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CS 377T Week 3: Sequencing


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CS 377T Week 3: Sequencing

  1. 1. Person #1: Christine* Christine finishes eating dinner. Christine stands and washes dishes. Christine feels warm from doing chores indoors. Christine, still standing and with some momentum, takes a 30-minute walk.*Note: Pseudonyms are used in these examples.
  2. 2. Person #2: Stanley Stanley feels bored. Stanley knows that he will feel restless soon. Stanley changes into walking clothes. Stanley goes outside. Stanley takes a 30-minute walk.
  3. 3. Person #3: Tanya Tanya prepares a bag of cat feed. Tanya prepares a bottle of water. Tanya puts on walking shoes. Tanya feeds nearby stray cats. Tanya walks for 30-minutes.
  4. 4. Trends Just standing is important! Already being in the position for walking: In Stanley’s case, standing up relieved his restlessness (negative reinforcement), and so he continued to do so.
  5. 5. Trends What keeps people standing? Christine: heat will build up if she sits Stanley: restless feeling if he sits Tanya: already invested in going outside by preparing cat food
  6. 6. Sue signs up for a meditation workshop.Sue reads her email reminder for the workshop.Sue attends the workshop.Sue participates in the first exercise.Sue meditates for 10 breaths.
  7. 7. Alex writes a post-it at the end of the day at workreminding himself to meditate the next morning.Alex arrives at work the next morning.Alex sees the post-it.Alex meditates for 10 breaths.
  8. 8. Andrew comes home from his post-dinner walkin his walking attire.Alex takes off his walking shoes.Alex sits on a comfortable couch.Alex meditates for 10 breaths.
  9. 9. Stacy finishes washing and drying her hands.Stacy takes one long look in the mirror.Stacy closes her eyes.Stacy meditates for ten breaths.
  10. 10. Sam sets her alarm to pick up her son for tenminutes earlier than she needs to.Sue arrives at her son’s school ten minutesearly.Sue turns off her car and remains seated.Sue meditates for 10 breaths.
  11. 11. Amanda sets food on the dinner table.Amanda calls her family members to sit at thetable.Amanda joins hands with her family members.Amanda (and her family members) meditate for10 breaths.