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Where To Catch Peacock Bass


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If you have ever Wondered about Where To Catch Peacock Bass and what it means, this Document will Help Explain all the Issues and Processes Involved in a Clear and Precise Manner. Please Continue Reading to Find Out More.

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Where To Catch Peacock Bass

  1. 1. amazon peacock bass fishing Amazon peacock bass fishing offers fast, hard fishing that puts even the best largemouth hotspots to shame. In Brazil, peacock bass grow larger, fight harder, and show up in greater numbers than any bass you'll find in North America. This is the ultimate vacation for any angler. An All-Access Pass to the Best of the Rio Negro The Rio Negro is the largest northern tributary of the Amazon, and discharges more water every second than the Mississippi and Columbia rivers combined. It supports a vibrant aquatic ecosystem and an active fishing industry. Amongst all of it, there are incredible numbers of peacock bass. You'll cruise in a shallow-draft luxury yacht capable of traversing even the shallowest lengths of the Rio Negro. A fleet of fully equipped TRACKER fishing boats will trail along behind, tethered to the yacht, just waiting to take you in close to the fish. With these vessels at your disposal, the bass will only be safe behind international borders To improve your odds even further, each boat is guided on a 2x1 basis. You can count on your guide to make good use of the boat's tech and consistently put you and your buddy on productive waters. Everything You Need on Your Boat In addition to your guide and the trappings of a TRACKER boat, you will have everything else you need waiting for you on the water. While fly fishers will need to bring their own equipment, those who don't mind traditional casting will have approximately $1,000 worth of high-quality rods, reels and tackle at their disposal. Of course, you are welcome to use your favorite gear from home if you'd prefer. Just keep in mind that you can't bring along more than 35 pounds of luggage on the charter flight to the yacht.
  2. 2. Finally, the crew will make sure that you never go hungry or thirsty while you're fishing. They will pack a fresh lunch for you and have it waiting in your boat every day. On top of that, you'll have a cooler full of soda, beer, and water. You can easily go from dawn to dusk without ever setting your fishing pole down. An Angler's Dream Most bass fishers regard the largemouth as the best species around, and not without justification. However, they rarely grow larger than 24 inches long. The peacock bass can exceed lengths of 36 inches! Amazon peacock bass fishing gives you the best of everything: the biggest bass, and the same hard, spectacular fights you'd expect from a prize largemouth. These freshwater monsters will throw their entire three-foot bulk into the air or light your reel on fire with a crazed burst of speed. Peacock bass are also worth pursuing simply because they're such beautiful fish. Their orange-red fins and underbelly, stark black stripes, and distinctive, peacock-tail eye marking make them absolutely unique. A picture of you with a particularly large specimen is bound to start up conversations, even with people who normally have no interest in fishing. Expect the Unexpected While you will mainly catch peacock bass, this is the Amazon. New fish species are discovered here every single year. You should expect that, at least occasionally, something else will seize your lure! Perhaps the most commonly caught secondary species on these trips are the Amazon's immense catfish. Expect to see true heavyweights, such as the redtail. You can run into just about anything out here. Take the time to figure out what you've caught before hauling it onto the boat! Piranha Fishing Piranha fishing is a bit like catching sunfish back in the States—fast, easy, and, while not the most glorious of fishing pursuits, often just a load of fun. While other fish will test your stealth, piranhas charge straight for disturbances in the water and chomp down on just about any piece of bait. To catch piranha, locals simply take a stick or piece of bamboo and tie a few feet of line to it. They then poke the makeshift rod into the water and shake it around to create the sound of a distressed animal. More often than not, a piranha will swim right up to the boat and take the bait that's hanging just an arm's length from you. You can pull them out one after another this way, never even having to do so much as cast. You'll have plenty of opportunities for piranha fishing on your trip. Just let your guide know if you're interested and they'll make sure you get to go. Ecotourism
  3. 3. The Amazon rainforest holds nearly one-third of the world's unique species. While it's hard to put the rod down when the fishing is so incredible, you can't miss the opportunity to explore the wildest place on Earth. The outfitter makes it easy to schedule an eco-tour during your trip. . . . and Much More Incredible dining, adventurous nighttime caiman-spotting trips, and laid-back luaus are staples of these Amazon peacock bass fishing trips. You won't find more exciting opportunities for adventure or more carefully tailored service with any other fishing outfitter. Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Learn More by Visiting