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  1. 1. DESCRIPTION <br />
  2. 2. He is a elderly, he is thin. He is short, he has short, straight and whitehair. Hisface is long, hiseyes are smalland round. hisskin is color <br />He is wearing a small, round, antique, brown , plainhat. He has a whiteshirt. He has a browntie, and a brown pants.<br />DESCRIPTION OF OLD MAN<br />
  3. 3. she is a woman. she is a adult. she is thin. she is tall. She has short, straight and blondhair, she has thinlips, hereyes are big, enlogated and light brown, herskin is color white<br />She is wearing a plain, red blouse, she has a beautiful,modern and elegantblackjacket and a modern red belt . She has anearrings.<br />DESCRIPTION OF ADULT<br />
  4. 4. He is a boy, he is thin, he is short, he has short, straight and blondhair, hisface is round, hislips are thin, he has small, enlogated, blueeyes. Hisskin is color white.<br />He is wearinggreen, plainshirt and a modernblue jean<br />DESCRIPTION OF DE BOY<br />