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Henry Ford & Steve Jobs: A Tribute


Published on -- A short tribute to two innovators from two different generations that helped change the world. Here’s to you Mr. Jobs, and you, Mr. Ford. [...]

Published in: Business, Technology
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Henry Ford & Steve Jobs: A Tribute

  1. 1.  Henry Ford & Steve Jobs: A Tribute 7, 2011By Joseph OleshHeres to you Mr. Jobs,And you, Mr. Ford.Thank you both for reminding usThat innovation trumps all.That leading without reservationDrives productivity and inspires curiosity.Thank you for fighting the status quo;Many of us create todayBecause of your vision.Thank you for being role models.You represent the hopes and achievementsOf your generations.Were better, as a nation, for it.Thank you for helping usBelieve what you believed.Were succeeding because of it.http://www.Tier10Lab.com