Parent Ministry Ideas - Family Dress-Up


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Students will play a game to remind them that family is important.

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Parent Ministry Ideas - Family Dress-Up

  1. 1. Parent Ministry Ideas - Family Dress- Up Students will play a game to remind them that family is important.
  2. 2. Game Resources You’ll need a Bible, dress- up clothes, and four paper grocery bags. Optimal Group Size Any size group. Game Venue Anyplace
  3. 3. Game Preparation Place dress-up clothes suitable for a young child in one bag, for a teenager in another bag, for a mother in a third bag, and for a father in a fourth bag. Make sure you have the same number of dress-up items in each bag. If you have the items to spare, you can have four bags for each team and rotate the bags. Set the four bags of clothing at one end of the room.
  4. 4. Here are some clothing suggestions to get you started: • Child: Diaper, Baby Bib, Baby Hat, Rattle, Pacifier on a string with a clip, Pajamas, baby blanket, Baby toy • Teenager: School Jacket, baggy Pants, baseball cap, Tennis Shoes, Sunglasses, etc
  5. 5. • Mom: High heels, dress, Feather Boa, Purse, Bonnet, Wig, Costume Jewelry, Horn rimmed Glasses, Apron, etc • Dad: Long sleeve shirt, Tie, Jacket, Boots, Belt, Sunglasses, Cowboy Hat, coveralls, works gloves, etc.
  6. 6. Game Play • Have youth count off by fours to form teams then have each team stand across the room from one of the bags. • Explain: This is a relay. You’ll run to the bag, put on all the clothing items you find inside the bag, take the clothing off, and return it to the bag.
  7. 7. • Then run back, and tag the next person on your team. • Have everyone applaud as each team finishes.
  8. 8. Take it to the Next Level Gather kids in a circle, and read aloud Psalm 127. Ask: • What’s great about being a member of a loving family? • What’s something about your family that you especially like?
  9. 9. • What makes a happy family? • Why are father’s important in the family?
  10. 10. Game Application Ask the youth to “Turn to a partner, and tell them one thing you’ll do this week to show that you love your family.” Close with prayer, asking God’s blessing on the families of all the children and especially thanking God for fathers..
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