Language Report of Google Analytics Helps to Know Your Visitors


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Language Report of Google Analytics Helps to Know Your Visitors

  1. 1. Firstly, what is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is all about improving your website which also gives you the right direction to increase marketing ROI i.e. Return On Investment. The main aim of this Google Analytics is to help you get more traffic and turn that traffic into customers instead, just visitors. Most importantly, it's all FREE !! Thus, Google Analytics will help you to analyze the actual interaction of the visitors to your website, how your site is performing, which keywords are responsible to bring the visitors to your site and thus will help you understand which are the cost effective ways for online marketing initiatives. All this will become easier if you Hire SEO in India. Language Report of Google Analytics Helps to Know Your Visitors
  2. 2. Google Analytics Language Report : With the help of Google Analytics Language Report, you will be able to know which language is set in your audience's system and what type of visitors are visiting your site and this will prove a great help to you in optimizing content for them. This report will also help you to know how many visits you get and the on page interaction which is seen for different languages. You can see the details in this path : Audience --> Demographics --> Language. In Language tab, you can get the details of the visitors from which locations they are visiting your web site and also which language they read or speak so that you might implement some facility like the option of translation for their ease.
  3. 3. Get closer look of Language tab: In this report you can see the detailed table which includes the following columns:  Visits will display you the details about which language the total number of sessions logged with the particular language codes.  Pages / Visits will display you how many pages are visited on an average visit and with which particular language. From this you can decide that on which language your site must target, which will help you get more visitors.  Average Time on Visit is a great help to know whether your site's content is suitable for each language or not. With this you will be able to know for how long the visitors are staying on your site. Thus, you
  4. 4. can analyze your site's content and do the modifications accordingly.  % New Visits, with this you will be able to know about the new visits whether any language is bringing you a larger percentage than average.  Bounce Rate is "the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site." Bounce rate is higher for those sites which have a design or usability issues, where the visitors might enter the site but leave immediately from the entrance page itself. Another possibility when the visitors leave the page immediately is when they do not find the content interesting or there can be another reason for high bounce rate which is the language issue. So, analyze the whole language report with great care and build your website accordingly to attract more and more visitors from all over the world by keeping in mind the different language users to get the most from your site. And also stuff your web site with interesting contents to make your visitor stay longer on your site, keeping language tab in mind. Source: