Make A Commitment Following The 8 Core Commitments


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When you can make a commitment each and every day to your own personal success, you will achieve much more than monetary gain. Learn of the 8 core commitments that have changed so many lives.

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Make A Commitment Following The 8 Core Commitments

  1. 1. Make A Commitment Following The 8 Core Commitments ingwealth4u/blog/make- a- commitment- following- the- 8- core- commitments?id=amaz ingwealth4u March 31, 2013Make a CommitmentNo mat t er what kind of lif e you are living right now, what job you are working or whatrelationships you currently have, when you make a commitment what does that really mean toyou? When you make a commitment do you truly mean it or is it just a thought or words you sayjust to make you and others feel good. You see, it starts with you. A commitment cannot bemade unless you make a decision to follow through.Listen in on what core commitment means to me, do you agree?Masters of the Universe Hangout ~ “Fastest Way to $15K per Month”I have mentioned in previous posts that leaders leave clues. The recent Masters of theUniverse Hangout had some of the most amazing top leaders in the industry and EmpowerNetwork.Justin Verrengia, D Verrengia, Tracey Walker & Nicole Cooper laid it all out and it was raw, freshand amazing to hear them express their commitment and how there isn’t any reason that we donot just dial in and focus on following through with the 8 core commitments.So I thought I would go through each one so you get a better understanding of how you can easilyfollow some principles that have developed into our model for success within Empower Networkand in anything that you do in life, in business or in your relationships.
  2. 2. Make a Commitment #1 Core CommitmentAct ivat e Your Payment Syst em – while this is specific to Empower Network, I feel this is animportant commitment because you are making a decision to move forward making changes inyour life. Agreeing to the affiliate account and payment system is the first step not only with yourcredit card, but mentally as well. You are deciding to make a commitment to your decision.Make a Commitment #2 Core CommitmentBlog Daily – While this commitment may seem obvious, the commitment to blog daily is actuallymaking the effort each and every day to publish a blog post. While you may not see theimportance of this commitment, it is an essential part to developing a successful business insideEmpower Network but also in promoting your own business, products or services.Make a Commitment #3 Core CommitmentMarket Daily – An important commitment to your business as marketing yourself, products andservices should be a natural daily function. Anyone you talk to during the day, meet at business orpersonal gatherings and getting massive visibility by using social media platforms or any otheronline marketing techniques.Make a Commitment #4 Core CommitmentNew Member Coaching – Another seemingly obvious commitment, however, this is one thatmany seem to overlook. When you have someone that is just as interested as you were gettingon board with Empower Network, contacting these new members is so important to theirdevelopment and getting them started on the right path is critical to their success.Make a Commitment #5 Core CommitmentEmpower Hour – There is nothing so greater than listening to our leaders within our community,mentors and top income producers that are more than giving of their time and information inhelping others, lifting them up towards their goals. This one hour per week can be thebreakthrough and turning point of anyone’s success.
  3. 3. Make a Commitment #6 Core CommitmentDaily Audio – There are so many other good mentors, industry leaders and influential people thatyou should listen to daily to gain their perspective and increase your knowledge of those peopleyou look up to, admire and want to model for your own personal success.Make a Commitment #7 Core CommitmentRead Daily – This commitment is now about reading your emails every day! Make a commitmentto grab some books from those that inspire you, motivate you or teach you those things you wantto learn and know in order to achieve the highest success you possibly can. Remember, leadersleave clues and we forget that there are some really good books that should be read and that iswhy this is an important commitment to keep.Make a Commitment #8 Core CommitmentAt t end t he Event s – My experience can tell you this…after attending my first event withEmpower Network it was nothing short of amazing. I learned so much, talked to some of the best,top income and took away some one on one tips that helped me increase my business when I gotback. When you can meet those that you look up to, ask them questions and then get feedbackone on one rather than through an email or phone, there is something to be said about beingthere at the events and being face to face with this amazing community. This is such an importantcommitment to your self-development and growth.When you can make a commitment each and every day to your own personal success, you willachieve much more than monetary gain. Instead you will achieve abundance in your own personaljoy, happiness and the ability to help others to do the same.I never realized that these simple 8 core commitments would be such an important part of mypersonal growth for my business within Empower Network. And I see so many others, hear andlisten to others say how much they have grown and developed into people that see a biggerpicture, want more for themselves, their families and others and are inspired and motivated to helpothers do the same. Make a commitment, and keep it!
  4. 4. If you’re passionate about achieving your dreams and goals…helping other people achieve theirs…… you will LOVE working wit h us!Lock arms with us right here, right nowOur vision is MASSIVE and has room for you…Our purpose is to help to build the kind of lifestyle you truly want…Our goal is to help you do it while keeping everything as simple as possible and support you everystep of the way.Our Prosperity Team is thriving — and Success leaves clues!There is a big reason why so many of our teammates are seeing success …. Be EXCITED becausewe are for YOU!You will experience exact ly why when you wat ch our live hangout .Make it Happen….Empower your Success!About The Author: Lynn BrownIt isn’t about IF you will succeed, it’s about WHEN you will take action. Success is onestep away once you move forward. I help small online business, network marketers,entrepreneurs realize the potential for online success. My area of expertise is in socialmedia, blogging, network and online marketing. You will find me online helping and supportingothers. Isn’t that what ‘social media’ is for?! I enjoy living in beautiful Paso Robles, CA with myhusband and our little dog Molli. Our son is off to college blazing his trail for the future. When I’mnot online, I enjoy traveling, golfing, photography and watching our son play baseball.