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Library2Go: A Brief Tour


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Library2Go: A Brief Tour

  1. 1. library2go:a brief tour created by carly dennis
  2. 2. library2go has:✴ ebooks✴ audiobooks several genres:✴ videos ✴ biography ✴ art ✴ drama ✴ classic literature ✴ historical fiction ✴ and much more...
  3. 3. The ‘Home’ Page
  4. 4. menu bar
  5. 5. click to go to the Library2Go ‘Home’ pageclick to see the title(s) in your 2Go Cart awaitingcheckoutclick to change your lending periods, see the titles youchecked out, and see titles on your hold listclick to get help with overdrive, your ereader deviceAnd moreclick to see website and support links to participatinglibrariesclick to log in with your library card number and pin
  6. 6. Basic Search
  7. 7. basic search1. put the title, author, or isbn into the search box2. choose the format3. choose the field that you would like to search under4. check the ‘only show available titles’ box
  8. 8. advanced search ✴ located on right side of the screen (next to the basic search option)advanced ✴ allows you to search in a search more detailed way
  9. 9. advanced searchSearch by:✴title✴author✴isbn✴format✴language✴publisher✴subject✴awards✴date added to library2gocheck the ‘only show titleswith copies available’ boxhint: less is more. try filteringyour search using less thanthree of these options. you willreceive more results.