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F-Commerce Ecosphere Visual


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F-Commerce (Facebook Commerce) is a subset of social commerce and e-commerce referring to commerce that is executed on or influenced by the Facebook Platform

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F-Commerce Ecosphere Visual

  1. 1. F-Commerce F-Stores Ecosphere Facebook e-commerceCommerce on Facebook stores where shoppers can purchase real goods with real currency without leaving Facebook Deals on Facebook Facebook Credits Consumers can pay for The mandatory currency Facebook Deals inside used for games and in-app Facebook with a credit virtual goods. Recently card, with PayPal or with being used for real goods Facebook Credits. with Deals on FacebookCommerce off Facebook Facebook Facebook in-Store Retail Open Graph Bricks and mortar retailers Facebook influenced integrating Facebook to commerce on e-commerce offer customers a social websites with Like, Share, Facebook experience Recommend and Facebook while shopping in-store Connect Facebook Check-in Deals Check-in on Facebook on a smart phone and see the special Deals from nearby businesses. © May 3, 2011, Janice Diner @janicediner