Day One


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  • Day One

    1. 1. The Global Pioneers | Dianética Santo Domingo First Dissemination Tour t o t h e D o m i n i c a n R e p u b l i c DAY ONE
    2. 2. Auditing "All roads lead to auditing."  "Stats depend on auditing being done and being taught." "You are raising your area little by little by auditing." "Auditing is something one does.  It must be done. L. Ron Hubbard LRH ED 20 Dec 69
    3. 3. Place: Santo Domingo and other cities and villages of the Dominican Republic, situated in the very center of The Caribbean.
    4. 4. Background Last February, some 15 years after their last comm cycle, Milla (Mission Holder Santo Domingo) bumped into Cary (President Global Pioneers), while surfing at Facebook. That’s how she learned about the awesome dissem job that the Global Pioneers team (GP) were doing just a few miles away, in Haiti.
    5. 5. It took Milla two seconds and four tenths to decide that the team HAD TO come to the Dominican Republic and perform a dissemination action similar to the one they’ve been doing in Haiti –or even better. Some months went by. Foto celinecelines -flickr Finally, at the end of June, she went back on that line. Preparations for the And so it was that after 372 emails Cary-Milla & biggest Dissem Tour of the Milla-Cary, some 30 phone calls and a month of history of the Dominican Mission staff and Global Pioneers super-human Republic began. work, the August 27th day arrived at last.
    6. 6. Pilar Ami Marisol Marty Mike David Cary Charlie Brad The Global Pioneers team at its arrival to Las Américas Airport, along with 1,000 pounds of books and an unmesurable amount of purpose and intention.
    7. 7. Marty Charlie Mike Mabel Marisol Milla Miriam David Ami Manuel Ariel José Pilar About 10 PM of that Thursday, even before unpacking, Mike outlined the strategy for the next days and the hats and responsibilities were distributed to each one, pioneers, staff and volunteers.
    8. 8. Self-Analysis Seminar. Friday August 28th Lybrary of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, First of America
    9. 9. Formal opening takes place in the Auditorium. Library representative introduces the event and Dianética Santo Domingo. Then, Milla presents the proper acknowledgements and introduces the speakers.
    10. 10. Now it is the turn of an excellent introduction to the human mind and Dianetics, by Mike, including live demos. Marisol translates. After that, attendants are lead to the video-conference rooms.
    11. 11. Both rooms are fully packed with students. What happens in Room A is seen in Room B thanks to the magic of the video. Self-Analysis books are distributed and all students start their first Flag Extension Course lesson!
    12. 12. David, Cary and Pilar arrive at lunch time, from another event. Istambul Restaurant can’t cope with 180 people. Charlie and Juan José help serving. Cary and Pilar can’t believe their eyes.
    13. 13. After lunch, twins are set, and... This is the session! Self-Analysis co-auditing begins. L. Ron Hubbard technology does the rest.
    14. 14. As twins are completing the Seminar, the ones wanting to form a co-auditing group met at the lobby. There they get a kit with directions, they are signed y up and they get their group certificate and the new Dianetics DVD.
    15. 15. In brief... 167 Attendants to the Seminar 150 Co-auditors trained 125 co-auditing hours 220 Self-Analysis books and Dianetics DVDs in the hands of public 167 People on Self Analysis Extension course at Flag. 53 Co-auditing groups started
    16. 16. However, it is only the beginning, of course!
    17. 17. Made in a Mac | Texts and presentation by Milla | Photography by Brad © 2009 CS MSD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dianetics, Dianetics symbol and L. Ron Hubbard signature are trade marks and service marks, owned by RTC and are used with its permission. Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.