Life can be hard


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Life can be hard

  1. 1. A les s on in PERS EV ERA NCE Mus ique : S ong bird – Barbra S treis and Click to advance
  2. 2. Have you ever obs erved the behaviour of birds in the face of advers ity?
  3. 3. For days and days they make their nes ts , s ometimes gathering materials brought from far away
  4. 4. A nd when they have completed the nes t and are ready to lay eggs , the weather, or the work of humans , or s omeanimal, des troys it, and it falls to the ground, all that they have done with s o much effort
  5. 5. Do they s top ? B ewildered,and leave the work ?
  6. 6. No way. They s tart over building the nes t again and again until they have eggs in the nes t again.
  7. 7. S ometimes ,and very often before the chicks are are hatched, an animal, a child, or a s torm des troys the nes t once again, but this time with its valuable contents .
  8. 8. It hurts to go back to begin again… E ven s o, the birds do not ever s top, they continue to s ing and build, and keep s inging and building…..
  9. 9. Do you s ometimes get the feeling that your life, yourwork, your family is not what you had dreamed. Do you s ometimes want to s ay “ enough” , the effort is not worthwhile. It is all too much for me!
  10. 10. A re you tired of it all? Do you feel that the daily s truggle is a was te of time, your trus t has been betrayed, your goals not reac hed jus t as you were about to get them?
  11. 11. Life s trikes you down s ometimes , but do you go on, s ay a prayer, put your faith in hope, not darknes s ? Do not worryif you get injured in the battle, that is to be expected. Gather yours elf together and rebuild your life, s o that it runs well again.
  12. 12. No matter what happens … Do not s hrink back, but moveforward. Life is a c ons tant challenge, but it is worthwhile to mos tly accept it. A nd never s top s inging.
  13. 13. Do not keep this to yourself….Send this to your group of friends…