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  1. 1. bharat iyajyo t ishm ant rasaadhana.blo gspo t .in http://bharatiyajyo tishmantrasaadhana.blo gspo lo gy-o f-tuberculo sistb.html Astrology of tuberculosis(TB) What Is Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis, commonly known as T B, is a bacterial inf ection that can spread through the lymph nodes and bloodstream to any organ in your body. It is most of ten f ound in the lungs. Most people who are exposed to T B never develop symptoms because the bacteria can live in an inactive f orm in the body. But if the immune system weakens, such as in people with HIV or elderly adults, T B bacteria can become active. In their active state, T B bacteria cause death of tissue in the organs they inf ect. Active T B disease can be f atal if lef t untreated. Astrological Factors Signs- Gemini,cancer,Leo ,Virgo, Libra,Capricorn,Aquarius. If the Karaka of a house is in the 6th house Associated with Saturn and Rahu, the native suf f ers From a chronic disease indicated by the house in Question. Planets: Saturn, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury. Houses in Birth Chart: 4th House f rom Lagna Leo Simha; Gemini Mithuna; Libra T hula; Aquarius Kumba. In medical astrology, various ailments and body parts are ruled by dif f erent planets, signs, and houses. T he lungs, f or example, relate to Mercury, Gemini, and/or the 3rd house. Asthma relates to them also, as well as (secondarily) to the moon and Cancer. Generally an af f liction to the rulers, especially amongst them if there
  2. 2. (secondarily) to the moon and Cancer. Generally an af f liction to the rulers, especially amongst them if there is more than one, tells the story. Respiratory System T he respiratory system supplies oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide. Lungs, larynx, pharynx, trachea, bronchi ASSOCIAT ED PLANET: MERCURY T he brain monitors respiratory volume and blood gas levels. T he brain regulates respiratory rate. Planet Saturn could cause this disease as he governs breathing 4th House f rom Lagna and/or House Leo Simha being 5th house of Z odiac, to be studied f or any ailment due to breathing. Âs leo rules over heart, spinal and Arota. House Leo is said to play important f or lead in tracing this disease. Saturn is responsible to cause worst and chronic disease. When Saturn with its 3rd, 7th or 10 th aspect af f licts the 4th house (4th house f rom Lagna house) or Leo, the natal of that birth chart will have the disease. It is an incurable and irksome disease. 4th house in a birth chart rules over heart, chest and lungs. Moon governs the heart. Leo is a f iery and hot sign owned by Sun. T he f ourth house in a birth-chart rules over the heart, chest and lungs. It is said that Moon governs the heart. T he f if th house of the zodiac i.e. Leo plays a great part in causing this disease. It is also conf irmed that Leo rules the heart, spinal cord and aorta. T he sign Leo is a f iery and hot sign and if any f iery or hot planets be posited at the birth-chart in Leo, the native will come across asthmatic tendencies. Saturn governs our breath and so he may be regarded as the main planet causing asthma, as in asthma, breathing dif f iculty causes much trouble. When Saturn af f licts the 5th house of the Z odiac i.e. Leo, the person becomes liable f or bronchial or asthmatic attacks. Saturn is an obstructive planet by nature and when he af f licts any planet in Leo, he acts as a retarding inf luence impeding the circulation of blood to and f rom the heart. Saturn, being a regarding inf luence prevents elimination of wastes f rom the body and clogs the system. Combinations from classics---Sarvartha Chintamani Cough saturn + gulika in the 6th aspected by sun Sarvartha Chintamani Cough, asthma, kshaya saturn + gulika in the 6th aspected by sun + rahu+ mars Sarvartha Chintamani Kshaya Mars + Mercury in the 6th aspected by Venus + moon and mars in malefic navamsa Sarvartha Chintamani kshaya saturn + gulika in the 6th aspected by mars Sarvartha Chintamani Kshaya Moon in 7th + Malefics in 6th & 8th (Paapamadhya) Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Kshaya Sun in 11th + Saturn in 5th + malefic in 8th Veerasimhavaloka Kshaya Mercury in cancer (along with moon ) Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 kshaya - tuberculosis of lungs sun in lagna / 4th / 8th + Saturn &Mars together in 10t h Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Kshaya / asthma / gulma / vidrathi (lungs / spleen / abcess) Moon between malefics + sun in capricorn Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Kshaya / asthma / gulma / vidrathi (lungs / spleen / abcess) Moon between malefics + saturn in 7th Jataka Parijatham 2 76 Kshaya, Kaamila, Peenasa moon Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Kshya Moon + Mars aspecting / aspected by lagna lord
  3. 3. DOSHA ELEMENT S SUBDOSHAS ORIGIN Vata (Wind) Air and Akasha Prana Vata Chest region Udana Vata T horacic and throat region Samana Vata Hearth and navel region Vyana Vata Hearth and circulatory vessels Apana Vata Pelvic region Pachaka Pitta Liver and pancreas Ranjaka Pitta Liver and spleen Sadhaka Pitta Hearth Alochaka Pitta Eyes Bhrajaka Pitta Skin Kledaka Kapha Stomach Avalambaka Kapha Hearth, chest and lower back regions Bodhaka Kapha Mouth, Tongue and throat Tarpaka Kapha Head (cerebrospinal fluid) Sleshaka Kapha Joints Pitta (Bile) Kapha (Mucus) Fire and Water Water and Earth
  4. 4. Lord of 6th is in 12th with retrograde lord of 4th and 7th depicting af f liction to lungs and lower abdomen. Lord of ascendent is af f licted by rahu.Mars aspects 11th and 12th lord saturn thereby making it a dependent planet..lord of 8th venus aspects the sign cancer f rom an airy and vata sign its aspected by vata planet saturn f rom watery sign .Lord of ascendent is in paap kartari yoga and is also af f licted by rahu. Mercury as lord of 4t aspects the f ourth sign being retrograde f rom previous house also making
  5. 5. connection with 8th lord, Mercury signif ies nerves and breathing..Saturn aspects leo the sixth house.