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Best Wallpapers of 2011


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All pictures are from National Geographic

Published in: Art & Photos, Travel, Sports
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Best Wallpapers of 2011

  1. 1. Best Wallpapers of 2011 刘家英 , Jiaying Liu, Shanghai, China [email_address] Music: Somewhere In Time 似曾相识 似曾相识
  2. 2. Best Wallpapers of 2011 Best Wallpapers of 2011 Best Wallpapers of 2011 Matterhorn 马特宏峰 Photograph by Verena Popp-Hackner , Wild Wonders of Europe
  3. 3. Timber Wolves 大灰狼 Photograph by Jacqueline Crivello
  4. 4. Hang En Cave, Vietnam 杭恩洞,越南 Photograph by Carsten Peter , National Geographic
  5. 5. Penstemons, Tahoe National Forest 太浩湖国家森林公园 Photograph by Raymond Gehman , , National Geographic
  6. 6. Frog and Crocodile, South Africa 青蛙和鳄鱼,南非 Photograph by Jonathan Blair , National Geographic
  7. 7. Autumn Landscape, Adirondacks 阿地伦达山脉秋景 Photograph by Michael Melford , National Geographic
  8. 8. Lemurs, Madagascar 狐猴,马达加斯加 Photograph by Stephen Alvarez , National Geographic
  9. 9. Inishowen, Ireland 爱尔兰 Photograph by Dave Johnston
  10. 10. Lightning, Dubai 闪电,迪拜 Photograph by Maxim Shatrov
  11. 11. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica 哥斯达黎加尼科亚半岛 Photograph by Patrick di Fruscia
  12. 12. Cave Diving, Yucatan Peninsula 洞穴潜水,尤卡坦半岛 Photograph by Christian Vizl
  13. 13. Cotton Grass, Iceland 棉花草,冰岛 Photograph by Jennifer Jesse
  14. 14. Five Flower Lake, China 五花湖,中国 Photograph by Michael Yamashita , National Geographic
  15. 15. Leopard, South Africa 豹,南非 Photograph by Madison Hall
  16. 16. Volcano, Tanzania 坦桑尼亚的火山 Photograph by Olivier Grunewald
  17. 17. Moss-Covered Truck, Michigan 苔藓覆盖卡车,密歇根 Photograph by Jason Rydquist
  18. 18. El Capitan, Yosemite National Park 埃尔卡皮坦,约塞米蒂国家公园 Photograph by Jean Slavin
  19. 19. Lake of Zug, Switzerland 瑞士 Zug 湖 Photograph by Ingo Meckmann