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The present continuous


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Published in: Education
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The present continuous

  1. 1. The presentcontinuous By Sergio Carrizo
  2. 2. The Present Continuous is mainly used to expressthe idea that something is happening at the momentof speaking This tense is formed using two components: the verb BE (in the present tense), and the - ING form of a verb.
  3. 3. The boys are playing soccer
  4. 4. The woman is drinking a soda
  5. 5. The man is smoking a pipe
  6. 6. The family is watching TV
  7. 7. The couple is dancing tango
  8. 8. The mother is talking to her daughter
  9. 9. The cat is sleeping on its cushion
  10. 10. The Little girl is swimming with her dad
  11. 11. The monkey is eating a banana
  12. 12. The dog is barking