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Computer People It Monitor October 2012


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Computer People It Monitor October 2012

  1. 1. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 1 of 7IT Monitor October 2012Your monthly guide to salary and recruitmenttrends in the UK IT market This month’s IT Monitor brings you the most up-to-date and comprehensive salary information from across the IT industry, Highlights from October complete with October’s vacancy trends and analysis. • Number of contract and permanent vacancies fall The IT recruitment marketplace continues to remain • Public Sector sees significant vacancy competitive, with different indicators pointing to different increases, bucking the recent downwardtrends. While there has been another fall in both contract and permanent trendvacancies, the percentage drop has been small, and there still remains a • Significant rises also seen in permanentshortage of highly skilled workers meaning that there is still more demand than Retail and contract Media vacanciessupply. This trend has resulted in the continued rise in permanent salaries and • IT Director contract rates rise and Webcontractor rates, both month on month, and year on year. Developers fall for fifth consecutive month. IT Director roles poised to become mostThe Public Sector has experienced considerable increase in demand for both increased contract rate of 2012permanent and contract staff, most likely as a result of the desire to find • Roles around understanding andefficiencies through technical solutions to maintain service levels, while reducing restructuring the business continue to rise.overall costs. Retail is also experiencing similar increases in the demand for Oracle, Business Intelligence and Project Management roles show highest earningspermanent staff, driven by the ever increasing movement towards online growthshopping, and the approaching festive period. • Increasing wage growth trend continues as salaries and contract rates continue to riseThe demand for key technologies such as .NET and Java shows development above inflationcontinues to be a hot spot for the market. Database technologies such as Oracle • Developers continue to be the job title mostand SQL Server are also in high demand, as companies are increasing focus on in demand.utilising the data they hold on customers to increase sales.The IT recruitment market continues its resilience in an uncertain economicclimate, with employers still finding it difficult to secure the right quality of staff,and candidates having their pick of opportunities.Regards,Niall Cook, Brand DirectorComputer
  2. 2. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 2 of 7IT MonitorVacancies fall, albeit marginally Permanent Contract Vacancies % Change Vacancies % Change Number of advertised vacancies: all sectors 12,960 -0.10% 5,700 -0.28%Vacancies across both permanent and contract markets fail to rise for the fourth month in a row; the last rise was June2012. Continued uncertainty in the European market along with the recent raft of redundancies in London’s financial markethas both contributed to a prolonged period of uncertainty.This is not to say that there are no positive comments to make about the market. It is worth noting that this four month fallhas only caused a total drop of 1% in the permanent vacancies and 0.5% for contracts. Furthermore a tough year has onlyclaimed a 6% fall in both markets compared to this time last year. A number of key markets noted below are also showingmore available roles.The combined results of our dedicated sectors actually display rises across both permanent and contract roles. Therefore itmust be the wider, more generalised, marketplace that must be bearing the brunt of the contraction.Sector breakdown Permanent Contract (per hour) Number of advertised vacancies: major sector Vacancies % Change Vacancies % Change Banking, insurance and finance 1,427 0.14% 762 -1.18% Retail 771 6.05% 89 19.09% Telecoms 466 -1.27% 45 16.67% Media, new media and creative 416 -3.93% 146 14.96% Engineering and Manufacturing 299 1.01% 351 -1.13% Public Sector 122 9.91% 189 13.86%Banking, insurance and financeDespite the general pessimism surrounding the financial industry at the moment the number of permanent vacanciesactually grew during October. Contract roles slightly decreased but in reality the difference is only seven roles.It seems that whatever the state of the wider market, IT appears to be vital to the operations of all financial
  3. 3. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 3 of 7IT MonitorRetailPermanent roles in the retail sector see a significant rise for the second month in a row while contract roles fall after a twomonth growth period.With retail getting ready for the festive season and given the importance of online shopping platforms to the market thegrowth in permanent roles seems likely to continue for the rest of the year. For the same reason contract roles may alsoreturn to positive ways next month.TelecomsAfter a strong quarter, the Telecoms sector suffers during October. In this specific sector the after effects of the Olympicswere expected to be felt most heavily with no legacy projects to support it.The relatively small drop in permanent vacancies would suggest these fears may have been over exaggerated. The drop incontract roles may appear significant but the physical difference is only nine roles.Media, new media and creativeContract roles bounce back from September’s drop, registering an even larger rise during October. September often seesa drop off after the summer period whilst October reflects a rebalancing in the market. Demand from creative companiesresponding to market demand for their product as the economy at large gets ready for the Christmas marketing push isalso a contributing factor.Engineering and manufacturingA slight rise in permanent vacancies is mirrored by a similar fall in contract roles. Representing only three or four jobs eitherway there is no significant trend being exhibited here.Public sectorIt would have been a safe bet to assume that public sector roles would continue the decline experienced over the lastquarter but an increase in vacancies during October been recorded. This is unlikely to represent the reversal of a trend thathas been obvious for most of the year. This is likely just to be a one month spike or the market bottoming out for a while.Monthly salary trendsSalaries rise again with both permanent and contract roles continuing to rise above inflation for the year. Contract rolescontinue the recent trend and grow at a faster rate than permanent roles Permanent Contract (per hour) % changer to salary and contract rates Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly October 0.15% 3.91% 0.31% 
  4. 4. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 4 of 7IT MonitorContinued rising earnings, especially earnings that have risen above inflation for the year, are a sign of continued demandin the marketplace. The permanent earnings increase is still nearly 15% higher than contract rates increase suggesting thatcompanies are generally more prepared to take a long term view of skills acquisition. The fact that this month’s contractrate increase outstrips the permanent rise is due to the beginnings of preparation for the festive period. Permanent (per annum) Contract (per hour) % Average % Average % Average % Average Job title Average change change Average change change salary (Quarterly) (Yearly) salary (Quarterly) (Year) .Net/C# £39,347 0.01% 7.60% £38 1.02% 3.29% Java £47,701 -0.05% 0.24% £47 0.40% 5.00% Oracle £52,432 0.03% 9.10% £49 1.60% 0.10% SQL Server £38,261 -0.01% 5.25% £39 -1.23% 7.29% Business Intelligence £53,200 0.09% 9.87% £50 -0.30% 0.61% Web Developer £32,743 0.11% 3.73% £35 -0.45% 10.80% Project Manager £51,945 0.05% 5.82% £51 0.30% 7.90% SAP £67,159 -0.07% 4.90% £63 2.43% 5.45% Testing £46,958 0.04% 7.41% £41 -1.10% 1.38% Database £40,699 -0.05% 0.65% £45 -1.20% 7.20% IT Director £76,513 -0.06% 4.33% £96 3.80% 10.10%Salaries for permanent Project Manager, Oracle, .NET and Business Intelligence roles continue to rise. This keeps them atthe top of the pile for the year, in terms of salary increases, and well above inflation. This reflects a desire throughout themarketplace to leverage the greatest potential from the business and ensure that companies are fully prepared to takeadvantage of any positive movement in the economy.On the flip side Business Intelligence contract rates drop for the month, having barely risen over the year, suggesting thatcompanies are interested in employing these skills only with longer term objectives in mind. This is mirrored by the trendsfor Oracle roles.Database and Java permanent roles drop and remain the only roles in the basket not to grow above inflation.IT Director roles continue to surge in the contract environment. For the fifth month running they represent the largestincrease in contract rates. With Web Developer roles declining over the same period it is possible that IT Directorcontract rates may achieve higher yearly gains by the end of 2012. Again this may indicate a short term view to strategyredevelopment in a period of relative
  5. 5. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 5 of 7IT MonitorJobs in demandThe job demand hierarchy has remained constant throughout the year to date. Developers, Project Managers, and Analystsremain most highly desired. Permanent Contract Jobs in demand Overall Developer Developer Project Manager Analyst Architect Business Analyst Business Analyst Project Manager Web Developer Software Engineer Senior Developer Consultant Software Engineer Architect Administrator Designer Java Developer Administrator Designer Java Developer Support Analyst Test Analyst Banking, Insurance Developer Analyst and Finance Analyst Business Analyst Business Analyst Developer Project Manager Project Manager Consultant Java Developer Java Developer Test Analyst Senior Developer Architect Support Analyst Engineer C# Developer Consultant Senior Analyst Senior Analyst Media, New Media Developer Developer and Creative Web Developer Analyst Project Manager Project Manager Designer
  6. 6. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 6 of 7IT Monitor Permanent Contract Jobs in demand PHP Developer Designer Consultant Business Analyst Architect Web Developer Business Analyst Architect Senior Developer PHP Developer Administrator Flash Developer Telecommunications Developer Engineer Consultant Analyst Project Manager Developer Architect Project Manager Project Manager Consultant Software Engineer Architect Development Manager Business Analyst Engineering and Engineer Engineer Manufactoring Developer Consultant Consultant Analyst Analyst Project Manager Software Engineer Developer Support Engineer Business Analyst Senior Engineer Software Engineer Business Analyst Support Engineer Public Sector Manager Analyst Analyst Developer Developer Manager Consultant Engineer Engineer Consultant Architect Project Manager Project Manager Business
  7. 7. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 7 of 7IT MonitorWrap upA slight drop in vacancies would appear to be a return to the status quo following the London 2012 Olympics given thecountry’s economic situation. Continued overall pay growth suggests that despite this there remains demand for the jobsthat are out there. Recent figures also show that the job in the overall market are being filled at the fastest point for 18months so both employers and candidates may just be feeling a little more confident about the future. Watch this space.Key skills in demand: The continuing speed of this marketplace means that development technologies are always indemand. Customers are changing the way they buy, business are changing the way the sell, the market is changing theway it behaves.Big Data is increasingly becoming the new IT catchphrase so all datacasing skills, such as SQL, are finding demand pickup. The desire to use link data sets and use it to define customer behaviour is obvious in today’s market. SAP and Oraclee-business technologies help businesses remain competitive; in current climate that competitiveness is key so investmentcontinues to be high throughout the IT sector. IT Monitor is developed using market intelligence from major job boards, data from all brands within the Adecco Group UK & Ireland, company websites, social networking sites, SalaryTrack, the market’s leading earnings information service and ( 5410 CP