellow cotton sari worn in the sexy Gujarati seedha pallu style with the anchal in front; her head was covered coyly with the ghoonghat; she had just emerged from her bath and wore no blouse underneath. The sari clung to her wet body, revealing chunks of her flesh and her nipples jutted out teasingly. She wore a thin golden girdle around her slender waist that accentuated the folds of her waist and the payels in her feet and the bangles in her hand jingled as she moved towards me. She looked like a coy bride and kept the tea on the side table. She looked so lovely like this, like a newly married healthy bride, brimming with sex. Her long wet hair fell in a cascade over her broad bare back. I was having my morning erection; my dick had formed a tent in my pajama. She came up to my bed and sat beside me and looked at my erect cock. I was bare bodied from the waist up. She ran her palm over my bare chest and rubbed my nipples. How do I look?” she asked me. Lovely, mother,” I answered and grappled her breasts over her anchal. She removed her anchal and exposed her big breasts. I ran my palm over her breasts and nipples and pulled her towards me, her breasts hanging tantalizing over my face. I kissed her breasts and nibbled her nipples, which sent shivers down her spine. Her ghoonghat slipped off her head but she pulled it back; she knew I liked to see her in ghoonghat even when she was bare bodied because she looked so erotic like that. But her ghoonghat slipped again as she pulled herself up. She raised her arms over her head to tie her wet hair into a bun. I looked at her healthy arms and the deep set armpits which were dark. I loved my mother’s armpits, with or without hair and loved to smell them and lick them. I looked at her as she tied her hair into a bun; she looked so regal and gallant and beautiful in this state of semi-nakedness. She had a classical Indian figure with the right amount of flesh at the right places and big breasts and a deep set navel, flat stomach and wide hips. When she walked her big ass moved like a piece of jelly that I loved to bite. After she had finished tying her hair, I pulled her towards me again and raised her arms and buried my nose into her armpit. She began to moan as I sniffed her armpit and ran my tongue over there and kissed her there. She shifted her body and brought her other armpit to my nose and I began to lick her there and kiss her. Then I pushed her back and raised my arms over my head. She got the hint and immediately bent down and kissed my hairy armpit. Her breasts touched my chest as she licked both my armpits and smelled them as I moaned in pleasure. She flicked her tongue like an expert and wetted the hair. She then got up and smiled at me, “You liked it?” Yes mother,” I replied. “Do you like my smell?”I like you all over, darling son,” replied my mother softly. She now brought her fingers again over my chest and stroked my nipples. She lowered her hand and brought it to my stomach. She began to stroke my navel with her finger. I held her hand and guided her towards my cock. She held the cock over the pajama.
  3. 3. What are you waiting for, mother?”She pulled the string of my pajama and took out my dick and looked at it. She lowered the foreskin and exposed the tip. It was dirty with white grime. She took the end of her anchal and gently rubbed off the white dirt. It was clean now. Then she bent down and took my penis inside her mouth and began to suck me as I began to groan in pleasure. She ran her tongue over my scrotum and the region between my scrotum and rectum, sending down shivers through my spine. My bladder was heavy and I knew it would take a long time for me to cum inside her mouth; I needed to pee badly in order to enjoy her better but I was too lazy to get up and walk up to the bathroom. I thrust my stomach up. “What happened?” she asked me. “I want to pee,” I said. Oh my good,” she exclaimed. I don’t want to go to the bathroom,” I replied. “Then where would you pee?” she asked.I want to pee on you, mother.” “Dirty fellow,” she laughed. “You know I have already taken my bath?” Please mother, let me pee on you,” I begged. She thought for a moment. Then she smiled at me and said okay. I got up now and sat at the edge of the bed with my legs dangling from the edge. I kissed her softly on the mouth and asked her to get down on the floor. She obediently got down on the floor and crouched between my legs. Then she pulled down my pajama completely. I was completely naked. She looked up at me and smiled. I did not have to say anything. “Do it now,” she softly said and I placed my erect dick above her face and stroked her eyes with my dick as she closed her eyes. I ran the tip of my penis all over her face, her lips, her rosy cheeks, her nose that had a golden ring, her forehead that glistened with sindoor and back to her lips. Then I began to piddle on her… She opened her mouth and took in the warm jet of stream; most of it trickled down her neck and shoulder. She closed her eyes. She held up her breasts with her hands and lifted them; I directed my urine to her breasts and lowered myself and rubbed her erect nipples with the tip of my dick. Then I moved up her beautiful face again and continued to piddle on her lovely face. The floor was wet with my urine. I continued to piddle all over her, drenching her in the warm golden shower as she closed her eyes and looked up at me… I finished peeing and smiled at her. She was completely drenched now. The sindoor on her forehead had got smeared over her forehead and she looked like a devi from the heaven. Her sari had got wet with my urine and stuck to her healthy body which glistened. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I smiled back at her. I raised my right leg and placed it on her breasts and took her nipple between my. I pinched her nipple softly with the fingers of my foot and she uttered a soft cry. Then I gently pressed her breasts with my foot and gently pushed her. She fell down with a thud on the floor, trying to check her fall with both her hands. The floor was already wet with my urine and she fell on it, wetting her ass. She was bare from the waist up and her melons looked up tantalizing at me.
  4. 4. I got up from the bed now and stood over her, my feet on each side of her body as she lay down on the floor and looked up at me. I looked down on her as a conqueror. She raised her healthy arms over her head tantalizingly and I looked at her dark armpits. I bent down and yanked off her sari. She wore a slinky red cotton panty. I turned her over with my leg and looked at her big ass. The panty had got stuck at the crevice of her ass. I bent down again and pulled out the panty from inside the crevice of her buttocks and rolled it down. She had a tantalizing piece of ass. I kissed her ass and slowly inserted my finger inside her rectum and she said ouch! I pulled out my finger and stood up again. There she laid naked like the day she was born on the floor. I turned her over again with my foot towards me. Then I ran my leg over her belly and stroked her breasts, her armpits and her thighs; I turned her around with my leg again and made her face the floor. Her big ass glistened in the wetness and her mouth touched the urine on the floor. I kneaded her soft ass with my leg and pressed it with my toe. I kicked her softly on her soft ass. I tried to insert my toe into her rectum but it was not possible from this height. So I ran my toe down the crack of her ass. Then I rolled her again and she faced me. She looked so lovely and vulnerable like this, naked on the ground while I stood over her. I rubbed the area between her thighs with my toe. I could feel the wetness. “Come now, enough of looking at me,” she declared and gently spread her thunder thighs. I lowered myself on her and kissed her softly on the mouth; I kissed her breasts and nibbled her nipples as she groaned in pleasure. She then held my dick and guided me inside her bushy cunt while my hands grappled her big breasts and pinched her nipples. Then we started to fuck… And we fucked like mad, uttering abusive words and I called her my sweet whore and she called me oh my lord go on fucking me and she called me mother-fucker and I called her behenchod and I kept pumping her and pumping her and she gave out a loud fart and I farted back and I continued fucking her and calling her dirty names and then I felt the pressure building inside my penis and I knew I was coming so I increased my speed and she knew I was going to ejaculate so she started moaning louder and I let out my first jet of cream inside her cunt and she screamed and I let out load after load inside her till there was no more and she climaxed in one single shriek as I collapsed on her bounteous body, completely spent I laid on her body like that as she held me in her arms and both of us closed our eyes. We were exhausted and the day had just began. We laid like that for some time. She gently rolled me over to the side and got up. She took up the wet sari and wringed the urine off it and rubbed her body and thighs and her cunt; she then rubbed my body too and cleaned my penis softly. Then she asked me to get up; she would have to wipe the floor with her sari. I got up and walked out of the room naked while she began to wipe the floor with her sari.
  5. 5. She looked so lovely like that, naked and crouched on the floor, wiping the floor as her big teats jingled with every move. The rest of the day lay ahead and since this was going to be my last day with her, I was already throbbing with ideas that I wanted to put her to. This is a small example of our daily tryst that I described in order for the reader to understand the games we played on each other without any inhibition. She took in all the shit I gave her and yearned for more and egged me on to more adventurous games. The sky was the limit when we played with each other. There was a perfect understanding between us and I did not have to spell out what I wanted at any given point of time. She immediately understood and complied: She was my sex slave. If there was one thing I had never done to her, it was beating her like my father did. My father subjected her to frequent lashings of the belt whenever he was drunk and as a result she seduced me on the rebound; that was her way of getting back on my father. Of course, I didn’t mind; I was getting my quota of sex and fun and how! But to tell you frankly, I also longed to beat her one day and drive out blood from her fair and lovely body with the buckle of my belt. And I was bidding my chance. And I also knew that if I ever subjected her to beatings, she would enjoy it. She loved me to distraction; she was my angel! Now to come back to the main story…To be continued As I had said earlier I shared a L-shaped room with three other friends at the city hostel. All of us were in high school and came from nearby towns. My friends knew about my sexual trysts with my stepmother and whenever I came back from home they pressed me for stories about my mother. All of us would strip naked and hold each other as I narrated my accounts; We would fondle each others penis and lick each other and poke each other in the rectum as I narrated them the details of my mother’s naked body and our fucking sessions and they would throb in excitement. Invariably it would all end in an orgy: I fucked my mate Suresh while Paul and Rohan fucked each other wildly and called each other names. Then all of us would collapse in a heap and fell into deep sleep. One day, after I had come back from holiday and was immersed in my studies I got a call at the hostel office from my father. He told me that he has come to the city with mother and was staying at a guest house and wanted to see me. He came down quite often to the city for business purpose but this was the first time that he had brought my mother along with him. I was all excited to see my mother after so many months but I knew it was not possible to fuck her if my father was there. Nevertheless I went to see my father. My mother welcomed me in a motherly manner. I touched her feet like an obedient son and she put her hand on my head. We betrayed no signs of sexual tension in front of my father. I couldn’t even look at her properly because my father was close. My father told me that they had come to the city two days ago and they were going back the next day. He asked me to take out my mother to the temple and show her around the city and come
  6. 6. back by lunch time; he had work to do. I said okay and he asked my mother to get ready. She went inside and my father talked about my studies and other matters. After some time my mother came out of the room, decked in a new sari. She looked ravishing in a saffron coloured chiffon sari which she wore in the sexy seedha pallu style that I liked so much but I didn’t betray my feelings. My father gave me some money and I stepped out of the guest house with my mother and hailed an auto-rickshaw and asked the driver to take us to the Pashupati temple. Once inside the auto, my barrage broke and I held my mother’s hand and squeezed it; she squeezed it back. She smelled so nice. Heat coursed through my veins and I took her hand and placed it over my pant. She quickly removed her hand; it was obvious that she felt shy so I didn’t pester her. She looked at me and smiled; I smiled back. We were sitting glued to each other but there was no way I could touch her and kiss her or grapple her breasts. She had started to throb and was breathing heavily but we restrained ourselves. The driver could see us in the rear-view mirror. I had to figure out a way to fuck her at some place. We hardly exchanged a word till we reached the temple. As we stepped out of the auto and I paid the fare, I immediately noticed that people turned to look at my mother. She looked so ravishing and beautiful. The saffron colored sari accentuated the fairness of her skin and with the sindoor on her forehead and the pallu draped in front she looked straight out of those saas-bahu serials. I longed to take her in my arms and kiss her beautiful face and eyes and make love to her gently on a soft bed. I guided her to the temple and as she climbed up the stairs, her big ass swung and wriggled like a piece of jelly. I longed to squeeze them and kiss her soft flesh. She offered her prayers; all eyes turned to look at her and admire her. She pulled the pallu over her head like a coy bride as she offered her puja and even the priest stole surreptitious glances at her. She looked so erotic in that seedha pallu sari as she offered puja to the gods. I am sure even the gods admired her like that. The puja over, I wondered where to take her. I was itching for sex and wanted to fuck her badly. I went to the nearest telephone booth and called up hostel and asked for Suresh with whom I shared my bed in the L-shaped room. He was there. I asked him if he could vacate the room for a few hours so that I could bring my mother. He was all excited; “Oh, you have got your mother? You will fuck her? Sure!” I hailed an auto and directed him to our hostel. “Where are you taking me?” my mother asked. “To my hostel,” I replied. She kept shut. She must have guessed. Ours was a private hostel and since it was a Saturday most of the boarders had left for their home or cinema or wherever and it was mostly empty. I introduced my mother to the hostel manager and he bent down and did namaskar to my mother; my mother smiled back. Then I led her to my room To my utter surprise Suresh was still there. He opened the door and stared at my mother
  7. 7. as if he had never seen a woman before. He kept on staring at her and my mother was taken aback. I quickly came to the rescue and asked Suresh, “Won’t you touch my mother’s feet?” He quickly bent down and touched my mother’s feet and rose up again and gave a stupid smile. I took my mother to my section which was inside and asked her to sit on the bed. I went back to the other arm of the L-shaped room where Suresh was still standing like a fool. “Why are you here? Why didn’t you leave?” I was angry with him. He was shaking all over. He replied, “I wanted to see your mother.” I replied, “Now you have seen her? Now you leave”, and I pushed him out of the door. But he refused to budge. “Now what?” I asked him. He began to plead with me, “Please let me stay back, I promise I won’t disturb you; do whatever you like, but let me stay back.” “That’s not possible, how can I fuck her then?” He replied, “You fuck her, don’t tell her I am inside the room; I will be this side, you go and fuck her, please, I want to be inside the room…” He was adamant and I was getting desperate to fuck my mother. It was not a bad idea to fuck my mother while Suresh hung around at a corner; it could spice up the fuck but I was not sure if my mother would like the idea. But suddenly it struck me, what if I didn’t tell my mother that Suresh was inside the room? “Okay, I said, but don’t move from your section while I fuck her, okay?” He was greatly pleased and quickly kissed me on the mouth. I pushed him back and went back to my mother. My mother sat on the bed, panting like a bitch, waiting for me. I came over and sat beside her on the bed and without any prompting took her face between my palms and kissed her smack on the lips. She held me tightly in her arms as we got into a passionate kiss; she inserted her tongue inside my mouth and I sucked her tongue and then slid my tongue inside her mouth. As we kissed we made slurping sounds and both of us were breathing heavily. I grappled her breasts as we continued to kiss and she squeezed my dick over my pant. We were in a mad rush to fuck so I detached myself from her and pulled her pallu and looked at her heaving breasts. She opened the buttons of her blouse while I took off my pant and shirt and stood naked in front of her in no time. She was in her bra and petticoat. I laid her down on the bed and unhooked her bra and her melons popped out. Her nipples were erect. I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples and she began to moan… “Oh my son, I missed you so much…” “I also missed you mother, I love you…” and I kissed her breasts and suckled them like a little child as she continued to moan. I raised her arms over her head and licked her hairy armpits and she groaned like an animal. They smelt so nice. I slid my hand inside her panty and touched her vagina. She pulled her panty down to her knees and I inserted my finger inside her cunt. She was hot and wet inside. She held my hand and guided me to stroke her clitoris; I began to tickle her clit as I sucked her breasts and she began to throb and moan and move and the bed
  8. 8. creaked with our passion. I now rose up and looked down at her naked body. Her hair had come loose and she looked so beautiful. I bent down and kissed her deep set navel; she spread her thunder thighs as I kissed down her midriff and brought my lips to her pubic hair. I could smell the familiar smell of my mother’s juices. I brought my mouth to her cunt and slid my tongue inside. “oohhhh…,” she groaned as I tickled her clitoris and inserted two of my fingers inside her cunt. She started shouting, “Do it faster, faster….,” and I increased the speed of my fingers and slurped in her wetness. I kept on eating her and giving her pleasure, my sweet mother whom I loved so much. I took out my fingers and inserted one of them inside my mother’s ass now. She cried out in pleasure, “What are you doing my son?” I kept on finger fucking her ass and with my tongue I stroked her clitoris and drank the juices off her cunt. She continued to shake and the bed rocked and I knew she was coming to a climax, so I kept on the speed and she continued to groan till she began to gasp and clutched my hair and pulled them. “Go on – go on,” she moaned and soon she climaxed and became still. I took out my finger from her ass and rose up. My mouth was wet with her juices. I looked down at her and she smiled at me. “You liked it mother?” “Yes, my son,” she replied, “Now you come inside me.” I kissed her on the mouth. She spread her thighs and guided my penis inside her wet cunt and I immediately began to thrust her like a wild animal; I couldn’t wait. She began to groan and I increased my speed as I kissed her breasts and ran my tongue over her erect nipples and clutched her big breasts. The bed made creaking noise as I pumped my mother and she began to groan and moan. I raised her hands over her head and smelled her armpits and kissed her there and she groaned in pleasure. She took out her tongue and licked my nipples and armpits while I continued to fuck her. I could not hold myself any longer; I knew I was coming. I told her, “Mother, I am coming.” “Yes, my son, come, come” she implored. And I increased my speed and she began to throb now; I could feel her cunt contract around my penis as I jabbed harder and harder. I could feel my sperms coursing through my penis and I cried, “Here I come, mother.” “Yes, son, come,” she cried and I spurted inside her, my first flush of semen, inside my mother’s vagina and she cried out as I spurted again and againoohhh,” she cried as I filled her with semen and I also cried, “Oh mother, I love you – I love you…” and grappled her big breasts as my semen found its way through her love tunnel. I had climaxed… I collapsed on my mother’s body and she held me tight and kissed me. I closed my eyes and held on to my mother’s flesh, my dick still inside her cunt. I laid on top of her like this for quite some time and felt my dick growing limp and slip out of her wet cunt. I got up from her body and laid down beside her. She turned towards me and smiled; I smiled back. She kissed me on the mouth, “
  9. 9. You liked it my son?” “Yes mother,” I replied. She held my dick and fondled it, but since I had just come, it remained limp. She rose up and sat beside me; then she bent down and took my dick inside her mouth and licked off the semen. What a lovely sight she offered; bending down and licking my penis. Then she picked up her panty from the floor and put it between her legs and began cleaning her vagina. Both of us were spent; at least I was; I didn’t know about my mother; she was a horny bitch and would itch for sex as soon as my limp penis got back in shape; I knew that. But for now, I just laid like that on the bed and watched my beautiful mother cleaning her cunt and looking at me and smiling. Suddenly it occurred to me, fuck man, Suresh was there inside the room all this time while I fucked my mother and must have heard all the noises and cries and the bed creaking. The very thought excited me no end and I rose up from the bed and moved towards the other section of the room while my mother continued to clean her cunt. I was surprised to find him stark naked and throbbing; I was also naked. He ran towards me and embraced me. “Let me smell you,” he requested, “I want to smell your mother on you.” He began to smell me all over and got down on his knees and held my dick and brought his nose towards it and began to sniff it. I got excited. He took my limp dick inside his mouth and it immediately swelled up inside his mouth. I clutched his head as he began to lick my penis which must be smelling of my mother’s juices. But I felt guilty. I withdrew my penis from inside his mouth and asked him to dress up and leave the room immediately. But he was throbbing and held his dick and began to masturbate. Suddenly I felt sorry for him after having such a fun time with my mother. I removed his hand and held his dick. “Ok, I will do it for you,” I declared, and began to masturbate him. He was panting. I tickled his scrotum and kissed him on the mouth. He held me tight as I groped his penis. He raised my arm and kissed my hairy armpit and nipples. I continued to fondle him; his breathing grew heavier. I inserted a finger inside his rectum and started finger-fucking his ass just like I did to my mother a little while ago; then I got down on my knees and took his penis inside my mouth, my finger still inside his rectum. I began to suck him and he began to groan in pleasure. Just ten minutes ago I had fucked my mother and here I was, sucking my room partner. Actually I loved him. He shared my bed and we often fondled each other and kissed each other and fuck each other in the ass; so this was nothing new to us. I wanted to make him happy. So I kept on sucking him when I heard a voice behind my back. “What are you doing?” I was stunned. I took out Suresh’s dick from my mouth and turned back to see my mother was standing there, naked like the day she was born. To be continued.. I never felt so embarrassed in my life, caught by my mother while I gave blow-job to my friend. I stood up and Suresh covered his penis with his hand. My mother stood there for
  10. 10. what seemed like eternity, looking at the two naked bodies and then she ran inside. I didn’t know what to do. I was blushing. I ran inside. She was sitting on the bed and crying and putting on her brassiere. The sari lay in a heap at her feet. She bent down to pick up her panty and put it on. I walked up to her and stood shamefacedly beside her. She was red all over. “Mother, I am sorry,” I said. Don’t talk to me, you bastard,” as she put on her blouse. I was terribly embarrassed; I held her and pleaded for forgiveness but she was adamant. “Oh mother, I am so sorry,” I pleaded. “Remove your hands off my body,” she shouted as she picked up the sari and begin to wear it around her body. I still clutched her arms. She could not hold herself any longer; she suddenly slapped me hard on my cheek and I almost lost my balance and hit the wall and bruised my back. The slap turned the tables. I was suddenly furious at my mother. If she could fuck her son, then she had no reason to be angry if I fucked my friend. And she knew that I engaged in homosexual acts with my roommates. I had told her and she never minded. So why was she behaving like that? Just because Suresh was inside the room when we fucked? But we had fucked so many times at home, me and my mother when my father was in the other room. So why was she putting on this act? I was angry at the humiliation and could not control my anger. I hit her back, hard across her face and she was stunned. I clutched her hair and pulled her head and slapped her again on the other cheek. “Bloody whore! You can fuck your son and now you are behaving like an angel?” I struck her again and tears rolled down her eyes. I pulled her sari and there she stood in her petticoat and blouse, like a South Indian heroine, trying to hide her semi-nakedness. I slapped her again and she cried out in pain. “Fucking whore, you dare to hit me,” and I slapped her again and again. I was furious. “I will show you, you cunt,” I shouted. I pulled the strings of her petticoat and it fell down to her feet. I yanked her panty off her buttocks and struck her ass hard. “Ahh!” she cried, and I struck her ass again. She stood there defenseless, in her blouse only, naked from the waist down. My dick was up and I felt the blood coursing through my naked body. Suresh!” I shouted. Suresh came running inside. He had put on his pant. He stood there, zapped, looking at me and my mother. My mother was crying like a little child. I slapped her again as she tried to cover her cunt. I pulled her hands away from her cunt and held them behind her back and twisted them. “Suresh, what are you looking at her like that for? Come and fuck her,” I ordered. Suresh was trembling with excitement. I pushed my mother on the floor in a kneeling position as Suresh began to unzip. He rolled down his pant and pulled down his dirty white underwear. “Give that to me,” I asked for his underwear. He gave me the dirty underwear and I held it on my mother’s face, “Sniff it, you bitch.” I thrust the underwear on her face. She made feeble attempts to sniff it so I jabbed it inside her mouth.
  11. 11. I made her lie down on the floor. I held her hands over her head and ordered her to spread her legs. Suresh got down on her and started opening the buttons of her blouse one my one. Then he unhooked her brassiere and her melons popped out. Suresh was dumbfounded. My mother was naked again. He fell on my mother’s breasts and began to suckle them like a hungry child, biting her nipples and grappling her breasts roughly. I pulled out the dirty underwear from my mother’s mouth and shouted out at her, “Suck him, you whore!” Suresh raised himself and put his penis inside my mother’s mouth. She began to suck him like she sucked me while Suresh began to groan in pleasure. This was the first time I was watching my mother sucking somebody. I released her arms and made her hold his waist and she continued to suck him. Suresh clutched my mother’s hair as he looked down at her; she had started making slurping sounds now as she licked his big dick. She sucked him as if her life depended on it and I had a feeling as if she was beginning to enjoy it as much as Suresh. A faint trace of jealousy ran down my body. “Okay, enough of sucking, now Suresh, fuck her,” Suresh brought out his dick from inside my mother’s mouth. I laid down my mother on the floor. Suresh got down between her legs and tried to push them apart. My mother resisted his efforts. Suresh was like a dog who had tasted blood and tried to open her thighs to no avail. I slapped my mother across her cheeks and held her hands above her head while Suresh priced open her thunder thighs. This time my mother didn’t object; she gave in. Suresh lowered his body and inserted his wet dick between her thighs. With all the wetness, it slipped in easily. And then he began to fuck her like a wild animal as I watched them. Suresh increased his speed gradually and my mother began to cry. I released my mother’s hands and clutched her big breasts as Suresh continued to rape her. He grabbed one breast while I squeezed the other and pinched her erect nipples. We engaged in a wholesome sex with her as she lay inert and let us do whatever we liked with her now. I rose up and sat on my mother’s face and put my penis inside my mother’s mouth. She began to suck me as Suresh continued to fuck her. Suresh and me were facing each other, his dick inside her cunt and my dick inside her mouth. We had formed a triangle. To balance us now we held each other. Suresh was drawing to a close, I could make out; he had begun to pant and he would spurt inside her any moment now. He increased his speed as I continued to fuck my mother in the mouth. Suresh began to moan now and could not hold himself any longer and he soon exploded inside her. I took out my dick from inside her mouth now and got up. Suresh collapsed on my mother’s voluptuous body and held on to her tight… After some time he rolled down from my mother’s flesh and my mother lay there on the floor, panting. I felt her fucking her now, because I was all heated up by the action. My dick was wet with her saliva and roaring to take her. I walked up to her and slid between her legs. She spread them without protest. It was wet with her juices and Suresh’s semen.
  12. 12. I bent down and smelled her cunt. I slipped my tongue into her vagina and kissed her there. Then I stroked her clitoris. I could make out the current that ran down her body as I stroked her clitoris. I rose up now and dipped my penis inside her cunt and began to fuck her as Suresh laid beside her and watched us. I jabbed my penis harder and harder and could feel that she was relaxing. She had given up the battle.She had began to enjoy it it seems, the horny bitch that she was. Suddenly she raised her hands and held me tenderly and looked into my eyes. I looked down at her. I lowered myself and kissed her eyes; she closed her eyes and I kissed her mouth as I pumped her. She returned the kiss and slid her tongue inside my mouth.We got into a passionate kiss as I continued to fuck her. Suddenly all the harshness and anger had melted and I held her head tenderly and uttered softly – “I love you mother. Sorry for hitting you like that” She replied, “It’s okay my son. Now do it don’t stop I kissed her and increased my speed. I knew she was nearing her climax. I raised her arms and smelled her sweaty hairy armpits. I raised my arms and she licked my armpits. She kissed my nipples and I kissed her breasts. I held on to her body and increased my speed as she neared towards her climax; and then in one shriek she came and I jabbed her hard as she cried out in pleasure. I released my sperms just in that instance and filled her with my semen. Both of us had held for too long. We attained simultaneous climax and held each other passionately. All the violence a little while ago seemed to be a matter of the past as I bent down and kissed her lovely mouth and eyes. She looked so tender and beautiful, with the sindoor smeared all over her forehead and her wet hair sticking to her rosy cheeks. I slumped down on her sumptuous body, wallowing in all the sweat and sperms as Suresh lay exhausted beside us. Three naked bodies, glistening in sweat and semen laid like that till all of us fell closed our eyes in exhaustion and fell off to sleep. To be continued… We slept like that for an hour, then all of us woke more or less at the same time. There was none of the inhibition or bad vibes between the three of us now. My mother made no effort to cover herself. She sat up and raised her hands and began to tie her hair into a knot above her head. Suresh looked at her bushy armpits as she tied her hair. She looked at him and smiled at him. He smiled back at her and I felt happy; happy to share my mother with my best friend and the entire thing to have turned out like this. My mother was no longer angry with me or Suresh. I moved towards my mother and kissed her on the mouth, as if thanking her. She looked at Suresh and said, “Wont you kiss me too?” Suresh was surprised. He crawled towards my mother, his dick hanging from between his legs, and kissed her on the mouth. My mother returned the kiss and gently squeezed his balls. It was obvious that my mother has liked Suresh. Suresh was a healthy and fair boy, slightly plumpish that drove many teenaged girls crazy. I didn’t mind…
  13. 13. She now got up. “Is there anyway I could take a bath here?” Suresh and I looked at each other. We got up and looked at her. She badly needed a bath; her body was glistening with sweat and semen; she looked so lovely like that, the sindoor smeared over her forehead and her long black hair cascading down her big back that widened into a wide hip and smooth silken thunder thighs. Her big tits looked up pointedly, her nipples big and erect. Suresh had already got a hard on. There was no way she could take bath in the common bathroom even though there weren’t any inmates now in the hostel. It was too risky if anybody saw. So we decided to fetch water inside the room in two big buckets so that she could take her bath inside the room itself; there was a drain at the corner where we occasionally piddle in the night when we felt lazy to go to the bathroom. We put on our dresses and locked her inside the room and began to fill two big buckets in the common bathroom. Suresh told me he needed to pee; I told him, hold it now, don’t. “Why?” he asked. “Just listen to me,” I replied. We brought the two buckets of water inside. My mother was surprised. We explained the situation to her. She understood but then she told me softly that she needed to pee badly. I told her she can go to the corner and pee where we pee. Though me and my mother had peed and shat together many times at home, on each other also (we loved water games), but she felt embarrassed. Suresh was standing there. I told her softly not to worry about him; he had fucked her, so what was there to hide? And I will feel good if she pees in front of us. She willy-nilly agreed. I took of my pant and got naked. I gestured Suresh to strip also. He stripped. I held my mother’s hand and took her to the corner and made her kneel down, facing us. She squatted on the floor as if she were shitting and spread her legs. Then she began to pee.Her urine tricked down between her thighs I raised my hand and put it below her cunt and she piddled on my palm.Suresh was zapped… My mother looked at him and smiled… Then she held his hand and brought it between her thighs and the warm piddle hit Suresh’s hand. Suresh was zapped. She continued to piddle on his hand; I held her breasts and began to squeeze them and lick them. Her breasts got wet with her own urine as I caressed them with my palm that I had held between her legs. She continued to piddle… Then it gradually formed into a trickle and she finished piddling. I rose up now and put my dick on my mother’s face. Then I let out a jet of stream on her face. Suresh was surprised. He immediately got the hint and stood up and began to piddle on my mother’s beautiful face. Our urine ran down her silky smooth body (just imagine piddling on Nagma’s face) and formed a pool around her feet. She held out dicks in that sitting position and directed the streams inside her mouth and neck and breasts… She was drenched in our urine. We finished piddling her. Suresh had fucked her only once and badly wanted to fuck her again. I restrained him. “Later!” Suresh and I gave our mother a thorough bath, from head to toe. While I soaped her,
  14. 14. Suresh rubbed her body with his hands, between her thighs and inside her cunt. I guided his finger inside her rectum and Suresh inserted his middle finger inside her ass and cleaned her thoroughly there. She enjoyed every bit of it; she closed her eyes as we poured water on her body and head and scrubbed her clean. In between we kissed her and pressed her boobs and pinched her bottom. She enjoyed the whole ritual… I raised her arms and washed her armpit hair; Suresh stroked her armpits and she shivered in excitement Suresh took out a towel from inside his cupboard and rubbed her body dry, softly. She put on the red petticoat and brassiere. Then she put on the blouse and draped the sari around her body in the sexy seedha pallu style. She put on sindoor on the parting of her hair. She had turned into a sexy dulhan. I pulled the anchal over her head and she blushed like a coy bride. I kissed her on the mouth. She turned towards Suresh and held his hand and kissed him on the mouth. Suresh was trembling with excitement. He wanted to fuck her and pleaded with his eyes. But my mother had got dressed and there was no way she could fuck again. She would have to take off her clothes again, she declared. “But don’t you worry,” she said. She knelt down on the floor and took our dicks in both her hands and began to suck them one at a time. Her head was still covered with her anchal. She began to suck us in turn and grappled and stroked our scrotums. Suresh could not hold himself any longer; he ejaculated inside her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it. Then she took my dick and gave me a wonderful blow-job as I exploded inside her… Suresh and me went to the bathroom and took bath and came back to the room. We hailed an auto rickshaw outside out hostel and the three of us got in, with my mother in the middle. We escorted her back to the guest house. While we drove down the town both of us grappled her breasts from both sides and she kissed us alternately. We were careful not to destroy her dress. As we grappled her breasts and she kissed us, we took out our dicks and she held them in her soft hands. The driver was staring us through the rear view mirror but we were too excited to bother about him; he was also enjoying the three-some act. My mother rolled our foreskin up and down our dicks and soon she gave us a simultaneous hand job. We spurted all over our undies. She cleaned her hands with my handkerchief as we pulled up our pants and she gave us our last parting kiss. The auto stopped in front of the guest house and I got down with my mother and went inside the guest house. Suresh paid the auto and hung around outside. To be continued… My father was inside having some meeting with some people. He came out and told me that there has been some change in the programme. He was leaving for Delhi tomorrow early morning and from there he would go to Hong Kong for a week; so I was required to take back my mother to our village next day after he left. I nodded my head and took
  15. 15. their leave. Suresh was waiting for me outside and I told him about the development. A plan occurred to me; I could always take my mother back to our village and stay back and fuck her for a week till my father came back. Suresh told me that he wanted to fuck my mother again and asked me if he could accompany us to our village. It was not a bad idea. But there was still another idea that cropped up in our heads. Our other room-mates were Kishore and Modak. Kishore’s father had a farm house nearby where Kishore occasionally took prostitutes to fuck. Most of the time it was lying empty and looked after by an old caretaker. What if we asked Kishore if we could take my mother to his farm house and put her up for a few days and all of us fucked her there for a couple of days? It was not a bad idea and there was no reason why Kishore wouldn’t agree. So I called up Kishore and told him about it and he immediately got excited and agreed to it. He had heard so much about my mother and when he learnt that me and Suresh had group sex with her, he was all excited. Next day I went to the guest house. My father left us and me and my mother took an auto to go to the station. I hadn’t told my mother about the plan. I didn’t know how she would react. I directed the driver to the farm house which was an hour’s journey. My mother asked me where are you taking me? I told her I had a surprise for her. We reached the farm house and I paid the driver and he drove away. My mother was surprised. The caretaker had been informed. He took our luggage and guided us inside a room. As soon as we were inside I locked the door and we got into a passionate embrace and started to peel off our respective clothes. I wanted to fuck my mother in the doggie style so as soon as I stripped I made her bend against the bed, her knees resting on the floor and raised her sari up to her waist and pulled down her red panty. I was struck by a strange sight. Her ass had red spots all over. “What are these mother?” “Nothing, now do it fast.” I held her hip and raised her buttock and slid my dick into her cunt from behind. My mother had a lovely ass. I thrust my dick inside with force and she cried out. Then I began to pump her and she began to groan. I increased my speed and her moaning increased. She asked me to delay my ejaculation but I was all heated up. I told her that this fuck was for my sake so let me come and within two minutes I exploded inside her cunt. It was a straight no-nonsense fuck and I was not bothered about her enjoyment. I took my dick out of her cunt and she turned around and took the dick inside her mouth and began to suck my limp penis. She cleaned the sperms with her tongue and then looked up at me and smiled at me. I smiled back. There was more to come. Me and my friends had planned a gala event for her for the next few days. She still didn’t know that she was going to be our sex slave.
  16. 16. Suresh came after sometime. He was all excited. My mother was happy to see Suresh and held him in her arms and kissed him on the mouth. Suresh was already excited; he began to strip away my mother’s clothes and suckle her naked breasts. I looked at them and smiled. I wanted to leave them alone. Let them fuck and enjoy. So I went out of the room and surveyed the farm house. The farm house was big. It had a swimming pool behind and a cowshed at another corner where there were a couple of buffaloes and cows. At another part there was an empty ground where drinking parties were held by Kishore’s father occasionally. I had been here before with Kishore. While Suresh was fucking my mother inside the room, Kishore came on his bike. He straight away asked me. “Where’s she?” I told him that she was inside with Suresh. They were fucking. I went up to the room with Kishore and knocked at the door. After some time, Suresh opened the door. He was wearing a towel around his waist. Kishore and I entered the room. She was inside the bathroom. Kishore pulled away Suresh’s towel and squeezed his penis. I went up to the bathroom and knocked at the door. My mother called from inside, “Who is there?” I said, “Open up, it’s me.” She let me inside the bathroom. She was naked and washing herself. It was a huge bathroom with a big bathtub. I asked her to get ready. “Ready for what?” she asked me. I kissed her on the mouth. I wanted to deck her up sexily before I presented her to my friend Kishore. I came out of the bathroom and opened my mother’s suitcase. Kishore asked me what are you doing? I told him to have patience for a while before I showed him my mother. I picked up a thin yellow cotton sari and a tiny red panty and a piece of churni and went back to the bathroom. I gave her the sari and asked her to put it on. She put on the red panty and began to wrap the sari around her waist. I told her to wear the sari like a dhoti, where the end of the sari is tucked between the two thighs like the Marathi fisherwomen. Me and my friends liked to see women in that style. They looked sexy and raunchy. My mother had a glorious ass and big hip so she would look good wearing the sari like that. She put on the sari like that. I looked at her ass. Wow! Her breasts were naked. I took up the churni and tied it across her breasts like the women of ancient India. She looked gorgeous in that two piece – choli and dhoti. Then I took out my handkerchief and tied it across her eyes. “What are you doing?” she asked. I told her to keep quiet. I held her hand and guided her back to the room. Kishore’s eyes popped out on seeing my mother in that state of semi-nakedness. She looked gorgeous like a buxom apsara from ancient India. She stood in the middle of the room and Kishore moved around her, looking at her from all directions. “What are you doing?” my mother asked. “Keep quiet mother,” I told her. I directed Kishore to strip. He began to strip; I also began to strip. Suresh was already naked. And my mother was blindfolded. We three boys now stood naked before my semi-clad mother in her raunchy sari and tight
  17. 17. choli. I held Kishore’s dick and brought him up to my mother and guided my mother’s hand around his dick. “Whose dick is this?” “Never mind mother, lick it.” My mother got down on the floor like an obedient woman and put Kishore’s dick inside her mouth. Kishore held my mother’s head and began to thrust inside her mouth. He was all excited. My mother clutched Kishore’s buttocks and began sucking him vigorously. Suddenly I said, “Mother, you want to suck or fuck?” “As you wish my son,” she replied. I winked at Kishore to take out his dick from my mother’s mouth. Then I took off her choli and sari and pulled down her panty. She was naked now. I laid her down on the floor gently and she spread her legs. I directed Kishore to get inside her. Kishore got between her legs. I then guided Suresh to put his dick inside my mother’s mouth. He put his dick inside her mouth and the two of them began to pump her as I looked on. They were ravenous. Kishore had heard so much about my mother and now he was getting to fuck her. They kept on fucking her two holes and my mother began to groan. I stroked my penis as I watched my two friends fuck my lovely mother. I wish I could join them and fuck her in the ass; but that would come later. Let my two friends enjoy her first. There was enough time for all that. Suresh came first and exploded inside my mother’s face. Kishore kept on pumping her. Suresh took out his dick from inside my mother’s mouth, his semen dripping over her lovely face and some of it trickling down the corners of her lips. It was a fascinating sight. Suresh moved away. Kishore now got down over my mother’s body and grappled her huge breasts and kissed her on the mouth and licked the semen off her mouth. She continued to groan and Kishore continued to pound her. He raised her hands and sniffed her bushy armpits and lick them. She wriggled in excitement. She was still blind folded and didn’t know who was fucking her. Kishore increased his speed and my mother clutched him and kissed him on the mouth and shouted, “Jor se – aur jor se…” Oh what a lovely sight. Kishore’s breathing increased and I knew he was going to come… Just as he was about to come I crawled towards my mother and took off her blindfold. She was astounded to see a new face over her and she was suddenly scared. But there was no stopping Kishore now. My mother began to resist and push Kishore off her chest. I held her hands tightly over her head. She began to cry now. She wasn’t ready for this. She had fucked me and Suresh but was not prepared for a new guy. It is a game I played on her. Kishore, in a moment of passion slapped my mother tightly across her face, “Shut up, you whore!” My mother was zapped. The fun had turned into a rape. Kishore continued to pound her as my mother began to shed voluminous tears. Then he soon exploded inside her cunt and fell on top of her sumptuous body… Kishore got up from her body after some time. My mother laid like that on the floor, in an embryonic position, trying to cover her nakedness. She looked so lovely like that, her big fat ass glistening in the sweat. I already had a hard on and wanted to fuck her badly. But I wanted to fuck her in the ass. So I got up and took out a bottle of lotion from her bag and
  18. 18. walked up to her and dabbed lotion on my finger and inserted my finger inside her rectum to lubricate her asshole. “It’s me mother, don’t worry.” She began to cry, “What are you doing to me son? You are treating me like a whore?” As I stroked her asshole I bent down and kissed her back and whispered, “Mother, I know my father’s colleagues had fucked you all night in the guest house. I can see the red spots on your buttock. They had hit you. Why do you want to put on the act with us? Kishore is a close friend. This is his farm house. We share the same room so we thought we would share you too. What’s the harm?” She kept quiet. I had guessed that my father had brought my mother to town to use her as a sex tool with his clients so that he could get more orders. She didn’t contradict me. I held my mother’s hip and raised her ass. I asked my two friends to help me. Their eyes stuck out on seeing what I was going to do. Suresh held my mother’s shoulder to position her and Kishore put two pillows below her stomach. I placed myself behind her and slowly lowered myself on her buttock. It had red spots all over. I asked Kishore to spread her ass cheeks. He promptly spread his ass cheeks and her puckered hairy hole opened up before my dick. I had forgotten to lubricate my dick. Suresh took up some lotion and applied it on my dick. I then placed my dick at the tip of her asshole. She twitched, but didn’t protest. Then as my two friends looked on in amazement, I slowly inserted my dick inside my mother’s ass. It slid in smoothly half way. This is not the first time I was fucking my mother in the ass and she was used to it. Her passage had got used to repeated ass pounding by me and my father – and I am sure by my father’s clients, so my dick got in smoothly till a certain point. After that, I applied a little pressure and thrust gently. She whined. I thrust a little more and she cried out Ouch! And then I held her hips and began to pound her ass. There was no stopping me now. I jabbed harder and harder as she cried out in pain and pleasure and I turned into an animal. I loved to fuck my mother in the ass. My two friends began to get a hard on seeing like that. I continued to pound my mother and began to shout obscenities at her. I got lost in a trance as I fucked her hard My breathing increased and so did her moaning… Soon I could feel my sperms rushing through my penis… I exploded inside her and fell on her broad back She straightened out on the floor and I laid on top of her back, my dick still inside her ass, growing limp… The three of us took turns to fuck her in the ass till lunch time and she didn’t protest. She gave herself up completely and let us do whatever we wanted to do with her. There was one thing I wanted to do to her. I wanted to fill all her three holes. But that would wait. To be continued… The next two days the three of us fucked my mother in every conceivable manner. She yielded to our combined lust and never protested for once. She was a healthy buxom village woman who had immense capacity for sex. Once her inhibitions were shed, she complied like a bitch in heat and gave in to all our perversions and fantasies.
  19. 19. She cared for us; she wanted us to enjoy and have the fun of our life time; after all I was her son whom she loved more than my father and Kumar and Suresh were my friends. If my father and his business friends could fuck her brutally and beat her up then there was no reason why she couldn’t fuck with us who treated her with respect despite the occasional slaps on her buttocks and other humiliations that we made her go through. Kumar came up with some bright ideas. He acquired a big flat plastic tub. It was afternoon and my mother was inside her room. The three of us drank beer to our heart’s content till our bladders were full. We could hold ourselves no longer and badly needed to pee. All of us were naked as we drank and chatted. We were sitting on the lawn on a piece of cloth and drinking. My mother came out wearing a thin cotton yellow sari without any blouse. That was the way we liked to see her, like a village belle without any blouse. She wore a nose stud and a thin girdle around her waist and bangles around her wrists. She came near us and Kishore pulled her gently on the ground and began kissing her. Suresh grappled her breasts from behind by inserting his hands inside her sari. I raised her sari and pulled down her panty and fingered her ass. As we grappled her from all sides she took our dicks in her hands and rolled the foreskin up and down. She bent down and took our dicks inside her mouth in turn. It was heavenly. We lolled in lazy foreplay and kissed and licked and caressed her all over. Kishore ordered her to get into the big flat plastic tub. She got in and squatted. We got up and stood around her. Then we began to piddle on her. The warm water trickled down her lovely face and big breasts and stomach. We kept on peeing on her. She raised her healthy arms and we directed our urine at her hairy armpits. Slowly the tub began to fill up. We got inside and sat down on our own urine and began to fondle her. All of us were wet. As we splashed and played with her inside the bucket full of urine, she stood up and spread her legs and began to piddle now. I got between her legs and opened my mouth; she directed her stream inside my mouth. Kishore pushed me away and got between her legs and she continued to pee. Then she moved away from him and came over Suresh and peed her last drops over his face. We were already quite drunk and enjoyed this water sport. Then we took turn to fuck her inside the tub. After each of us finished fucking her, we rolled over the lawn and fell into a deep sleep. When we woke up, my mother was not there. The tub was filled with our urine and semen. Kishore shouted out for my mother. She came out of her room, this time naked and ordered us to follow her to the well. We followed her to the well where she drew water from inside and bathed the three of us, scrubbing us from head to toe with soap. After she finished bathing us, we poured water over her and cleaned her from head to toe.
  20. 20. There was no fixed plan to our sex games. We fucked as and when we liked without any inhibition or explanation. We engaged in the most hideous perversions with her. On the second day, Kishore ordered her to shit in front of us. She was hesitant, but she agreed. She had just one condition: she also wanted us to shit in front of her. We agreed. Kishore ordered her to come to the lawn. He spread an old newspaper on the ground and my mother took off her sari and squatted on the ground over the paper. We watched her as she looked at us and smiled. We waited for her to pass the stool, but no stool came out. She was feeling hassled. She gave out a few loud farts but still no stool came out. Maybe she was feeling nervous and embarrassed. Kishore walked up to her and began to pee on her. We followed course and got up and began to piddle on her buxom body. She also began to pee now. But still no shit came out of her ass. She said that she cannot. Kishore said okay, then lick my ass and turned his ass towards her face. She bent forward and gripped his waist and began to lick his ass. She immediately withdrew her mouth and Kishore began to laugh. What happened? Kishore declared that he had just shat a few minutes back and had not cleaned his ass. Fuck man! He had tricked my mother into licking his shitty ass. Suddenly we got excited. My mother rose up now, she was taken aback by this trickery. But there was no stopping us now. Suresh grabbed my mother’s arms and directed her to Kishore’s ass. She protested, but we wouldn’t budge. Kishore lied down on the ground with his face down and propped up his ass. Suresh grabbed my mother’s hair roughly and directed her face to his shitty ass. I whispered into my mother’s ears – “Please mother, please lick his ass. We will also lick your shitty ass.” Well, whether she liked it or not, we made her lick Kishore’s ass. We had to force her, hold her head tight against his ass, but she did it. As she licked his ass, I directed her hand to Kishore’s dick and she held his dick and began to jerk him off. Kishore began to moan in pleasure. Now she got into the mode and began to masturbate him vigorously. Suresh grappled her breasts and I inserted my finger inside her asshole. She continued to masturbate Kishore till he ejaculated in her hand. Kishore lost interest and moved his ass away from my mother’s mouth and got up. As soon as Kishore got up, my mother gave out a loud fart and passed her first shit on the ground – a small piece of turd. Then she farted again. Suddenly Suresh spread his palms beneath my mother ass and she passed her second shit on his hands. Suresh stayed like that, with his hands joined together as if in supplication, and my mother began to shit on his hands as Kishore and I looked on in amazement. Suresh’s hands were now full of my mother’s shit. She now got up. Suresh held her shit as if it were Prasad. Suddenly Suresh got up, still holding the pile of shit in his hands and smeared it on my mother’s breasts. She was taken by surprise. She began to run. Kishore and I chased her and pinned her down on the ground. Suresh got down on her and smeared the shit all over her stomach and navel and
  21. 21. her lovely face and we broke out into laughter. She gradually gave in to our game and joined in our laughter as all of us now played with her shit and gave her a thorough shit massage. We turned her over and licked her shitty ass. Our bodies were smeared with her shit and the three of us got into the tub which was already filled with our urine. We played inside the tub full of urine and shit and kissed my mother and fucked her again and again in the filth… The last day, we slept till late after a night of wild orgy. All of us were exhausted. My mother as usual got up early and made tea for all of us and then sucked our penis in turn and woke us up. She was already decked like a bride with bangles on both hands and a thin golden girdle around her thick waist and a sexy nose stud and sindoor on her forehead. She wore the sari in the sexy seedha pallu style with the ghoonghat over her head like a coy bride. But she wore no blouse. She was banned from wearing any blouse. She was our combined bride with whom we could do whatever we liked. We woke up with the lovely sight of her, our sexy village buxom bride waiting on us. We drank our tea and looked at her. Kishore ordered, “Show us your ass,” and she obediently turned around and hitched up her sari and pulled down her panty and exposed her ass to us. “Turn around now,” Suresh ordered. Still holding the sari, she turned around and faced us. “Insert your finger and masturbate,” Kishore ordered. And she began to masturbate as we watched her. Kishore finished his tea and got up and pulled her to the bed. Suresh took off her sari. All of us were hard. We decided to fuck her in all the three holes. I laid down on the bed and ordered her to come on me. She spread her legs on both sides of my hip and lowered her cunt on my penis till my entire dick went inside her cunt. Kishore took out a lotion and applied it inside her rectum and around his own penis. Then he slowly pushed his dick inside my mother’s ass. Suresh got up and came over me, his ass over my face and directed my mother’s mouth around his dick. Suresh’s ass was just over my face. The four of us had formed a circle. My dick inside my mother’s cunt, Kishore’s dick inside her ass and Suresh’s dick inside her mouth. All her holes were filled. I held Suresh’s hip and lowered his ass a little and stuck out my tongue and began to lick his ass as he began to thrust his dick inside my mother’s mouth. Kishore now began to pump my mother’s ass and as a result her cunt began to move around my hard dick. All of us began to move and moan in pleasure as we gave into united pleasure. All of us were groaning and the combined sound raised our blood. We fucked and fucked – fucked all her holes and uttered abuses against her and called her mother-fucker and whore and what not and she closed her eyes and took in all the shit we gave her. Our bladders were full and we knew it would take a long time for us to ejaculate, so we decided to take turns. We took our dicks from inside her holes and switched positions. Kishore laid down and she got on top of him while I got behind her back and Suresh
  22. 22. continued to fuck her in the mouth while Kishore licked his ass. Then Suresh jabbed her ass while I fucked her in the mouth while Kishore licked my ass. And it went on and on… till she came and began to shout and moan in pleasure. But we held on and continued to pump her by switching positions and gave her multiple orgasms that day. Then we could hold ourselves no longer and shot off inside her holes ultimately. She took in all our load and collapsed on the bed, all exhausted. We were also exhausted and fell into a heap and went off to sleep after we peed on her sweaty body and made the bed dirty. There was one thing left for us to do with her. We had given her pleasure and she had given us pleasure. We now wanted to give her pain. So on the last day, Kishore summoned her in the afternoon when we were naked and high and horny again and tied her hands behind her back tightly. She was wearing a thin cotton white sari and looking ravishing. She was surprised. Why were we tying her hands? Kishore now took a thick rope and tied it around her thick waist and tied the other end of the rope at the back of his bike. Then he got on to his bike and started the bike and began to drive around in circle around the compound. We looked on in amazement as my mother was forced to run behind the bike with her hands tied behind her back. It was a strange sight that we began to enjoy. It had rained heavily last night and the ground was patchy. Kishore increased the speed of the bike and she had to run faster in order to keep up with the speed of the bike. She began to trip and fall down on the wet mud. At such moments, Kishore reduced the speed, stopped, waited for my mother to get up and once again sped the bike with my mother running behind him. We got into the spirit of the game and began to run along with her. We were naked but my mother was wearing the thin cotton sari that began to get dirty as she fell down repeatedly on the ground. Kishore would stop the bike, let her rise and start the bike again. Slowly her sari began to tear away and began to reveal chunks of her flesh. It hurt her but Kishore was like an animal now. Next time when she fell on the ground and cried out in pain, Kishore took time to stop his bike and dragged her body through some distance till she began to bleed. Red spots began to appear over her body, her arms and breasts and her nipples grazed against the wet mud. She became muddy all over and tears rolled down her beautiful face as she begged Kishore to stop. But there was no stopping Kishore. Now we took turns to drive the bike and dragged my mother through the mud. Her sari slowly tore away and she was a pile of mud and blood spots all over. She was crying profusely. We drove her and dragged her for more than an hour till she could take no more. She was now naked and her whole body was caked in mud and blood. We stopped torturing her and gathered around her body. Her hands were still tied around her back and the rope was tied around her thick waist. We formed a circle around her and
  23. 23. began to piddle on her. We washed away the mud and blood with our urine till her beautiful face was clean again. But the ultimate humiliation was still left. Kishore shouted out for the caretaker of the farm house. The caretaker, a middle-aged ugly man of around 55 but strong and sturdy came running out of the servant’s quarter. He must have watched the entire show from his window. My mother was too weak to look at him. Kishore gestured him to get down on my mother. When my mother saw the ugly man lowering himself over her naked body, she screamed. The man struck my mother across her beautiful face and clamped her mouth with his coarse hand and pulled away his dhoti and took out his big fucking dick. Then he turned my mother around and propped up her big ass which was red all over. Then he thrust his pole inside my mother’s big fat ass as my mother shrieked in horror… The three of us went back to the house as the caretaker continued to pound my mother mercilessly. We heard her screams for two hours or more, in intervals I didn’t know what that ugly man made her go through I shuddered at the thought.But I knew I had to comfort her after this ordeal, soothe her and kiss her and make love to her and bring her back to health and take her back to home in our village.But till that time, I listened on in horror as she cried out my name and begged me from the distance to relieve her from this horror and take her back home… 2 Hi friends this is Raj again with my new story which is good to read and feel to be made. your comments at My love affair with large women began when I shoplifted my first copy of Playboy. Flicking through the pages, I instantly became a tit man. The next step was when I realized that skinny chicks didn't have big tits, by and large, without the help of a surgeon at any rate. The final hook was when I saw my own mother naked. Mom is beautiful. She always has been, from looking at high school pictures. She's always been big as well, which meant that she didn't have an easy time with guys. The sentence she hates more than any other is "Your face is really pretty, though". That's what she's gotten her whole life. People thinking that it's a shame she's so big since she's so pretty. But like I said, I always thought Mom was hot, especially after seeing her totally naked. I was sneaking out for a cigarette, tiptoeing down the stairs trying to make no noise at all and I peeked in at her bedroom door to make sure she wasn't gonna catch me.What I saw stopped me in my tracks. She was standing in front of the mirror naked, looking at her body, squeezing her breasts lightly. They were incredible. Enormous. Luscious. My cock was throbbing, aching in my jeans as I watched her.
  24. 24. They were surprisingly firm for her age and for their size but I didn't know that at the time. I was just transfixed by the most beautiful, biggest breasts I'd ever seen. I went straight back up to my room and jacked off, stroking my cock harder than I ever had before, picture my mother's beautiful chest as I came, shooting sticky streaks of jism all over an old photo of her that I had in my photo album. After that, I always tried to sneak peeks at her. Once I saw her getting out of the shower, assuming that I was sleeping in and that she could walk back to her room without being spied. Seeing her gigantic breasts bounce as she walked gave me masturbation material for weeks afterwards. I stopped fucking girls from school because they just didn't seem to measure up any more. (Truth be told, how could they measure up with 38DD?) I was obsessed with my own mother, obsessed with seeing her naked, touching her all over, tasting her, loving her, fucking her. Oops, there I go, my cock running away from me and telling the story as he sees it. Time to backtrack a bit.A couple of years before all this happened, my parents split. What seemed to me at the time as a total random event I now know was on the cards a long time. Dad had fucked around on Mom pretty much since their honeymoon. And Mom, she'd felt shitter and shittier as her husband rejected her over and over for other women. It got to the point where she'd given up on sex, love and romance absolutely. She thought she was a fat bitch who nobody could ever want. Of course, at the time I saw her naked I didn't know any of this. I thought she was unbelievably hot and my teenage mind assumed that she would be fucking someone. Of course someone with a body that hot would be fucking someone. I was just off in my teenage male world, fantasizing about her every night. And then one day she just didn't get out of bed. I came home from college to find her still in bed, watching some talk show.You feeling sick, Mom?" I asked.I'm okay, hon," she said, giving me a smile that wouldn't have fooled anyone.Didn't you go to work today?"I just didn't feel up to it," she said and then burst into tears. I didn't know what to do.I sat on the bed beside her and put my arms around her. She couldn't stop crying, just sobbed into my shoulder. I felt weird, like the parent-child relationship had just been stood on its head. I made soothing noises and kissed her hair. I'm sorry, Alex," she said when the tears had subsided somewhat, "I didn't mean to dump this on you."Mom, it's fine. I want you to be able to talk to me."I just feel so fucking awful," she said. Mom never swears. Not that I'd heard, at least. "I feel so ugly and stupid. This big fat lump wasting space."Mom, you're beautiful," I protested, tears pricking my eyes.Thank you for being such a sweetie, but you don't need to lie to me," she said, stroking my hair. I mean it," I said, my throat dry, "you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I see other women and I always think that none of them is even close to being as sexy as you. I know it's wrong, but you're just so hot, Mom, your body is so beautiful and Good" I trailed off.I'd said too much, I knew it. But hearing her put herself down like that, I
  25. 25. couldn't help but set the record straight.You think my body is beautiful, Alex?" Mom asked me in a small voice.Here was the moment of truth. It's amazing, Mom. I've been, um well, I've looked at you sometimes when you've been naked andYou've been spying on me?" she asked. Was that indignation in her voice? Or humor? Or what?I couldn't help it, I just couldn't. You're so hot I just needed to see you."Is it me you think about all those times you stroke that big beautiful cock, Alex?"You've seen me?"It's like you're off in another world. You wouldn't notice even if I sat down beside you and started stroking with you."I felt like I was going to faint. I fantasize about you every day. Again and again. I can't stop it," I blurted, my words tumbling over each other. "And if you sat down and started stroking my cock I think I'd fucking explode."I wouldn't want you to explode straight away, my naughty boy," Mom said, softly and seductively. "You've fucked a few high school sluts, a few of those loose college chicks, you should be able to hold on for me."I couldn't say anything."I've wanted you for so long, Alex, I've watched you grow up into a man, a beautiful man and I've wanted to have my son's cock inside me. I've wanted you to love my body but I thought I was too ugly." Mom, big women are so beautiful. I love their curves, their big huge breasts. Your big huge breasts most of all."My lovely mother let her dressing gown fall open. She was topless underneath and I moaned involuntarily.You like Mommy's big tits, my naughty little boy?"I love them, I've craved them for so long."Does anyone else have tits as good as mine, baby?"Yours are perfect," I said, taking the enormous globes in my hands. They were so big and soft and heavy. I juggled them lightly, watching the flesh ripple in my hands. Take the gown off, Mom, I want to see your beautiful big body totally naked. I want to see all of you."She obeyed me, standing before me in all her glory. I ran one hand over her incredible ass, so big and beautiful. I slapped in playfully, tracing my fingertips across her big thighs, brushing them over the soft, shaven mound of her pussy. She whimpered lightly.Feed me your tits, Mom. Feed me them like you did when I was a baby." She smiled at me, a beautiful, genuine smile. She cupped her breasts, one in each hand and pressed them together. The expanse of flesh crushed together made the most astonishing cleavage I've ever seen. I couldn't resist burying my face in between them, sucking and licking the soft warm flesh, greedily slurping at my mother's bountiful jugs.Suck my big tits, you horny little fuck," Mom said, "lick every inch of them." I did what she said, gratefully, my tongue slithering over her impressive rack, homing in on her big nipples, jutting out over an inch. I swirled my tongue around, tasting, tweaking one with my teeth, biting gently, tugging on it, sucking it into my mouth, rotating around it, the tip of my tongue flickering, dancing, stimulating. Mom grabbed the back of my head with one hand and pushed my face into her soft, sweet tits. I was in heaven.
  26. 26. Then I felt her soft hand wrap around my shaft and I went crazy. I started fucking her hand wildly. She squeezed my cock head hard.Settle down, baby, Mommy's got a lot more for you to do yet."I want to fuck you, Mom," I mumbled into her breasts. I want you to spread those big sexy thighs and straddle me, to impale your big gorgeous body on my cock."Don't worry, my love," she said with a wicked grin, "Mom's gonna fuck that beautiful cock of yours but not just yet." I kept up my lavish attentions on her delicious mounds. I pinched her nipples, pulling them out from her breast so she moaned and gasped and pushed her groin into me, her shaven cunt girding against my rock hard member. She rode me like this while I tongued her breasts vigorously. I pinched her nipples extra hard and she screamed. Fuck yes, baby, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck yes yes yes it's been to fucking long and my baby's making me cum so hard." Her whole body shook and spasm against me, as the waves of her orgasm overtook her. She suddenly pushed me backwards, hard. She tore my pants off me and straddled me. Looking up, I could see the full beauty of her magnificent body and I was awestruck.You like big women, my beautiful Alex?" she asked.Yes," I said, "Yes, yes, yes"Who's the most beautiful big women, my baby?" You are, Mom, you're the fucking best and ohhhh fuck." In one movement, my mother dropped onto me, her hand guiding my cock into her. Her weight pressed down onto me and my cock slipped deep into her slick pussy. The feeling of her weight on me was the best in the world, her hot, dripping cunt massaging my cock, driving me wild. She moved on me, rotating her luscious body until my head was spinning. She rode me like crazy, her soaking cunt sliding up and down my prick and her mammoth breasts bouncing around with each stroke.Mom, I'm gonna cum inside you," I gasped."I'm still fucking cumming," she said, "you dirty nasty naughty boy you're making Mommy cum so hard and it's so so good." You like it, Mom?"Call me a slut, baby, tell it like it is."You like fucking me, my slut Mom? You like riding my big cock? Your slippery little cunt slamming down onto me?" I couldn't carry on because the best orgasm of my life was shooting through me. My whole body tensed, I arched up and filled her as full as I possibly could. Pumping all my jism into my mother's sexy cunt, I was happier than I'd ever been.So that's where it started. I thought it was the best I'd ever have, but it got a whole lot wilder from there on in. Big beautiful women are the best in the world 3 Beep, beep, beep." The damn alarm clock screams to wake me up for my first day back at college. I wasn't looking forward to going back for my second semester. I had extremely hard classes scheduled. I had to take my highest math class, my highest science course,
  27. 27. and my highest English course, all in one semester. By the time I was out of the shower, my Mom was heading out. My Mom was an English professor at my college. She taught an advanced English course, which I thankfully wasn't required to take.My Mother was an incredible woman. She was 35 years old, but didn't look a day over 29. She had me when she was 16, but had somehow managed to graduate from high school, get into college, and get a doctorate in literature and philosophy. Even with working a hard job and having to put up with a 19 year old son, My Mom had no gray hairs or wrinkles. She even managed to find time to get to the gym and keep her awesome figure (5'5", 120 pounds, medium breasts which were still perky and not sagging, and a cute bubble butt, sleek mid section, and shoulder length, light brown hair). My Mom was the best looking 35 year old I've ever seen. An hour after my Mom had left, I made my way to college. I got through my first two classes that day and had one left, English. I had never looked at my schedule for the professor's name. If I had, I wouldn't have been surprised when my Mom walked into the class room.Afternoon class, my name is Professor Reema Sharma, this is English 102, section 39..." She continued with her introduction. As she spoke, I wondered how the hell she wound up teaching this class, she was supposed to be teaching a much higher English class. Fortunately for me, she had changed back to her maiden name when she divorced my dad so we had different last names, And no one had caught on to the fact that I was her son. I wasn't happy at all that I was in her class. Besides the fact she was my Mom, professor Reema Sharma was one of the toughest professors on campus.After class was out and all the other students had left, I went up to my Mom and asked her how she had wound up teaching this class. She told me that one of the professors had moved and they needed someone to take over this class for him. She then told me that she wouldn't tell anybody I was her son. She didn't want anyone to think she was favoring me if I happened to be getting a good grade in the class.The first couple of weeks weren't that bad, but she did give a ton of homework, and she always made me participate in the class discussions. During classes I'd always hear some of the guys talking about her, saying, "Hey, look at that ass, don't you want to fuck her?". At first I was sickened by those comments, but it wasn't long before I found myself thinking those same thoughts, and having visions of her naked. It was easy to have those thoughts. Because of my schedules of school and work, I couldn't go out on any dates and I hadn't bedded anybody in almost a year. Soon those thoughts of her naked turned into full-on, X-rated visions. I found myself actually wanting to fuck my own mother. I didn't actually think it would happen, but it did.
  28. 28. It happened one day at school. My Mom had asked my that morning to stay after class and help her rearrange the room. I agreed to, not having any thoughts or hopes at the time of fucking her. I got through that day and stayed after to help her. We moved the desks all around and moved some cabinets. I went to the opposite side of the room to move a table back toward the wall. I saw a roll of duct tape laying on the floor next to the table. I picked it up and set it on the table, and walked around behind the table to pull it toward the wall. I started pulling the table toward me when I stopped to look at my Mom. She was on the far side of the room with her back turned to me. She was bending over a desk trying to move it. I stood there admiring her ass and her legs. She was wearing somewhat tight blue jeans and a gray pullover sweater. I had visions of tearing them off of her when I got an idea. I grabbed the roll of duct tape in front of me and crouched down behind the table. I took the roll and began taping around a support bar under the table. I then made a long strip with the tape running from the cross bar."What are you doing?" My Mom surprised me.Nothing." I said, looking up at her. She was leaning over the table to see what I was doing. I noticed she had her hands on the table in front of her. I slowly reached my hand up for hers. I took hold of them and said, " Here, feel this."Her hands followed mine to the edge of the table. Then in a quick move I grabbed her hands with my left hand, pulled her toward me, causing her to fall onto the table, then I taped her wrists together with my right hand. What were you doing?" She asked as if I were playing a joke. I didn't answer, I just walked around behind her. She was bent over the table and couldn't move that well. Her hands were restrained and her feet barely touched the floor. I stood right behind her, reached under her and undid her jeans.No. Please don't?" She begged. I slowly pulled her jeans down to her ankles, took off her shoes and sock, and pulled her jeans off. I took out my pocket knife and cut away her sweater, which was the only thing she wore besides her bra. Now she lay bent over the table wearing only her black bra and panties. I then cut away her bra. Honey don't do this." She pleaded. I didn't listen to her. I slowly pulled her panties down past her ass. I stared lovingly at it for a second before sliding her panties all the way down her silky legs and tossed them aside. Feeling desperate at this moment, my Mom started kicking her legs, trying to fight me away. She was sobbing now still asking me to stop, but I was just starting. I crouched down behind her and took hold of her legs. She was still trying to fight me off, but I had a tight grip. I leaned into her and ran my tongue over her love triangle. She tried fighting even more. I then began flicking my tongue over her pussy lips, first slow then fast.Her sobs of tears soon became soft moans of pleasure. She still tried to kick me off of her. I searched around the slit of her entrance with my tongue, up and down. I then inserted my tongue into her.
  29. 29. She let out a loud moan. Her legs stopped kicking. As my tongue searched inside of her she gave up fighting. At this point she was to far gone to care that I was her son. As I tongue fucked her, moaned in pleasure. I was sure someone could hear her.I then went for the kill, I slid my tongue out of her and searched around until I found her clit. I licked around it, flicked it with my tongue, and then covered it with my lips and began to suck. Her moans turned to screams. Her legs shuddered as I sucked her clit. Her body was writhing in pleasure and soon she came. Her body slowly settled down after I stopped sucking. I stood up to look at my Mom. She lay prone on the table. Over her heavy breaths she said, "Fuck me.""What was that?" I replied.Fuck me Raj Finish what you started," she demanded.I quickly removed my shoes and socks. I threw my shirt across the room, pulled my jeans off, and removed my boxers. I stood behind my Mom, took hold of my cock and began rubbing it along the entrance to her pussy. The in one trust, I slid into my Mother. With that one simple move, our relationship changed from Mother and Son to lovers. I buried my dick into her balls deep. She let out a load moan.Come on fuck me. Fuck me until I can't walk anymore." She screamed.I did as I was told. I fucked my Mother's pussy real slow and then a little faster, and then slow again. I kept changing the pace and it was driving her crazy. She felt so good. Her cunt was very hot and wet. Each time I drove in and out of her, she became hotter. Her pussy was so hot it felt like it could burn my man-pole. I pulled my cock out until just the head remained in, then I drove it into her as hard as I could. Then I slowly pulled it back out, this time I completely removed it. I stood there and watched her reaction. Her body was still bucking.Fucking put it back in me, I want you to fuck me harder, I want to feel you cum in me." She demanded. I did as she requested and shoved it back into her. I fucked her as fast and as hard as I could. I felt her pussy muscles clinch my dick and she began to shudder as she came. I followed right behind her, driving my cock into her one last time as I came in my Mom. I leaned over onto her and we stayed like that for a moment without saying a word. We stuck to each other from the sweat and I could fell her taking deep breaths. I reached for my knife and went to cut her free only to realize that she had broken through the tape from her orgasm.Please leave." She said in a half whisper. "Just hand me my raincoat from that cabinet and go."I did just that, got dressed and left. I left her there, laying bent over a table that was covered in sweat, completely naked. That night when my Mom got home, she went straight to her room. She said nothing to me and she was gone before I got up the next morning. I didn't see her the entire day until I had to go to class. At first it didn't look like she'd show. Finally she walked in ten minutes late, wearing a black dress that showed the shape of her body very well.The entire class was just a discussion. For the first time she totally ignored me. She didn't call on me once. Things were not looking good. After class was over I heard her ask, "Raj, may I speak to you for a minute?".
  30. 30. I stayed and waited for everybody to leave. After all the other students were gone, my Mom pulled up a chair near her desk. "Have a seat, I'll be right back."She walked out of the room and I took a seat in the chair. I sat there and waited for a few minutes before she walked back into the room and took a seat on her desk directly in front of me. She just sat there for a minute looking at me. I was feeling pretty nervous at this point. Mom..", I tried to say but she cut me off.No, don't say anything." She said, "I know you're thinking that I'm going to give you the speech about how what we did was wrong and that it will never happen again.", she paused. She stood up, walked over behind her desk, opened a drawer and stuck her hand in it. But I'm not going to." She withdrew her hand from the drawer and showed me what she was holding. It was the roll of duct tape. She walked over to me, crouched down, pulled the pant legs up on my jeans and taped my right ankle to the right leg of the chair and my left ankle to the left leg. Now I was restrained. My Mom then undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles along with my boxer shorts. She pulled my shirt off and stood up. She then began to strip. She kicked off her heals and pulled her shoulder straps off and let her dress fall to the floor. She wore no underwear. She stood there completely naked before me. She walked up and slowly straddled me in the chair. Her wet, warm womanhood pressed against my manhood.Welcome to sex ed one-on-one, this is the hands on training section, I am your professor, you may call me Dr. Sharma." She began. "Would you like to start this lab?" Yes." I replied."Would you like to fuck me?" Yes.""Good!"She then slid off of me and crouched down before me. She took my prick in her hand and put the tip in her mouth. She circled her tongue around the tip, then she out the head back in her mouth, but this time followed through and went all the way down the shaft. She slowly bobbed her head up and down. She kept this up using her hand and tongue. She could tell I couldn't take much more of this. She stood up, took hold of my cock, and as she straddled me, she put the head up to her pussy lips. She rubbed it in then sat down onto it. We both moaned as my prick easily slipped into her. She slowly rocked up and down on my dick. She was now in control and she loved it. She was getting her pay back and she'd take full advantage of it. She fucked me faster and faster. I couldn't take much more, but just when I was about to come she stopped for a second, waited then slowly started again. She fucked my slow, but hard, grinding her hips into mine. I took hold of her breasts and took turns sucking each one. I played with each nipple, flicking my tongue over each one and then sucking on them. She took hold of my hands and guided them down her body to her ass. My hands greedily grabbed each cheek. My mouth still played with her breasts as she fucked me in the chair. She picked up the pace again. Sweat poured off her body. She looked so beautiful with the sweat gleaming on her body. I leaned back in the chair, my hands still holding her
  31. 31. lovely ass as she fucked me as fast as she could go. I was coming, but then she stopped again. She continued this three or four more times. Slowly fucking me, then picking up the pace, and stopping before I came. This payback was hell, but at the same time it was heaven. She stopped one last time. Are you ready? I know I am." She said.Yes I'm ready." I responded. Then let's come together."She didn't bother starting slow. She went straight for the kill. She fucked me with all that she had left in her. Soon, I felt her pussy muscles tighten as she leaned back to get more leverage. My hands harnessed her in as she picked up the pace to an unbelievable speed. It wasn't long before we were both coming. I came in my Mother as she had her orgasm and then collapsed onto me. We held each other for a few hours in that chair before going home where we fucked again, this time all night long. 4 I am thirty seven years old, a happily married woman with flat and firm belly and a deep round belly button. I have fairly large and firm breasts with deep cleavage between the two mounds. Blessed with round and fleshy ass cheeks and deep ass crack, my anal canal is fairly deep and slippery with rounded rectum having a little darker color as compared to my creamy buttocks. My pussy is fairly deep, slippery and protruding outwards; making a distinctively visible v shape between crotch and it could only be filled with a long and plump size dick of my hubby. But I still get excited when I see huge and stout cocks in the blue movies. The size of my breasts is 36 C, waist above my pussy line is 28 and my round ass is 38. I enjoy exposing my torso, waist, belly button and even my legs whenever an opportunity exists. I feel amused to create a stir in people’s trousers and that’s why most of the women in our family don’t like me. However, all the male members of our family have strong liking for me. My husband has made me a slut as he himself is very horny and always uses all of my holes while making love. For me getting my anus filled with his warm cum is equally thrilling as is my pussy. He licks my anal and pussy holes with single long stroke of his fleshy tongue thus creating a stir down my spine, giving eternal delight to both of my love holes simultaneously. I always squirt ferociously when his 8 inches long and pulsating meatloaf pumps deep down my slippery anal hole while he keeps on pinching and squeezing my pussy lips, clit and cervix with his fingers. After fucking my deep anal canal he licks and eats my pussy and clit so passionately that I squirt my love juice like a jet shooter in his mouth. He too is very hot and I even once caught him masturbating while keeping my younger sister’s photo in his hand.
  32. 32. However, instead of getting infuriated with him I became horny and started eating his 8 inches long throbbing meat loaf until he shot his love load in my mouth. This developed more sexual understanding between me and my husband and we reached a silent agreement not to bother about how the other partner enjoys his or her sex life. This way we both were happy and a satisfied couple enjoying a thrilling sex life. However, during the summer holidays, I was alone in my bed and was starving for sex as my husband was out of country. I wanted someone in my bed and entering his meat in my heavenly canals. Although I had been masturbating regularly before sleeping, experimenting with different artificial toys and elongated vegetables like cucumbers and carrots etc in my holes, yet I was starving for the true spice in my sex life. It was during these days when my seventeen years old son informed me that his friend Naveed was going to stay with us for the next ten days as his parents were going abroad. I knew Naveed and his family very well. He is a fair colored, tall guy with muscular body and is equally intelligent. Belonging to a decent family living in posh area of the town, he had often been coming to our home and we were quite familiar with one another. The two families had developed good understanding and relationship due to the friendship of sons. To me he was just like my son and to him I was just like his loving mother. On the very first night, when they went to sleep in my son’s bed, I came back to my bed, undressed myself, took my sex toys and started masturbating. Soon I reached close to vicious orgasm when I decided to delay it as I wanted to remain in the blissful world for longer. I pulled the toy out of my pussy and decided to take a glass of wine so as to delay the process of my orgasm. I moved towards kitchen without wearing or wrapping anything around my busty ass and fleshy melons. I was in the middle of the corridor when I heard some moaning whimpers from the bed of my son. “Is everything okay”? I got worried and stopped near the door. The moans were getting louder and louder with every passing second. I knew my son never locked the door from inside as did I. My heart started throbbing with uncertainty but stopped short of pushing the door open. I never wanted to infringe in to their privacy and I decide to peep through the key hole, while standing naked with all my assets out in the open. I was shocked to see what was happening in the room. My son was sitting in the chair with his eyes closed and his friend was sitting at the floor with his face dug against my son’s crotch. His one hand was softly rolling around his 8 inches long meat shaft and the other hand was gently rubbing his balls while the round head of my son’s cock was in his mouth. He was eating my son’s meat while my son was moaning with ecstasy. I could see the face of my son turning red and stiff in ecstasy as he was close to a wild orgasm. He took the cheeks of his fried in his hands, pulled his head towards his crotch