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Mini Milk Cow Crosses


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Mini Milk Cow crosses, between the pure bred Mini Hereford Bull and the pure bred mini Jersey Dairy cow. Real Milk and tender beef is the hallmark of sustainable family farms.

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Mini Milk Cow Crosses

  1. 1. Making the Family Farm SustainableMini Milk Cows dual purpose:Dairy & Beef - at Home
  2. 2.  Low stress and grass fed raised mini cow s live longer. We are displaying a short list of the mini milk cows we have available. We welcome yourinquiry and visit to see if we have a fit for your mini cattle needs. You know the minimilk cow is a special creature: full of love and affection as few others have. The only thing artificial on the Falster Farm is occasionally we breed artificially for thesake of improving the herd. We produce our own recipient cows to use for thesepurposes. We get some delightful 1st breeding results. Results of these breedingtherapies prove the power of our Herd Sires predisposition to down size larger cows tomini cow status. Customers that have purchased these offspring have been delighted with them as petsor pastured veal beef (beeves.) See some of our Testimonials on our Face Book Pages.
  3. 3. Pictured on the left is Mini Dairy Cow –an Exotic Brindle colored cross of astandard size registered Jersey andour RD ARGYLE BARNEY mini Herefordbull. She is smart, very attractive andis an excellent Family Mini Milk Cowas well as a good beef calf producer inher calves. I really like this combin-ation for the small sustainable familyfarm. Look at the Testimonials on ourFace Book pages.Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903)629-3034.
  4. 4. Her first freshing calf was a heifer - we call SPECKLES weighing just 25# and cute as can be. We havebeen milking her daily by both a SURGE MILKER and by hand for maximum cream collection andtraining. SPOT’s milk is sweet, of excellent quality for cheese and butter; and, just drinking raw too!Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.Ramsey’ Dolly SPOT was calved here on Falster MiniatureCattle Farm on 2/20/2008. She is the daughter of a PureBred Standard Organic Dairy Jersey Cow (DOLLY) and thegreat Miniature Hereford Herd Sire MB MARTIN LUTHER. Ourbreeding intentions of gaining a good recipient cow and agood Old World size Jersey dairy cow were met. She is afirst generation Hersey that weighs 765# and stands 45” tallat the hip.
  5. 5. One more beautiful mini dual purpose heifer - PATTY GAL wascalved on 16 MAR 11 w/out assistance. She has a nearidentical, but non related to the "RO DOT" heifer. We think theywould make a great pair in towing a cart.Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.Pasture Exposed to KNFORLANDO BENNETT
  6. 6. One more beautiful mini heifer - RO DOT was calved on 17 DEC10 w/out assistance. She has a near identical, but non relatedPATTY GAL heifer. We think they would make a great pair intowing a cart.Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.Pasture Exposed to KNFORLANDO BENNETT
  7. 7. Lets take some pretty girls (miniBeef cows and cross them with afabulous pure-bred mini dairybull – KNF DAVID and you get . . .
  8. 8. The mini milk cow produces acouple of gallons of milk a day,enough to carry the mini dairy orBeef calf and still provide a tablefor your family as well.
  9. 9.  facebook Lisa Colston posted on Falster Farm - East Texas Miniature Cattles timeline "Our perfect jersey calves from the wonderful cows we bought from FalsterFarm - East Texas Miniature Cattle. Bumper is a handsome, stout perfectspecimen off a Jersey bull (one month old). Daisy-May (one week old) isbeautiful with fine features but can already hold get own with Bumper." Reply to this email to comment on this photo. View Post
  10. 10.  Falster Farm is a part of the Real Milk movement, making everyeffort to restore healthily living to folks just like you. We are chapter leaders of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Shownbelow is Karl Falster, Sally Fallon, Dr. Peter Langsjoen, MD, NancyFalster, Ali Langsjoen, research scientist at Falster Farm Day 2010.Falster Farm is featured inmany periodicals – one is
  11. 11.  You can be a part of the Falster Farm realmilk group of happy family farmer –sustainable or hobby farmer. We gladly deliver and ship around the world. Please give Nancy a call at 903-629-3034