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River project


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is about the medellin river

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River project

  1. 1. By:Johann López.School Manuel Mejía Vallejo
  2. 2.  The Medellín River or river Aburráis a Colombian River that flowsthrough the city of Medellín and itsmetropolitan area, is the only Riverin this place. Born 3100 metersabove the sea level, at the top ofSan Miguel, in the municipality ofCaldas, South of the Aburrá Valley,descends the Valley of Aburrá, itruns through ten municipalities, ithas a distance of 98 km and 2 kmafter, already with the name ofPorce River, it flows into the riverNechi.
  3. 3. Medellin River .
  4. 4.  Medellín populous and flowing along the history of the city, the Riverfulfilled the role of landfill wastewater, which is still contaminatedtoday with tons of organic matter and toxic waste as cyanides, phenols,sulfides , mercury and lead. The first manifestations of pollution AburráValley initially felt in the 60 streams that are located in the mostdensamentean in the river without any treatment.Medellin RiverProblems
  5. 5. TheMedellinriver wasclean…BeforeBorn of the river
  6. 6. The Medellinriver thiscontaminatedNow
  7. 7. WhatWeWant
  8. 8. How we can change the contamination? We can solve the problems ofpollution of the Medellín river mainly,proposing new ideas for, and so thatin the future we have a river like theearlier, clean, offering time andworking as a team.
  9. 9. In these project we want cleanthe rivers, but the first thing isChange the Word