Rubric for twiter const conven


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Rubric for twiter const conven

  1. 1. PowerPoint Framer Profile 31 pointsName: ____________________________________Framer: ___________________________________Category Excellent -4 Good-3 Satisfactory -2 Needs Improvement -1Content - Heading Student included Student included Student included Student only the name of the the name of the the name of the provided a title of framer, a fake framer, a fake framer but did not the framer. account, and a account, but did not include a fake short introduction include a short account or a short of the framer. introduction. introduction.Content –Biography Student included all Student included Student included Student includedX2 parts of the only four out of the only three parts out less than 2 parts in biography – five parts of the the five parts of the the biography. Short Biography biography. biography. a. Personal background of your delegate (Birth, Education, Profession – Private/Public , Political Party, Military Experience) b. Delegate feelings and attitudes towards the issues of the convention c. How your delegate will vote in the issues d. Enemies and allies of your delegate at the convention e. How geography effects your delegate (where they live, how they make a living, etc.)Content – Student included Student included 2 Student only Student included“Followers” three historically historically backed included the names less than 2 backed followers followers and of sample followers followers and did and provided an provided an and did not provide not provide an explanation of who explanation of who an explanation of explanation of who they were. they were. they were. they were.
  2. 2. PowerPoint Framer Profile 31 pointsPictures Student used Student used Student used 2 or Student did not pictures of their pictures of their less pictures of their include any framer throughout. framer on occasion. framer in the pictures. Student included 3 Student only presentation and sample pictures included 2 sample did not include any that the framer pictures that the additional pictures. “may have tagged” framer “may have tagged”Media Conversation Student accurately Student accurately Student does not Student does notX2 portrayed 3 portrays only 2 provide historically provide any historically possible accurate conversations. appropriate conversations that conversations. possible include Feelings Student only conversations or about the discusses inaccurate topics that their Constitutional information. framer may have Convention, said during the Representation, Constitutional Throughts on Convention. Federal Power, VA/NJ plans. INCLUDE if Applicable – Feelings about the Constitutional Convention, Representation, Throughts on Federal Power, VA/NJ plans. *Must show historical accuracy.Sources 3 points **STUDENTS MUST *O points student INCLUDE SOURCES does not include on a separate sheet. sources